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    • How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Buildi...

      How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Buildi...

      In recent years, individuals, as well as organizations, have been making a shift towards offering and using environmentally conscious products and se ...

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    • At Home Spa Ideas to Bring Harmony Back ...

      At Home Spa Ideas to Bring Harmony Back ...

      With the ongoing pandemic, now more than ever do we need to set aside some time for ourselves to relax and unwind from the stress of it all. What bet ...

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    • Which Door Design is Best for My Small S...

      Which Door Design is Best for My Small S...

      What better time to discuss doors, now that January is upon us. The first month in our calendar year is named for Janus, the Roman god of doors. He i ...

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    • Create A Dreamy AirBnB Cabin With Summer...

      Create A Dreamy AirBnB Cabin With Summer...

      A unique design from Summerwood Products isthe perfect addition to any home and an ideal solution for building your own cabin in the woods, as well a ...

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    • The Telluride Sleeping Bunkie...

      The Telluride Sleeping Bunkie...

      For those of you who love bunkies, or are just starting to learn more about them (you can do so at quot;So What Is This Thing Called a Bunkiequot;), ...

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    • Ben And Mary's DIY Backyard Shed Install...

      Ben And Mary's DIY Backyard Shed Install...

      Battling with clutter? It's an on-going struggle for many of us. In most cases, you've exhausted your options. You've sorted and reorga ...

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"We love the finished product and appreciate the way Summerwood walked us through the process. Looking forward to using our new shed/studio for years to come. Seeing the Urban Studio in our backyard brings the realization of the value we added to property.“- Brenda. , Etobikoe ON
"I love my new garden shed! Everyone claims they want to move into it! Absolutely impressed by the quality of the materials that were provided, all the cuts, etc... “- Brian M. , Santa Rosa, California
"Summerwood was very professional at all stages of managing our order. We had good advice and suggestions for ventilation options responsive communication and a detailed quote. We found that it was helpful to design our shed online and then save the design“- Elaine.
"It's fantastic! The kids spend hours playing in their new playhouse and with so much room it’s almost like they have a second home! On a hot summer afternoon, we can all sit on its porch and sip lemonade and just hang out together.“- Brian K. , Dexter, MI
"We bought two sheds and we love them both! The builders just raved about the structure, saying how easily everything went together. We made the right choice when we ordered our shed from Summerwood. We're very happy and everyone was great to work with.“- Joanna P. , Tulsa, OK
"Our small cabin was finally completed last week. We applied wood preserver and it looks absolutely fabulous! We just spent our first two nights in it, and we couldn¹t be happier!“- Campbell H. , Carling, ON
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    Our Annual Photo Contest's results are in!

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  • https://www.outsideonline.com/1856231/25-tiny-cabins-we-long#slide-7

    Featured in Outside Magazines Top 25 List

    The Santa Cruz cabin was recently featured in Outside Magazines "Top 25 Tiny Cabins We Long For" list. Set on a rocky Canadian landscape, this cabin boasts breathtaking views and exhibits the endless possibilities of Summerwood cabins and sheds.

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