interior finishings

Make it yours! There’s no limit to what you can do to customize your Summerwood design. The inside of your building is deliberately left exposed to accommodate interior finishes like insulation, lighting, plumbing, and interior cladding. Once the construction of your kit is complete, consider how finishing touches like these can make your Summerwood building uniquely your own.

Note: While Summerwood doesn’t provide plumbing and electrical services, your design specialist can guide and advise you in making your dream a reality.

Feeling creative? Explore our gallery of inspiring Interiors for ideas!

If you intend to finish your interior, keep these tips in mind. Ensure a smooth and efficient installation process by planning ahead: consult with your design specialist to make sure every step can be completed properly and in the right order.


Insulation Summerwood Products

Control your interior environment with an efficient building envelope and enjoy your Summerwood design year-round! There are many ways to insulate your building. One option is our expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation upgrade: we offer 3 ½” (R14) and 5 ½” (R22) EPS insulation to fit within the floor, wall, and ceiling cavities.

Note: Prefer an insulation method not offered by Summerwood? No problem! If you intend to insulate your building yourself, just let your design specialists know your plans.

Insulation should be partnered with an air barrier (such as building wrap) and vapor barrier (such as a polyethylene sheet). If you plan on insulating your building, start by adding our Enhanced Siding Package: this option includes a layer of sheathing (OSB or plywood) and building wrap (a breathable, water-resistant air barrier) between the siding and the wall framing to give the structure shear strength and act as an additional plane of protection against moisture.

Electrical Considerations

Whether you want to equip your potting shed with a simple light fixture to illuminate your gardening tools, add some ambiance to your gazebo or pavilion with exterior lighting and a sound system, or rough-out the electrical support for your new home office, the choice is yours.

Main electrical connections are generally buried in the ground or passed through the air via suspended power lines. Contact an experienced professional to prepare your main connection, interior wiring, and any other electrical needs.

Note: If you have a specific electrical requirement you wish to accommodate, please inform your design specialist prior to ordering and we can provide stud layouts or customize the wall framing to allow for easy installation.

Plumbing Considerations

Does your dream design include a washroom, bar sink, or even a full kitchen? Provided you have a water source nearby, your building can be plumbed with sinks and taps. If you have something more elaborate in mind, like a shower or a toilet, make sure it’s coordinated with the installation of your foundation.

Note: If you have a specific plumbing requirement you wish to accommodate, please inform your design specialist prior to ordering. Let us know where you plan to install your plumbing main, and we can provide stud layouts or customize the wall framing to allow for easy installation.

Material Finishing and Upgrades

Planning on leaving your framing exposed? Many of our customers choose to upgrade their wall and roof framing from spruce to exposed cedar for a look that’s warm, rustic, and inviting. Complete the effect by substituting our standard roof sheathing with cedar roof boards.

Interior cladding is another popular option. The inside of your walls and ceiling can be finished with cedar or pine in a variety of profiles:

  • 1 x 8 STK cedar channel shiplap

  • 1 x 4 clear cedar nickel-gap T&G

  • 1 x 4 or 1 x 6 clear cedar v-joint T&G

  • 1 x 6 knotty pine v-joint T&G

Learn more about Summerwood’s cedar siding options here.