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popular Shed styles

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    Mini Oban

    The Mini Oban works perfectly as a home office, art studio, workshop space, or anything in between.

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    With its crisp lines, modern windows and doors, and no extra bulk, the Oban is our perfect cabin in the woods!

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    With its clean lines and optional awning, the Quadra is as chic as it is functional. This contemporary style enhances any space with its modern charm.

  • Copper Creek Workshops Summerwood ID number 90356
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    Copper Creek

    The steep gable roof of the Copper Creek storage shed has a unique look, perfect for those looking to add drama to their backyard.

  • Cedar Sonoma Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 97384
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    The Sonoma shed is a classic addition to any outdoor space and is known for its hip roof design that brings natural light to the interior.

  • Cedar Dune Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 111727
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    You’ll love the contemporary look and feel of the Dune storage shed kit, offering incredible storage capacity for all your backyard needs.

  • Telluride Cabins Summerwood ID number 105267
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    Loved for its roof design that allows for a loft, the Telluride shed kit has a historic feel that is sure to turn heads.

  • Palmerston Workshops Summerwood ID number 169321
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    A Summerwood original, the Palmerston shed design brings elegant backyard style to all your storage needs.

  • Melbourne Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 49953
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    Get a striking look with the Melbourne, a backyard shed that packs style with its double doors and roominess.

  • Cedar Verana garden sheds Summerwood ID number 166386
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    Our Verana sheds are part of a contemporary collection boasting refreshing simplicity you’ll love.

  • Glen Echo Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 42584
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    Glen Echo

    The Glen Echo can feel more like a home than a garden shed, with a 3 foot overhang for a perfect little porch.

  • Canexel Catalina Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 1045
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    It’s the perfect corner garden shed with five sides and soaring interior space, ideal for bikes, garden tools and pool accessories.

  • Bar Harbor Workshops Garden Sheds Summerwood ID number 166
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    Bar Harbor

    With a saltbox roof and french double doors, the Bar Harbor garden shed is the finishing touch to a picture perfect backyard space.

  •  Urban Studio Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 178826
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    Urban Studio

    Find your perfect garden shed in the Urban Studio, a versatile design that boasts classic, modern head-turning style.

  • Cedar Sarawak garden sheds Summerwood ID number 132
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    If you’re tight on space then the Sarawak lean to shed is your answer, with a sleek design that “leans” against your home.

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Choosing the Right Shed Kit

With the many garden sheds that we offer, chances are good you'll find exactly what you want. Or invent it. You can modify any of our existing DIY sheds, or design your ideal shed from scratch in our custom design center.

Get our shed designers involved early. They've designed countless sheds and can help you decide what features you need. To contact our garden shed design team, call our toll-free number.

Here are some shed tips and ideas to help you along, based on questions we've received about sheds from customers like you over the years. You can even send us a drawing of your dream garden shed and we'll work to your specifications, creating whatever shed kit you desire - sky's the limit.

Have design questions? Need help? Call us at 1 866 519-4634 anytime.

How long does it take to Build a DIY Shed?

Build a DIY shed kit Summerwood

Our garden shed kits are designed to be a fun family project. We've had virtually every age of person - of varying skills and strengths - assemble our storage sheds and garden sheds successfully. And remember, the instructions for our shed kits are broken down by task. So you can plan the assembly of your shed easily and quickly.

Even if you've never built sheds before it's easy with our building kits. We provide an easy-to-understand online shed construction video and if you run into a problem that you can't seem to solve, you can ask an expert online, or call our toll-free customer service line for help. We're here to help you every inch of the way, before, during and after your shed building project. Over the years we've converted many novices into budding (and beaming) carpenters!