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Pre-assembled kit

Pleased to say that I did enjoy the construction experience. I ordered the partially assembled kit and was pleased that I did. It really eliminated all the "grunt" work of framing from scratch. All of the pieces were accurately cut and perfectly square so the assembly was a breeze. The fully insulated floor was very heavy and fortunately I have wonderful, strong neighbors who helped. I will use the shed for woodworking and look forward to getting my tools out of storage.
You may use my name as a reference for Summerwood and would be happy to show off the finished product. Thanks again, always a pleasure to work with quality products and helpful people at Summerwood.

- Alan D. , Toronto, ON

Catalina Shed

Here’s an example of what it is like dealing with Summerwood. It’s the May 24th weekend, Saturday, a gorgeous day. Everyone has gone to the cottage. We have started to build our Summerwood shed and realized we have received an incorrect piece. We called the helpline and they found somebody who was willing to give up their holiday, go in and make another piece for us. It is delivered early the next day by a really lovely man who gave us the impression that his sole purpose in life was to please us. Later we found out that he should have already left the city to celebrate his wedding anniversary. This is the amazing service Summerwood provides.
Their sheds are top quality. We are 4 women of average age 61 years old. We put together the 5-sided Catalina shed, which is considered to be the hardest project. It turned out beautiful and the video and instructions guided us step by step through the process.
We would highly recommend this company and their products. Our small downtown garden has been transformed by the addition of our beautiful new shed that we take great pride in having built ourselves. Thank you Summerwood.

- Lisa M. , Toronto, ON

Our beautiful bunkie

Summerwood was an excellent company to have plan and build our bunkie at our cottage. All staff were very professional and helped us through the process from start to finish answering all our questions and addressing any concerns. The builders who put up the cottage were professional and expedient. We are the envy of all our neighbors.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

- Laura S. , Kearney, ON

Garden shed

A friend who is a professional landscaper recommended we check out Summerwood as we talked about building a shed as a practical and beauty garden element. We spent some quality time discussing the design with a very knowledgeable employee and opted to buy and have an 8 x12 Palmerston. My landscaping friend prepared the site and as planned two very efficient carpenters from Summerwood built the structure in 8 hours. I'm having fun preparing the interior to be a workshop and will stain the exterior and build shutters and flower boxes.
We couldn't be happier with the quality and the great service.

- Rodney D., Toronto, ON

Our lovely gazebo.

The quality of the product is beautiful. The materials and craftsmanship are top notch and the level of personal customer service made the process easy from the beginning through the end.

- Jennifer W., Spokane, WA, USA

Pool cabana

We are VERY happy with our Summerwood cabana. Everything from the design process, ordering, delivery, construction, and customer support met or exceeded our expectations. Yes, there are some gaps in the construction instructions, so it took some thinking to figure certain steps out, which meant it took longer to build than I thought, but the end result is exactly what we wanted. It's definitely not a one-person job, but if you take your time and think ahead, it's all good. Exceptionally happy with material quality!

- Andrew M., Los Angeles, California, US

A cabin on the dock

The Glen Echo turned out great on my dock. Getting lots of people stopping to ask about it. It was a great accessory to the dock as a shed under 100 square feet which made it all permit free and streamlined. Materials were all top notch and had just enough extra to do some custom cedar trim around the front doors and windows. The build was a little tougher than expected, especially the cedar shingles, yet it all worked out, I learned a lot and had fun building it with family and friends.
We found we used the material list the most out of all the instructions. Real/Actual pictures in the instructions would be helpful along the way, since I’m more of a visual person, yet I can understand that may be difficult for different projects.
Thanks for your help along the way, now time to crack a beer on the dock and enjoy it!

- Stephen C., Toronto, ON

I highly recommend these garden houses

Great experience and wonderful quality sheds. The construction was superb and easy flowing. Don the foreman, was very knowledgeable and super sweet. The planning was also courteous and organized. Of course it was a bad year (2017) with so much rain and thus delays before the installation.
Worth the wait! I highly recommend these garden houses... the most you have to do is decide and plan your special place. We also had to build a deck with proper foundations because of the grade of our location prior to the install. I think these type of buildings add great value to a home. My Mom always wanted one, and it is so much fun listening to her call it "romantic" - she is super happy and I like that!

- Seeta Nyary, North York, Ontario

very happy with our purchase

My wife and I purchased this beautiful gazebo last Fall from Summerwood-John provided us with good advice on which type of gazebo would match our needs and budget. We just completed the remainder of our new garden, and have been enjoying eating and socializing with our friends in our gazebo-we recommend you purchase the screen kit to keep the bugs out. Over-all very happy with our purchase.

- Aubrie Appel, Thornhill, ON

very customer service oriented

This product offered by Summerwood - the "Glen Echo Bunkie" was high quality in every respect. The wood was all straight and pre-cut to fit together without much frustration. The Summerwood people that helped me along the process were first rate and very customer service oriented. The only issues were that it was very heavy - with the siding already installed on the walls and dormers --so you need extra help to set them up. Also, you think that you could put it up in a month --but it took me all summer -- on weekends-- when you include shingling, wiring, flooring and the trim. But overall, we are very pleased with the result and everyone has been very impressed.

- Alan Munro, McKellar, ON

really good experience with Summerwood

Summerwood makes superior quality products. I am thrilled with the design and quality of my shed. It is beautiful! They offer professional, efficient and friendly customer service. I asked them to make an adjustment on the design after it had been delivered. My request was granted immediately and at no extra cost.
I've had a really good experience with Summerwood and would highly recommend them to all my friends. A superior product and excellent service!

- Anne Welch, Toronto, ON

a fantastic value and the quality

Great experience all around, the staff at Summerwood was very helpful during the delivery and install process and throughout the project. Contractor was very happy with the response to all of his questions, so happy with the quality! As you can see, a fantastic value and the quality of the construction and value overall was fantastic.
The design tool on their Web site is a game changer, created multiple versions and then finalized the design over the phone with extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff!

- Jeffrey Belmonty, Deerfield, IL,USA

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