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Siding Choices

Summerwood’s range of siding options includes something for everyone: from classic to modern, neutral to vibrant, low-maintenance to no-maintenance. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, and styles:

A word on cedar...

Naturally resistant to decay and insect attacks, our premium grade western red cedar is an ideal material for exterior use. It’s low maintenance, naturally beautiful, and ages gracefully. Read more on our blog!

Cabin materials Cedar Channel Siding SummerwoodCedar Channel Siding

One of our most popular siding choices, Summerwood’s cedar channel siding is available in both smooth-planed and rough-sawn finishes and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The shiplap profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it, providing excellent weather protection, allowing for dimensional movement, and producing a distinctive shadow line. Our channel siding has a width of 8", with a dressed width of 7 1/8", and an exposed width of 6 3/8".

Uses: Exterior Siding, Bar Ceilings, Ceiling Finish, Interior Wall Finish, Shed Door Cladding

Cedar Channel Siding Profile

Cabin garages sheds materials Cedar Channel Siding Profile Summerwood

Cabin materials Clear T&G Cedar Siding Summerwood4” & 6” Clear Cedar T&G Siding

For a strikingly modern look, consider clear cedar (few to no knots). Choose from two tongue-and-groove profiles:

  • Insulation materials Summerwood ID number 191830

    T&G Nickel-Gap Profile

  • Insulation materials Summerwood ID number 191830

    T&G V-Joint Profile

Intended for vertical siding applications, our 4” nickel-gap profile (left) is characterized by the narrow, square groove (or “nickel gap”) created between boards when they’re installed next to each other. By comparison, our v-joint profile (right) features a delicate chamfer at the edge of each board, creating the subtle “v-joint” between boards. This profile is available in 4” and 6” widths and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Uses: Exterior Siding, Interior Wall Finish

Clear Cedar T&G V-Joint Siding Profile

Cabin garages sheds materials Clear T&G Cedar Siding Profile Summerwood

Cabin materials Cedar Log Cabin Siding SummerwoodCedar Log Cabin Siding

To add a touch of rustic warmth to your Summerwood product, try cedar log siding. Milled from premium STK western red cedar, our 2x8 log siding can be installed horizontally as an exterior siding, or even inside as a wall finish!

Uses: Exterior Siding, Interior Wall Finish

Cedar Log Cabin Siding Profile

Cabin garages sheds materials Log Cabin Siding Profile Summerwood Summerwood

Note: Our Enhanced Siding Package must be added with the log siding application to provide a proper nailing surface.

Summerwood is committed to sustainability: we source all our materials from companies that engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding SummerwoodCedar Shingle Siding

Durable and timeless, cedar shingles add natural texture, color, and charm to your building’s exterior. Our western red cedar shingles are premium grade,* 18” long, 7/16” thick at the butt end, and applied with 5 ½” exposure.

Uses: Exterior Siding

Shingle Siding Profile

Cabin garages sheds materials Log Cabin Siding Profile Summerwood

* No. 2 Perfection shingles have limited knots past the minimum 11-inch clear portion.

Note: To provide a nailing surface for the shingles, the walls are clad with a 7/16" OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing.

Do you have a siding in mind that you don’t see here? Let us know! We will do our best to make it work.

Cabin materials Siparila (Coated Wood) SummerwoodSiparila (Coated Wood)

Siparila is a beautiful, durable, maintenance-free siding milled from Nordic whitewood. Strong, dense, straight-grained lumber from slow-growing Finnish forests is carefully processed and coated on all visible surfaces for complete protection from the elements—this siding is fully finished and requires no additional treatment on site! With a tongue and groove, end-matched profile, Siparila siding is designed to protect your building from water damage and hide fasteners for a flawless, nail-free finish.

Available in six beautiful, natural tones:

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding Profile Summerwood

Siparila Evolute 8 Siding Profile - 1” x 6” x 13’

Cabin garages sheds materials Siparila Profile Summerwood

Find more information on Siparila here.

Cabin materials Drift Heat-Processed Spruce SummerwoodDrift (Heat-Processed Finnish Spruce)

Drift (by Thermory) is a premium, thermally-treated wood siding that offers the look of reclaimed wood with all the benefits and consistency of a processed material.

  • Natural wood (spruce) treated with heat and steam

  • Resistant to moisture, rot, and insects

  • Highly dimensionally stable (reduced absorbency)

  • Very low maintenance

Uses: Uses: Exterior Siding, Interior Wall Finish

Five realistically-weathered tones to choose from:

Cabin materials Cedar Shingle Siding Profile Summerwood

Click here to find out more or request a sample.

Drift Spruce Cladding Siding Profile

Cabin garages sheds materials Drift Profile Summerwood

Cabin materials Canexel Maintenance Free siding SummerwoodCanExel (Maintenance Free)

Available in 22 colors, CanExel prefinished siding is long lasting and maintenance free, and exceptionally dimensionally stable. Made from wood fiber, resin, and wax fused under pressure, CanExel siding is protected by multiple layers of industrial strength coatings individually baked at high temperatures and finished with a sealer for added durability.

Uses: Exterior Siding, Interior Wall Finish

Canexel Colour Selector

Select from the chart on the right to change the colour of the building’s CanExel siding.

See CanExel colours on our options search page to see all the different colours on actual buildings or request a color sample.

CanExel Siding Profile

Cabin Canexel Siding Profile siding Summerwood

Supply Your Own Siding or Cladding

Occasionally, our customers prefer to source their own siding. In these situations, we can simply clad the walls with plywood sheathing or leave off the siding altogether. If this interests you, please discuss with your salesperson at the time of order.