We've got you covered!

When purchasing a Summerwood building you can do so with confidence. We warranty all of our buildings for a period of two years, and our Canexel siding for up to 25 years!

Your custom designed Summerwood building will arrive fit for the intended use. In the unlikely event that you encounter a glitch, our customer support team will take care of it pronto: online or over the phone, your choice.

For your convenience, we will also reimburse you up to $50 (without prior approval) for out-of-pocket purchases which may be required to correct any missing or defective part during assembly. We know what it's like when you just want to keep on going and don't want the hassle of contacting us to figure it out.

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Please note

With an organic material like wood, the following traits are not considered warrantable issues:

  • Natural characteristics of the wood such as knots, cracks, or splinters

  • Expansion and contraction of lumber due to moisture

  • Variations in color or grain

Validating your warranty


Warranty information assembly Summerwood

Customers are required to build their structure within 90 days of delivery. This is to prevent any warping or shrinkage of the materials that may result from your package sitting for too long.

In order to confirm that the installation is completed within this timeline, we require that you provide us with a set of finished photos. You may e-mail digital photos to design@summerwood.com, upload your digital photos to us using our photo upload tool, or mail actual prints.


Building warranty information Staining Summerwood ID number 134755

Semi-transparent stains are less "natural" because of the added pigment, but represent the wood beautifully. They modify the original wood color as well as the characteristics of the wood such as grains and knots, but not enough to take away from the overall impact of the wood's natural qualities. A great choice when staining a gazebo to better match a modern home style.