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A fresh take on the traditional pool cabana.

This versatile, adaptable pool house can be customized to meet all your backyard needs: the covered canopy offers a shady spot for open-air entertaining and pool-side lounging, while the multi-functional enclosure can serve as storage for pool accessories or a convenient space to change after a swim.


The Sanara is a contemporary cabana that blends effortlessly with any architectural style. With its flexible floorplan, your options are endless!

Sanara Style Guide

Sample Sanara gallery

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Sanara specifications


  • The new, modern design of the Sanara is ideal for both entertaining and meeting your pool-side storage needs. The covered canopy provides a great spot for entertaining or cooling off from the sun on a hot summer day. The enclosed area can serve as a storage space or place to change before jumping in the pool!

    Learn more about the Sanara pool cabana in these style tabs.

  • Modern Verena pool cabana
    illustration only
    10' x 20' Sanara in STK
  • Contemporary flat roof (0.5/12 pitch) with 2’ overhang

  • Covered canopy for entertaining and relaxing

  • Versatile enclosure for storage or changing room

  • Premium STK Western Red Cedar siding with stainless steel fasteners

  • STK cedar-wrapped posts and beams

    Popular Options & Upgrades:
  • Clear cedar siding and soffit/ceiling

  • Clear cedar-wrapped posts and beams

  • Maintenance-free Canexel siding in a variety of colours

  • Maintenance-free Siparila wood siding in six natural tones

Available Sanara Pool House Sizes

The Sanara is available in a range of styles starting at 72 ft². If you don’t see the size you’re looking for in the price list, please contact us.

Sanara Interior Inspiration

Below are some sample interiors to help you envision your Sanara’s layout. Click the images to learn more about the buildings featured. For more ideas and photos, visit our Interiors page.

Feeling inspired? Get creative with this fun, simple layout tool for planning your interior.
Or, download graph paper and plan your space the old fashioned way.

  • 3D Tour of the Sanara Pool Cabana

    View a 3D tour of a 10' x 20' Sanara pool cabana in a poolside setting. Our modern cabana combines a covered entertaining space with an enclosed area for storage and/or changing that can vary in size to meet your backyard needs. This Sanara also features siding, soffit, and trim in beautiful clear cedar.

    Visit our 3D Tours page to see all the Summerwood Styles.

  • Sanara pool cabana video tour


Level of Difficulty:

The Sanara includes easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, and videos that will walk you through every step of the process.

Hiring a contractor

Our Sanara buildings are relatively easy to assemble, however, if you feel that you may want some assistance check out Hiring a Contractor page.

Contractor working on a roof

* photos and renderings illustrate a combination of standard features and construction/material upgrades; see style tabs for detailed product specifications

details & specs

Sanara Dimensions

Sanara Modern Pool Cabana Dimensions
10' x 20' Sanara Sample Elevation View
(for illustration only; for exact dimensions, talk to one of our design specialists)

The Sanara is available in any size you like, with a flexible enclosure to opening ratio — the layout is completely up to you! Note: the height of the structure will vary based on building depth and other construction variables. To see a range of optional sizes, click on the “Pricing” tab.

Still have questions about the size of your Sanara? Don’t hesitate to ask — we’re here to help!

Roof Framing Plan

The Sanara’s contemporary flat roof (0.5/12 pitch) is designed with a standard 2’ overhang around the entire perimeter. The roof system consists of 3-ply 2x12 beams, 2x10 joists, and 5/8” T&G plywood sheathing.

Flat roofs do not always require vents. If vents are desired, they can be installed on the tallest wall or sidewalls of the building. Consult with your contractor or roofing company, for the most effective ventilation system for your roof.

Sanara Roof Framing Plan
Roof framing plan for a Sanara

Overhang Detail

The soffit covers the underside of the Sanara’s overhang and extends throughout the canopy ceiling.

Fascia (typically 1x4 cedar) is the board that runs along the bottom edge of the roof, trimming the eaves with a nice, straight line.

