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A pavilion for your garden paradise.

Perfect as a pavilion or spa enclosure, the Eden will transform your backyard into a paradisiacal oasis. The wall panel configuration is completely customizable: pair solid walls, slatted walls, and full openings to find the perfect combination for you.


With its customizable wall panels, the Eden can be modified to your exact taste and needs. Louvred openings provide shelter and privacy while permitting the passage of light and air, striking the perfect balance between inside and outside. For best results, add hot tub (...unfortunately, not included)!

Sample Eden gallery

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Eden specifications


  • The Eden pavilion’s fresh, open-air design blends effortlessly into any backyard or garden setting—allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. Add multiple full-coverage panels for extra privacy, or choose slatted walls to let the breeze and sunbeams through. Learn everything you need to know about the Eden pavilion in these style tabs.

  • Eden Pavilion Overview
    illustration only
    10' x 10' Eden
  • Contemporary flat roof (1/12 pitch)

  • Customizable wall panels (full wall, slatted wall, or opening)

  • Modern, minimalist design

  • Enhanced siding package

  • Premium STK Western Red Cedar siding + stainless steel fasteners

  • Full 2-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship!

    Popular Options & Upgrades:
  • Clear cedar siding (thin, modern nickel gap or v-joint profiles)

  • Standing seam steel siding

  • Pine T&G or cedar channel interior cladding

  • Modern sliding doors and windows

  • Maintenance-free Canexel siding in a variety of colours

  • Maintenance-free Maibec wood siding in 4 natural tones

Available Eden sizes

The Eden is offered in sizes starting at 80 ft². If you don’t see the size you’re looking for in the price list, please contact us.

Sample Entertaining Spaces

Below are some Eden interiors to help you envision your layout. Click to learn more about the buildings featured. For more ideas and photos, visit our Interiors page.

Floor plans

Feeling inspired? Get creative with this fun, simple layout tool for planning your interior.
Or, download graph paper and plan your space the old fashioned way.

  • Modern Eden Pavilion Floor Plan 1
  • Modern Eden Pavilion Floor Plan 2
Eden Pavilion floor plan configurations
  • 3D Tour of an Eden Pavilion

    Whether you want to create an intimate outdoor entertaining space or a private spa enclosure, the Eden is a great choice. It’s completely customizable, with options for full, slatted, and open walls. This 3D tour shows how a 9’ x 9’ Eden can easily accommodate either a cozy seating area or a steamy hot tub setup.

    Visit our 3D Tours page to see all the Summerwood Styles.

  • Eden Pavilion video tour


Level of Difficulty:

The Eden includes easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams that will walk you through every step of the building process. Our online and telephone assembly support are always within reach.

Hiring a contractor

If you think you may want assistance with assembling your Eden pavilion, check out our Hiring a Contractor page.

Eden pavilion Hiring a contractor
Contractor working on a flat roof

* photos and renderings illustrate a combination of standard features and construction/material upgrades; see style tabs for detailed product specifications

details & specs

Eden Pavilion Dimensions

Eden pavilion Dimensions Eden pavilion Dimensions

Still have questions about the size of your Eden? Don’t hesitate to ask — we’re here to help!

Roof Framing Plan

In strong competition with hip roofing and gable roofing, are flat roofs. These roofs are common in Eden Pavilion styles, being one of the easiest roofs to install and frame when compared to other roof styles.

The Eden Pavilion roof is designed to have a standard 4’ overhang on the front side and 2’ around the remaining perimeter. The roof consists of ½” Spruce plywood sheathing and pre-engineered trusses allowing you to lay the EPDM rubberized membrane on top.

Eden pavilion Roof Framing Plan
Roof framing drawing for a Eden Pavilion

Overhang Detail

Soffits are the cedar trim pieces that are attached to the underside of the rafter ends.

Fascia is typically the cedar 1 x 4 that’s used to cover the rafter tips and provide a nice straight level line for the bottom of your roof.

Eden pavilion Overhang Detail
Eden Pavilion overhang detail


It is important to house your Eden pavilion sits on a solid concrete foundation. A raised concrete foundation is recommended for uneven surfaces. Visit our Foundations page for more details.

Visit Foundations page for detail.

Eden pavilion Foundations
Framed floor section


Like all Summerwood designs, the Eden Pavilion is a fantastic display of premium grade materials coming together for any of your outdoor needs. Our materials are chosen for their aesthetic appeal, durability, and environmental friendliness. Construction is engineered for garages and cabins but ideally suited for storage sheds and pool cabanas as well.

item material dimension notes
ceiling spruce 2x4 - 2x10 ceiling framing
rafters spruce 2x4 - 2x10 24" on center maximum
ridge board spruce 2x4 - 2x10 n/a
sheathing osb 48" x 96" x 7/16" n/a
material upgrades
cedar roof boards cedar 1x6 - 1x8 n/a
cedar rafters cedar 2x6 - 2x12 n/a
roof insulation expanded polystyrene 3 1/2" & 5 1/2" on roof surface
item material dimension notes
cedar trim cedar 1x6 - 1x8 corners, soffit, fascia
material upgrades
maintenance free trim versatex 1x4 - 1x8 corners, soffit, fascia


Visit "options and accessories" for detail and pricing of our accessories.

Find below pricing for all of the Eden sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.

Note that pricing below is for the base kit only. Doors, windows, and other options are à la cart so that you can customize to your hearts content.

SM Eden
Gazebos (<70 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Small Eden
Gazebos, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
8ft.x8ft. $10,095 $7,066 $11,495 $8,046

MD Eden
Gazebos ( 70 - 100 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Eden
Gazebos, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
8ft.x10ft. $12,495 $8,746 $14,195 $9,936
9ft.x9ft. $12,595 $8,816 $14,295 $10,006
8ft.x12ft. $14,495 $10,146 $16,595 $11,616
10ft.x10ft. $15,095 $10,566 $17,195 $12,036

LG Eden
Gazebos (100 - 130 sq.ft)

All prices in $USD
Large Eden
Gazebos, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
9ft.x12ft. $16,295 $11,406 $18,495 $12,946
10ft.x12ft. $17,895 $12,526 $20,495 $14,346
11ft.x11ft. $17,895 $12,526 $20,495 $14,346
9ft.x14ft. $18,495 $12,946 $21,195 $14,836

XLG Eden
Gazebos ( >130 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Eden
Gazebos, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
10ft.x14ft. $20,395 $14,276 $23,295 $16,306
12ft.x12ft. $20,795 $14,556 $23,995 $16,796
10ft.x16ft. $22,195 $15,536 $25,395 $17,776
14ft.x12ft. $24,195 $16,936 $27,595 $19,316
12ft.x14ft. $24,195 $16,936 $27,595 $19,316
14ft.x14ft. $27,695 $19,386 $31,795 $22,256
12ft.x20ft. $33,795 $23,656 $38,795 $27,156

Custom Designs

Summerwood will take your custom design and make it your own. If you have something different in mind, talk to one of our designers about bringing it to life.

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