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    • The Ins and Outs of a Bunkie

      The Ins and Outs of a Bunkie

      If you enjoy escaping the demands of life by heading into nature, you will love the beauty and utility of a Bunkie.

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    • 6 Fun And Unique Backyard Home Studio Ideas

      6 Fun And Unique Backyard Home Studio Ideas

      With Summerwood, you can configure your private, purpose-built studio in any way imaginable to support your passions and interests...

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    • 6 Benefits of Using a Shed as a Workshop Space

      6 Benefits of Using a Shed as a Workshop Space

      Our hobbies and crafts can take up a lot of time, so it's important we spend this time in a space that encourages creativity and productivity.

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  • Customer Diaries

    • What Are The Best Roofing Materials For Sheds?

      A She-Shed for the Ladies: DIY Ideas & Plans...

      We’ve done our fair share of man-cave buildings over the years, but lately the ladies are stealing the spotlight with the new ...

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    • What Are The Best Roofing Materials For Sheds?

      The Telluride Sleeping Bunkie

      For those of you who love bunkies, or are just starting to learn more about them (you can do so at “So What Is This Thing Called...

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    • What Are The Best Roofing Materials For Sheds?

      Understanding How Outdoor Buildings Can ...

      The modern housing market demands the inclusion of unique landscape designs and versatile outdoor buildings. Without...

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"We love the finished product and appreciate the way Summerwood walked us through the process. Looking forward to using our new shed/studio for years to come. Seeing the Urban Studio in our backyard brings the realization of the value we added to property.“- Brenda. , Etobikoe ON
"I love my new garden shed! Everyone claims they want to move into it! Absolutely impressed by the quality of the materials that were provided, all the cuts, etc... “- Brian M. , Santa Rosa, California
"Summerwood was very professional at all stages of managing our order. We had good advice and suggestions for ventilation options responsive communication and a detailed quote. We found that it was helpful to design our shed online and then save the design“- Elaine.
"It's fantastic! The kids spend hours playing in their new playhouse and with so much room it’s almost like they have a second home! On a hot summer afternoon, we can all sit on its porch and sip lemonade and just hang out together.“- Brian K. , Dexter, MI
"We bought two sheds and we love them both! The builders just raved about the structure, saying how easily everything went together. We made the right choice when we ordered our shed from Summerwood. We're very happy and everyone was great to work with.“- Joanna P. , Tulsa, OK
"Our small cabin was finally completed last week. We applied wood preserver and it looks absolutely fabulous! We just spent our first two nights in it, and we couldn¹t be happier!“- Campbell H. , Carling, ON
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  • ultimate cottage bala bunkie cabin summerwood producsts

    Our Annual Photo Contest's results are in!

    It's no surprise that this beautiful Urban Studio took home first place this year! Thanks to everyone for your submissions. Click here to see this year's top entries!

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    Check out our new 3D Assembly Animation

    This sample animation will take you through the assembly process of a DIY kit, and also show the difference between our kits.

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  • Read Master Gardener Helen Battersby’s first-hand account

    How We Built Our Shed From a Summerwood Kit

    Summerwood’s own Urban Studio plays a starring role in this Toronto backyard transformation. Read Master Gardener Helen Battersby’s first-hand account of her experience installing a pre-assembled kit


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