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popular Playhouse styles

  • Backyard Cedar Prefab Petite Pentagon Playhouse Kit - Summerwood Products
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    Petite Pentagon

    Give them a fun space for playing with the Petite Pentagon backyard playhouse, boasting cute Dutch doors for extra charm.

  • Backyard Cedar Prefab Bear Club Playhouse Kit - Summerwood Products
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    Bear Club

    The Bear Club playhouse design has a gable roof for extra headroom and a Dutch door to enhance playtime.

  • Cedar Peach Pickers Porch Playhouses Summerwood Products
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    Peach Pickers Porch

    The Peach Pickers Porch playhouse features a porch, a unique playhouse idea and something the kids will love to sit on when the summer hits.

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Don't Worry About Safety,
But What Else Should You Think About?

With Plexiglas windows and careful, clever design, our Cedar playhouses are as safe as they come. But there are other considerations. If you want to see your kids play, you'll likely want to locate your playhouse at a convenient vantage point where you can see them but they can't see you. Also, plan ahead. Consider a larger building which can become a backyard studio or storage shed when your kids have outgrown it? (These are really good playhouses and last a looong time!)

We've learned a thing or 3 over the years from helping out partners like you. Click here for kids' playhouse tips and ideas. And whenever you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 1 866 519-4634.

Building Your Children's
Outdoor Playhouse is Child's Play

Summerwood's kids playhouse kits can be a fun project to involve the whole family. Over the years, we've seen all sorts of people - young, old, experienced and novice - assemble our playhouse kits with ease. Also remember, there are instructions with your kit, which break down each task, in order. And that makes it easy for you to plan your playhouse's assembly.

You can do this, even if you're a novice. Just follow our easy-to-understand online video. Should you find yourself stuck, phone us toll-free anytime. (The instructions come with a number too.) Summerwood will be there when you need us, from the moment you begin designing until your kids are playing away happily. No wonder we've converted so many first-timers into confident home-projecteers.