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popular Home Studio styles

  •  Urban Studio Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 178826
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    Urban Studio

    The Urban Studio is an ideal home studio design as it easily doubles as a guest house or even a pool cabana because of its versatile style.

  • Cedar Verana garden sheds Summerwood ID number 166386
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    A contemporary home studio style, the Verana is for those who want a sleek accent in their backyard but also need a home studio setup that boasts office function.

  • Canexel Catalina Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 1045
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    A 5-sided home studio design, the Catalina is ideal for those who are tight on space but still want a functional office with style.

  • Cedar Sonoma Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 97384
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    Fall in love with the simplicity of the Sonoma home studio, a great office space whether you work out of it on the weekends or everyday.

  • Palmerston Workshops Summerwood ID number 169321
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    You’ll never go wrong with a Palmerston, a great home studio design that can also double as a charming guest house.

  • Copper Creek Workshops Summerwood ID number 90356
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    Copper Creek

    The Copper Creek is a wonderful home studio choice as it offers optimal space for those who want to use it for hobbies on the side.

  • San Cristobal Spa Enclosures Summerwood ID number 9760
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    San Cristobal

    The generously sized San Cristobal makes for a great home studio setup or even gazebo, boasting timeless style.

  • Cedar Windsor Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 42586
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    You’ll want to show off your home studio if you decide on the Windsor, a design that boasts high-end style and practical function.

  • Melbourne Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 49953
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    The gentle curves of the Melbourne make it a design that looks more like a tiny home you may just want to live in it!

  • Coventry Spa Enclosures Summerwood ID number 152813
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    Accent your English garden with the Coventry home studio, a practical space that also features stunning French doors.

  • Cedar Bali Tea House Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 135230
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    Bali Tea House

    The Bali Tea house makes for a home studio you’ll never want to leave, as its luxurious style will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

  • Glen Echo Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 42584
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    Glen Echo

    Home office, artist's studio, back yard retreat. We’re not sure if it’s the stylish porch or loft friendly roof pitch, but this cedar studio design is king of the hill.

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Selecting the Best Style for You
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Browse our many styles of home offices above. If you don't see exactly what you want, create it in our home studio Custom Design Centre. It's easy and fun. Customize any of our existing home office studios, or invent your own. You can even send us a drawing of your dream home office studio and we'll work to your specifications, creating your ideal home studio kit.

How you'll use your home office studio and where you want it will affect its design. You'll probably want to maximize sun exposure. If so, consider extra doors and windows. Will you want to install plumbing, vent it, and wire it for electricity? A bathroom or kitchenette would add greatly to your enjoyment.

Consider insulating the floor, walls and roof if you wish to use it year round. Thermal doors and windows are available to keep the heat out in summer and warmth in during the cold. Want something funky? Stained and leaded glass is also available. And a solid foundation ensures longevity. How will you finish the interior? Drywall or cedar siding? Here are some helpful garden studio tips and ideas based on questions customers like you have asked over the years.

Still not sure? If you're having trouble selecting a home office studio, here's a tip. Involve our designers right now! They design backyard studio kits every day and know what questions you need answered. Let them help you decide on style and features.

Building Your Home Office
Studio Kit Yourself

Building Your Home Office Studio Kit Yourself

Assembling your garden studio kit is not hard. Summerwood backyard studios can be a fun weekend bonding experience. All sorts of folks - young and old, pro and novice - have put our backyard studios together successfully. Don't worry. Detailed instructions for garden studio kits are listed in order, task by task. That makes it easy to plan the assembly of your home office studio.

Even if you've never built anything complex before it's easy with Summerwood Garden Studio kits. You get access to a simple online garden studio construction video. And if you're still stumped, call the Summerwood customer service line for help, toll-free. There's always someone to help, from the beginning of your project to the very end. You'd be surprised just how many newly converted carpenters we've created over the years.