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Get up-close and personal with your favorite Summerwood products! These 3D tours show our most popular styles from every angle, featuring tons of options, upgrades, and accessories to help you design your own custom Summerwood building.

To learn more about each style featured, follow the links in the descriptions.

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  • Assembly Animation

    This sample animation will take you through the assembly process of a DIY kit, and also show the difference between our Pre-Cut and Pre-Assembled kits. While the example is an 8ft. x 12ft. Palmerston, many of the steps involved are applicable to all our styles.

  • Archer    12' x 20'

    This 12’ x 20’ single-car Archer garage could be the solution to all your storage needs. Featured options and upgrades include carriage doors, a side door, and plenty of windows paired with cedar flower boxes.

  • Annex   24' x 24'   24' x 30'

    Tour the Annex in two sizes, 24’ x 24’ and 24’ x 30’. The garages shown here feature options such as modern, maintenance-free windows and doors, clear cedar siding, and standing seam steel siding.

  • Bala Bunkie  10' x 10'

    This 10’ x 10’ Bala Bunkie is perfectly at home nestled in the woods! Together with the bunkie’s loft studio, dormers at the front and rear provide tons of versatile space within a tiny footprint.

  • Canmore  14' x 16'

    The Canmore features a quaint covered porch and plenty of rustic charm. This spacious 14’ x 16’ model looks like it was plucked right from the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

  • Catalina  12'

    Equipped with a barside window and two single french doors, this multi-purpose custom Catalina cabana was designed to function as both an entertaining space and a changing room. At 12’ in depth, there’s even space for extra storage.

  • Catalina  12'

    The Catalina works great as a storage shed. The 12’ model shown here could easily fit bicycles, landscaping equipment, tools, lawn furniture, and other seasonal storage items. Or, consider creating your own backyard workshop!

  • Cheyenne  18' x 30'

    Evoking a rustic homestead in the Wild West, this 18’ x 30’ Cheyenne is roomy enough for multiple bunk beds, lofted sleeping and sitting areas, and an open concept living room and kitchen.

  • Cove  14' x 12'

    As functional as it is stunning, the Cove has limitless potential: use it for anything from a home office to a home gym, an art studio to a yoga studio, a classroom to a guest room. This 14’ x 12’ Cove features upgrades such as clear cedar siding, trim, and post wrap with ultra-modern sliding doors and vinyl windows.

  • Eden  9' x 9'

    Whether you want to create an intimate outdoor entertaining space or a private spa enclosure, the Eden is a great choice. It’s completely customizable, with options for full, slatted, and open walls. This 3D tour shows how a 9’ x 9’ Eden can easily accommodate either a cozy seating area or a steamy hot tub setup.

  • Glen Echo  10' x 14'

    Featuring log cabin siding, this 10’ x 14’ Glen Echo makes for a charming guest suite. Extra wall height and a gable roof create a spacious, airy interior.

  • Nomad  8' x 13'

    The double-height ceiling of this 8’ x 13’ Nomad allows for a cozy loft space with a ship’s ladder for access. Options and upgrades shown here include large windows and sliding doors for plenty of natural light, pine interior cladding, a custom front porch, and a modern wooden awning.

  • Oban  12' x 16'

    View a 3D tour of a 12' x 16' Oban tucked between the trees. The Oban’s charmingly Nordic design speaks through clean lines, simple shapes, and thoughtfully paired raw materials. This model features a number of optional upgrades such as modern windows and doors, beautiful pine interiors, and galvanized steel roofing.

  • Palmerston  8' x 12'

    With its classic gable roof, the Palmerston can easily suit a number of purposes: use it as a potting shed, a workshop, or for general backyard storage. This 8’ x 12’ model has been accessorized with a single door, three windows (with shutters and flower boxes), and shelving (all optional).

  • Quadra  14' x 12'

    The 14’ x 12’ Quadra shown here features upgrades such as clear cedar siding, trim, and post wrap with ultra-modern sliding doors and vinyl windows. Perfect as an office or gym, a studio for art, music, dance or yoga, a quiet classroom for remote learning, or just a private place to relax, the Quadra is an ultra-flexible, ultra-modern, multi-use backyard space.

  • San Cristobal

    Characterized by an elliptically curved hip roof and cupola, the 14’ San Cristobal shown here is an ideal space for small gatherings of family and friends. Perfect as a multi-season outdoor dining area, a spa enclosure, or a pool cabana, the San Cristobal adds a refined touch to any backyard.

  • Sanara  10' x 20'

    The Sanara pool house combines a covered entertaining space with an enclosed area for storage or changing that can vary in size to meet your backyard needs. This 10’ x 20’ Sanara features options and upgrades such as siding, soffit, and trim in beautiful clear cedar, plus cedar-wrapped posts and beams.

  • Sarawak  4' x 16'

    This 4’ x 16’ Sarawak garden shed is the storage solution you’ve been waiting for. Options featured include two sets of double doors for easy access and an arched window on each sidewall to let in natural light. Interior shelves add the finishing touch to make this Sarawak an ultra-functional storage space.

  • Sonoma  8' x 12'

    With its Scotia Blue CanExel siding, this 8’ x 10’ Sonoma is a charming addition to any backyard. Shown here as a pool cabana, this model includes options and upgrades such as a cedar shingle roof, lots of windows, and an 8ft. bench.

  • Surfside  12' x 24'

    This 12’ x 24’ surfside delivers everything you could want or need from a pool cabana: a multi-use enclosure for changing and storage, an open-air bar for serving poolside drinks and snacks, and a generous roof overhang for plenty of shade. Upgrades like transom windows (to let in light while maintaining privacy) and additional partition walls (to further subdivide your enclosure) allow you to customize this stylish pool house to your heart’s content.

  • Telluride

    The 10’ x 12’ Telluride shown here works well as a storage shed, workshop, or both. The addition of double doors at the front, a Dutch door at the side, and several windows for light and fresh air make this Telluride a great addition to any backyard.

  • Urban Garage

    With contemporary details like clean lines and a flat roof, the Urban Garage is as functional as it is good-looking. The 12’ x 24’ single-car garage in this tour is the perfect size to keep your favorite toys and tools safe and dry.

  • Urban Pavilion  10' x 14'  8' x 10'

    The Urban Pavilion presents endless possibilities for maximizing your backyard space. The 10’ x 14’ and 8’ x 10’ models shown here demonstrate the Urban Pavilion’s versatility: used as a poolside lounge or an open-air dining room, these contemporary canopies will make your backyard your favorite part of your home.

  • Urban Studio  8' x 12'  7' x 12'  8' x 12'

    The three Urban Studios in this 3D tour include an 8’ x 12’ home studio, a 10’ x 20’ pool cabana, and an 8’ x 12’ garden shed--each styled with a variety of siding, trim, window, and door options. If you’re looking for a combination of form and function, this modern, adaptable studio is the answer.

  • Verana

    With its distinctive overhang and flat roof, the Verana is at home in any modern backyard. This 3D tour shows a 12’ x 20’ Verana customized with huge, bi-fold windows and a wrap-around deck addition--perfect for a tranquil vacation home or private guest suite.

We recently increased the strength of our roofs and are now using Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which may not be reflected in some of the animations.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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