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Bali Tea House

Relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, our Teahouse gazebo design is brilliant in its minimalism. The idea isn’t what to put in but what to leave out. By using natural materials and planning its layout carefully, the intention is to blur the lines between nature and man-made. Create harmony. You may not choose to remove your shoes before entering, or cover the floor with cane mats, but you’re bound quietly enjoy the odd pot of tea now and again in this beautiful backyard gazebo. Take this design into the Custom Design Center now!

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  • Motivated by Japanese architecture, our Bali Teahouse gazebo kit blurs the lines between nature and men-made to create harmony in any outdoor space. View more on pricing and your Bali Teahouse gazebo kit in these style tabs.


- Characterized by a curved Dutch hip roof.
- Beautiful open-air design
- Solid Western Red Cedar construction
- The ideal backyard Zen building

Popular options:

Floor plans

Below are a few sample floorplans that articulate the popular options associated with the Bali Teahouse gazebos. For more ideas and photos, please visit Interiors under inspiration.

Popular Bali Teahouse door & window configuration
Floor board plan for our Bali Teahouse gazebo

Try this Floor Plannerto design your own traditional Bali Teahouse space and share, as you like.
You may also download graph paper and print out a few sheets to help designing your own space!

Available Bali Tea House gazebo sizes

Bali Teahouses have sizes ranging from 180 sq.ft to 468 sq.ft

If you cannot find your size, please contact us.


Level of Difficulty:

Though the Bali Teahouse gazebo building requires some carpentry skills, it’s a great DIY construction project. Our gazebo kits include easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, and assembly videos that will help you through the process.

Below is a series of photos showing one of our Bali Teahouse being assembled.

  • Foundation preparations for a gazebo

  • Wall framing & Shingles install

  • Completed roof framing assembly

  • Doors & Windows install

  • Finished Bali Teahouse gazebo

Hiring a contractor

The Bali Teahouse style is manageable to assemble with a couple of extra set of hands, however, if you feel that you may want some assistance check out our hire a contractor page.

Contractor building a gazebo

details & specs


Bali Tea House Gazebo Kit Dimensions

10' 12' - 10" 8 3/4" 8' - 5 1/4" 3' - 8"
12' 13' - 6 5/8" 8 3/4" 8' - 5 1/4" 4' - 4 5/8"
14' 14' - 1 3/4" 8 3/4" 8' - 5 1/4" 4' - 11 3/4"

Our measurements are taken from the outside face of the upright columns. In the figure above it is represented in measurement “A”, it is portrayed in “plan” view in the “Floor Framing” section further down on this page.

Wall Assembly

Gazebo wall assembly example

All our gazebo styles feature built-up columns comprised of upright posts sandwiched by wall sides on either side. The Bali Teahouse gazebo kit adds another element with the wall jamb that allows windows to be secured in the wall cavities. Below the windows are recessed cedar panels that form the solid knee wall, and above the window is a cascading system of pickets backed with glazing creating a transom around the top perimeter of the building’s walls.

If you have any other questions pertaining to the size of the building, please do not hesitate to ask us, we're here to help.

Roof Assembly

The Bali Teahouse roof increases in complexity as the size increases, below is the roof framing for the Bali Teahouse. For smaller sizes, the size and number of components incorporated in the roof structure are reduced.

Bali Teahouse roof assembly

Floor Framing

Summerwood’s Bali Teahouse gazebo floors are built with pressure treat framing. However, most Bali Teahouse structures are assembled on existing floor platforms, like patio floors, so you can choose to omit the floor section altogether.

Floor framing plan for a Bali Teahouse


The Bali Teahouse style is well suited for a traditional patio stone foundation. A concrete pad foundation or pier footings are also possibilities.

Visit Foundations page for detail.

Framed gazebo kit floor sections


Like all Summerwood gazebos, the Bali Teahouse is a fantastic display of premium materials coming together for any of your backyard needs.

item material dimension notes
joists pressure treated 2x4 - 2x6 framed triangular sections
skirt cedar 1x4 - 1x6 covers pt material
floor boards cedar 2x6 nailed to cleats to form panels
floor splines cedar 2x2 floor members seperating panels
floor center cedar 2x8 center floor component
item material dimension notes
uprights cedar 2x4 - 2x6 centre of supporting column
wall sides cedar 2x6 - 2x8 fastend to either side of upright
wall jambs cedar 2x4 - 2x6 fastend to wall sides
rails cedar 2x3 - 2x4 n/a
wall panels cedar 2x4 & 1x6 n/a
pickets cedar 2x2 n/a
item material dimension notes
rafters cedar 2x8 - 2x12 roof framing members
compression ring cedar 2x8 - 2x12 center framing for cupola
roof boards cedar 1x6 roof substructure
shingles cedar n/a outter skin of the roof
cap & bead cedar n/a trim along roof ridges
item material dimension notes
rafters cedar 2x4 - 2x6 roof framing members
hub cedar 4x4 center framing for cupola
roof boards cedar 1x6 roof substructure
shingles cedar n/a outter skin of the roof
cap & bead cedar n/a trim along roof ridges
cone cedar 2x8 top trim element for the peak

Mix & Match

Like all summerwood styles if you wish to customize your building further you have the option to combine design elements/ building features from one gazebo to another.




Visit "options and accessories" for detail and pricing of our accessories.

Find below pricing for all of the Bali Tea House sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.


MD Bali Tea House
Gazebos ( 70 - 100 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Bali Tea House
Gazebos, price list
kit size pre-cut
8ft.x10ft. $16,095 $10,462
8ft.x12ft. $18,695 $12,152
10ft.x10ft. $19,195 $12,477

LG Bali Tea House
Gazebos (100 - 130 sq.ft)

All prices in $USD
Large Bali Tea House
Gazebos, price list
kit size pre-cut
9ft.x12ft. $20,795 $13,517
10ft.x12ft. $22,695 $14,752
11ft.x11ft. $25,795 $16,767

XLG Bali Tea House
Gazebos ( >130 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Bali Tea House
Gazebos, price list
kit size pre-cut
10ft.x14ft. $25,895 $16,832
12ft.x12ft. $26,395 $17,157
10ft.x16ft. $29,195 $18,977
12ft.x14ft. $30,395 $19,757
10ft.x18ft. $32,295 $20,992
12ft.x16ft. $34,395 $22,357
14ft.x14ft. $34,795 $22,617
10ft.x20ft. $35,695 $23,202
12ft.x18ft. $38,395 $24,957
10ft.x22ft. $38,895 $25,282
13ft.x18ft. $41,395 $26,907
10ft.x24ft. $42,195 $27,427
12ft.x20ft. $42,195 $27,427
10ft.x25ft. $43,895 $28,532
14ft.x18ft. $44,295 $28,792
10ft.x26ft. $45,695 $29,702
12ft.x22ft. $46,295 $30,092
8ft.x34ft. $47,395 $30,807
16ft.x20ft. $55,595 $36,137
18ft.x20ft. $62,295 $40,492
18ft.x26ft. $80,195 $52,127
18ft.x32ft. $97,995 $63,697

Custom Designs

Summerwood will take your custom design and make it your own. If you have something different in mind, talk to one of our designers about bringing it to life.


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