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sarawak sheds sale summerwood

Save 50% - 4' x 8' Sarawak

Beautiful western red cedar, perfect fit in tight spaces. Very popular in downtown locations.

Regular Sale
Pre-assembled $4,122 $2,061

Building features:

- Double, western red cedar, shed-style doors

- Western red cedar siding

Please note that the building is similar to the picture but is untreated.

Contact us for more details.
60% OFF! 6' x 8' Palmerston Garden Shed | Summerwood Products

Save 60% - 6' x 8' Palmerston

The quintessential garden shed! Built for life with red cedar of the highest quality.

Regular Sale
Pre-assembled $5,610 $2,805

Building features:

- Durable, western red cedar, D4 arched door

- Western red cedar siding, two W1 fixed windows

- Two flower boxes, fixed shutters

Click here for more details and photos.

Save 35% - on all Summerwood buildings

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25% off * all Summerwood designs Now until December 12th!

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