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When it comes to building materials, the Summerwood standard is set remarkably high: all of our buildings are constructed using premium products and the best quality materials we can find.

Material component cutaways:

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    Standard buildings

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    Cabins, garages, and larger structures.

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Spruce framing material Summerwood Spruce

Spruce is the standard framing material used for most Summerwood structures (gazebos are the exception — they’re framed with cedar).

Uses: Wall and Roof Framing

Framing Lumber Profiles

Spruce framing material Summerwood

Pressure Treated floors material SummerwoodPressure Treated

Pressure Treated (PT) lumber is treated for exterior use. The floor substructure is framed from PT lumber to protect it from moisture.

Uses: Floor Framing

P.T. Lumber Profiles

Purchased P.T Profiles material Summerwood

Canadian Western Red Cedar Profiles material SummerwoodCedar

A beautiful, decay-resistant alternative to pressure treated wood, red cedar is naturally suited to exterior applications. As such, cedar is the standard framing material used for Summerwood gazebos.

In our other buildings, consider upgrading to cedar from standard spruce framing if you plan on leaving your wall studs or roof rafters exposed and visible from the interior.

Uses: Gazebo Framing, Upgraded Wall or Roof Framing

Cedar Profiles

Canadian Western Red Cedar Profiles material Summerwood Canadian Western Red Cedar Profiles material Summerwood

Sheet Materials

Sheet goods, such as OSB and plywood, are used to sheath the floor, roof, and (where required by code) walls. Sheathing ties framing members together to form one unified, cohesive system, providing lateral strength and resisting shear forces.

OSB wall material Summerwood7/16” OSB

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is made from compressed wood strands layered and adhered together to form 4’ x 8’ sheets. It’s used to sheath walls and small shed roofs.

Uses: Wall Sheathing, Roof Sheathing, Enhanced Siding Package

1/2” Spruce Plywood material Summerwood1/2” Spruce Plywood

Spruce plywood is not only more visually appealing than OSB, it’s also structurally superior. Choose spruce plywood (½”, ⅝”,or ¾”) as an upgrade from standard 7/16” OSB for wall and/or roof sheathing.

Uses: Wall Sheathing, Roof Sheathing

1/2” Pressure Treated Plywood material Summerwood1/2” Pressure Treated Plywood

Pressure treated (PT) plywood is ideal for areas exposed to moisture (for example: under the floor framing to contain insulation) and can also help deter insect attacks. Consider upgrading from spruce to PT for your floor sheathing.

Uses: Underside of Floor Framing, Floor/Wall/Roof Sheathing

5/8” T&G Spruce Plywood material Summerwood5/8” T&G Spruce Plywood

Tongue and groove plywood is used for floor sheathing.

Uses: Floor Sheathing

Summerwood is committed to sustainability: we source all our materials from companies that engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Finish Materials

Exterior finishes perform both aesthetic and functional roles: they help define the overall look of the building while providing an extra layer of protection for the structural elements underneath.

Interior finishes (think walls, floors, ceiling) offer yet another opportunity for you to customize your Summerwood design. Consider a simple upgrade from spruce framing to cedar for a warm, rustic effect, or choose to clad your interior walls and ceiling with pine T&G or cedar shiplap.

Visit our Siding Choices for more information on exterior and interior finish options.

Black and white material finish SummerwoodBlack / White Trim

Save the hassle of painting with our pre-painted premium trim available in both black and white. Made of premium pine wood and pre-stained in a controlled environment, this trim is a very attractive maintenance-free option.

Uses: Trim, Column/Post Wraps, Windows/Garage Doors

Black and white trim Summerwood Products Finish Materials Black / White Trim Summerwood ID Number 268604

Clear Cedar finish SummerwoodClear Western Red Cedar

For a strikingly modern look, consider clear cedar (few to no knots) for your exterior finish.

Uses: Trim, Roof/Ceiling Boards, Column/Post Wraps, Window/Door Casings

 Cedar trim finish Summerwood Clear Western Red Cedar Summerwood ID Number 244989

Versatex material finish SummerwoodVersatex

Versatex (white) is a maintenance free PVC material that comes in two finishes, smooth and textured.

Uses: Trim, Column/Post Wraps, Window/Door Casings

Versatex Trim material finish Summerwood Versatex Summerwood ID Number 259737

pine t&g material finish Summerwood¾” Pine T&G

Pine tongue and groove is an optional floor finish. Our ¾” T&G v-joint profile can be incorporated as a wall and/or ceiling finish.

Uses: Floor Finish, Wall or Ceiling Finish

Pine T&G Summerwood ID Number 259736

Every Summerwood building combines the highest quality materials with expert craftsmanship and meticulous design.

Roofing Materials

Asphalt Shingles material finish SummerwoodAsphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are inexpensive but durable and easy to apply. They’re available in a variety of colors and textures. Black & brown 3-tab asphalt shingles are included with Summerwood’s installation packages.

Uses: Roof Finish

EPDM Membrane material finish SummerwoodEPDM Roofing Membrane

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing membrane is a very durable, watertight finish, most commonly used for Summerwood buildings with flat roofs. Black EPDM is included with Summerwood’s installation packages.

Uses: Roof finish

Cedar Shingles material finish SummerwoodCedar Shingles

Durable and timeless, cedar shingles add natural dimension, warmth, and color to your building’s exterior. Our western red cedar shingles are premium grade,* 18” long, 7/16” thick at the butt end, and applied with 5 ½” exposure. (* No. 2 Perfection shingles have limited knots past the minimum 11-inch clear portion.)

Uses: Roof finish, Siding

Miscellaneous Materials

Doors & Windows

Summerwood’s selection of doors and windows includes a wide range of choices to fit any style, size, or budget. Choose from cedar, vinyl, or metal.

Our beautifully crafted Western Red Cedar doors and windows will take your Summerwood design to the next level. View doors and windows for more info.


Insulation materials Summerwood ID number 191830

Adding insulation allows you to use your Summerwood building all year long (in some cases, it may also be required to obtain a building permit). There are a number of methods for insulating your building to provide enjoyment year-round.

Talk to one of our design specialists to discuss your options.

Enhanced Siding Package (ESP)

The Enhanced Siding Package includes a layer of sheathing (OSB or plywood) and building wrap (a breathable, water-resistant air barrier) between the siding and the wall framing to give the structure shear strength and act as an additional plane of protection against moisture. If you plan on insulating your Summerwood building, start by adding our enhanced siding package.


Our standard hinges, door handles, latches, window openers and other types of hardware are all durable, non-corrosive, and exterior grade. Explore options for upgrading your door and window hardware to customize your design.

  • Hardware door handles, latches, window openers Summerwood
  • Hardware door handles, latches, window openers Summerwood
  • Hardware door handles, latches, window openers Summerwood
  • Hardware door handles, latches, window openers Summerwood
  • Hardware door handles, latches, window openers Summerwood


fasteners Summerwood

We’ve taken the time to research and select the appropriate fasteners for each and every building and application. Generally, brass screws and galvanized nails are used to prevent corrosion, disintegration and rust formation. Colour-matched galvanized nails are used to fasten Canexel siding, and stainless steel nails are used to fasten all cedar siding to prevent staining.