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What is a Building Permit?

Issued by local authorities, a building permit is a document authorizing construction or demolition. If your building requires a permit, it must be granted before construction can begin and posted in a conspicuous place until the job is complete and passes inspection. Submission of the permit application is the responsibility of the property owner.

Will I Need One?

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The need for a permit hinges on several factors, including your building’s overall height from grade, footprint, location, intended use, and more. In some regions, small structures (under 108 ft²) may not require a building permit (exceptions apply). Check with your local by-law office to determine the regulations in your area.

Applying for a Building Permit

Obtain a permit application from your municipal by-law office or building and planning department. A complete submission will likely include a fee, a site plan, and construction drawings (such as elevations, a plan view, a wall section, and material details), but requirements will vary by project and region.

How Summerwood Can Help

If you do need a permit, Summerwood is here to help: our goal is to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us for general information and advice on applying for a permit. We can also produce custom permit drawings for your building if required.

Note: Additional fees apply for permit drawings and engineering stamps.