Sanara Roof Framing Plan
Sanara overhang detail


Choosing the right foundation will depend on your Sanara’s size, location, and purpose. The preferred foundation for a Sanara is a floating concrete slab. Piers may also be an option.

Visit our Foundations page for more details, or contact one of our design specialists for assistance.

Sanara Modern Pool Cabana Foundations
Sanara foundation


Summerwood buildings are constructed with style and longevity in mind. Like all our designs, the Sanara is a fantastic display of premium grade materials chosen for their beauty, durability, and environmental friendliness.

Posts + Beams
item material dimension notes
posts pressure treated 6x6 n/a
beams 3-ply cedar or douglas fir 2x12 up to 14' span
brackets black powder-coated steel n/a 2 top and 2 bottom brackets (concealed)
post/beam wrap stk western red cedar 1x8 + n/a
material options + upgrades
post/beam wrap clear cedar 1x8 + n/a
item material dimension notes
wall plates spruce 2x4 - 2x6 bottom, top, double top
wall studs spruce 2x4 - 2x6 16" on center
exterior siding stk cedar channel (shiplap) 1x8 horizontal
enhanced siding package plywood + typar 1/2" wall sheathing & building wrap
material options + upgrades
exterior siding stk cedar channel (shiplap) 1x8 vertical
clear cedar t&g v-joint 1x4 or 1x6 horizontal or vertical
clear cedar t&g nickel gap 1x4 vertical installation only
canexel 7/16x12 maintenance-free; various colors
siparila wood 1x6 maintenance-free; 6 natural tones
interior siding pine t&g 1x6 n/a
cedar 1x6 n/a
item material dimension notes
joists spruce 2x10 doubled every other 12"
beams cedar or douglas fir 3-ply 2x12 n/a
sheathing plywood 5/8" n/a
soffit/ceiling stk cedar channel 1x8 n/a
material options + upgrades
soffit/ceiling clear cedar t&g v-joint 1x6 n/a
item material dimension notes
fascia + corner boards stk cedar 1x6 - 1x8 n/a
material options + upgrades
fascia + corner boards clear cedar varies n/a
versatex (white) varies n/a
siparila wood (black or white) varies n/a

Enhanced Siding Package (ESP)

Your Sanara includes our enhanced siding package: a layer of sheathing (OSB or plywood) and building wrap (a breathable, water-resistant air barrier) between the siding and the wall framing that give the structure shear strength and act as an additional plane of protection against moisture.

Sanara Pool Cabana Enhanced Siding Package
Enhanced siding package upgrade


Once your Sanara is complete, there are even more ways you can tailor your design to suit your taste and needs. See Interior Finishing for more information.

Interior Cedar Siding and Framing

The Sanara’s enclosure can be customized with a wide array of interior finishes. Consider upgrading to cedar framing or adding pine or cedar cladding to your enclosure’s walls and ceiling.

Sanara Modern Pool Cabana Electrical


The inside of your Sanara is ready for the addition of lighting, outlets, heating equipment, and anything else you have in mind. Once the installation is complete and before finishing your interior, simply have an electrician come in and do their thing.

Sanara Modern Pool Cabana Electrical


Provided you have a water source nearby, your Sanara can be plumbed with sinks and taps. If you have something a little more elaborate in mind, like a shower or toilet, make sure it’s coordinated with the installation of your concrete pad and enclosure.

Sanara Modern Pool Cabana Plumbing


Visit "options and accessories" for detail and pricing of our accessories.

Find below pricing for all of the Sanara sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.

MD Sanara
Pool Cabanas ( 70 - 100 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Sanara
Pool Cabanas, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
6ft.x12ft. $16,995 $19,195
8ft.x9ft. $16,895 $19,095
8ft.x12ft. $17,395 $19,695
7ft.x14ft. $18,795 $21,095
10ft.x10ft. $18,795 $21,095

LG Sanara
Pool Cabanas (100 - 130 sq.ft)

All prices in $USD
Large Sanara
Pool Cabanas, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
8ft.x13ft. $18,795 $21,095
7ft.x15ft. $19,095 $21,395
9ft.x12ft. $19,795 $21,895
7ft.x16ft. $19,795 $22,095
8ft.x14ft. $19,095 $21,495
12ft.x10ft. $20,695 $22,895
10ft.x12ft. $20,695 $22,895
9ft.x14ft. $20,295 $22,895
7ft.x18ft. $21,395 $24,095
8ft.x16ft. $21,595 $24,295

XLG Sanara
Pool Cabanas ( >130 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Sanara
Pool Cabanas, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
9ft.x15ft. $21,295 $24,195
10ft.x15ft. $23,095 $26,195
10ft.x16ft. $23,995 $27,195
8ft.x20ft. $24,795 $27,995
9ft.x18ft. $23,795 $26,895
12ft.x14ft. $25,495 $28,495
8ft.x22ft. $25,195 $28,495
10ft.x18ft. $24,595 $27,795
9ft.x20ft. $24,995 $28,395
8ft.x23ft. $26,095 $29,495
10ft.x19ft. $25,995 $29,895
8ft.x24ft. $26,995 $30,495
11ft.x18ft. $26,895 $30,595
10ft.x20ft. $26,895 $30,295
20ft.x10ft. $27,495 $30,995
13ft.x16ft. $27,695 $31,295
10ft.x21ft. $28,095 $31,495
8ft.x27ft. $28,995 $32,795
9ft.x24ft. $28,995 $32,695
10ft.x22ft. $29,695 $33,595
22ft.x10ft. $30,395 $34,395
14ft.x16ft. $30,595 $34,495
12ft.x19ft. $30,595 $34,595
10ft.x24ft. $32,095 $36,395
12ft.x20ft. $31,495 $35,695
11ft.x22ft. $32,395 $36,495
10ft.x25ft. $33,195 $37,495
14ft.x18ft. $35,395 $39,795
13ft.x20ft. $34,195 $38,695
12ft.x22ft. $34,595 $39,195
12ft.x23ft. $35,895 $40,695
10ft.x28ft. $36,995 $41,595
14ft.x20ft. $36,795 $41,595
20ft.x14ft. $36,895 $42,095
13ft.x22ft. $36,695 $41,595
12ft.x24ft. $37,495 $42,395
14ft.x21ft. $37,995 $43,195
13ft.x23ft. $38,395 $43,495
10ft.x30ft. $38,595 $43,795
15ft.x20ft. $38,595 $43,795
12ft.x25ft. $38,595 $43,795
14ft.x22ft. $38,895 $44,195
12ft.x26ft. $38,095 $44,595
13ft.x24ft. $38,995 $44,395
16ft.x20ft. $41,095 $46,895
15ft.x22ft. $42,195 $47,695
14ft.x24ft. $40,795 $46,595
16ft.x21ft. $42,895 $50,395
12ft.x28ft. $40,195 $47,695
23ft.x15ft. $43,295 $50,495
15ft.x23ft. $37,595 $50,495
12ft.x29ft. $41,695 $49,495
16ft.x22ft. $44,295 $51,595
18ft.x20ft. $44,495 $51,495
12ft.x30ft. $42,395 $50,795
15ft.x25ft. $44,795 $52,695
12ft.x32ft. $43,695 $53,495
18ft.x22ft. $50,395 $57,495
16ft.x26ft. $46,395 $57,095
15ft.x28ft. $46,795 $57,895
20ft.x22ft. $55,995 $63,895
15ft.x30ft. $55,795 $63,995
18ft.x25ft. $55,795 $63,995
12ft.x38ft. $51,295 $63,895
16ft.x30ft. $58,995 $67,495
12ft.x40ft. $58,995 $67,595
22ft.x22ft. $60,895 $69,395
14ft.x36ft. $55,895 $70,995
14ft.x37ft. $63,695 $72,895
20ft.x28ft. $67,995 $77,795
20ft.x30ft. $72,795 $83,195
22ft.x28ft. $74,895 $85,695
18ft.x35ft. $76,795 $87,895
20ft.x35ft. $84,295 $96,795

Custom Designs

Summerwood will take your custom design and make it your own. If you have something different in mind, talk to one of our designers about bringing it to life.

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