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Mini Oban

Everything you love about the Oban, except Mini!

The Mini Oban is the perfect size for a home office, studio, or gym. By removing the standard Oban’s loft space and reducing the overall building height to 12’-5”, you can have all the Nordic charm of an Oban in your own backyard.

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  • The Mini Oban blends seamlessly into any backyard landscape. With its minimal roof overhang, flush window and door settings, and trimless corners, the Mini Oban is the modern home studio of your dreams. Together, these carefully considered details create a clean, sharp, minimalist aesthetic that compliments a variety of architectural styles, from contemporary to traditional.

    Find all the details you’ll need to know about our Mini Oban in these style tabs.

  • Mini Oban Home Office Studio Overview
    illustration only
    8' x 13' Mini Oban


- Sleek, modern design.
- Flush, trim-free window and door settings and minimal overhang.
- Steep gable roof (10/12 pitch).
- Premium STK Western Red Cedar siding with stainless steel fasteners.
- Cathedral ceiling (8’ overall wall height).
- Full 2-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship!

Popular Options & Upgrades:
  • Galvanized steel roofing

  • 4 x 6 exposed Douglas fir rafters

  • Clear cedar siding (thin, modern nickel gap or v-joint profiles)

  • Pine T&G or cedar channel interior cladding

  • Modern vinyl sliding doors and windows

  • Maintenance-free Canexel siding in a variety of colours

  • Maintenance-free Siparila wood siding in six natural tones

Available Mini Oban sizes

The Mini Oban is offered in sizes starting at 104 ft². If you don’t see the size you’re looking for in the price list, please contact us.

Mini Oban Interior

Below are some sample interiors to help you envision your Mini Oban’s layout. For more ideas and photos, visit our Interiors page.

Floor plans

Below are simple floor plans for the Mini Oban studio to get you started. For more ideas and photos please visit Interiors under inspiration.

  • Mini Oban home studio Floor Plan 1
Sample 8' x 13' Mini Oban floor plan

Feeling inspired? Get creative with this fun, simple layout tool for planning your interior.
Or, download graph paper and plan your space the old fashioned way.


Level of Difficulty:

The Mini Oban requires some skill to install: if you have rough and finish carpentry experience, you may be able to navigate this project with our detailed instructions and easily accessible online and telephone assembly support.

Hiring a contractor

If you think you may want assistance with assembling your Mini Oban, check out our Hire a Contractor page.

Contractor working on a roof

* photos and renderings illustrate a combination of standard features and construction/material upgrades; see style tabs for detailed product specifications

details & specs

Mini Oban Dimensions

Modern Mini Oban home studio dimensions
6' 10' - 8 1/2"
7' 11' - 1 1/2"
8' 11' - 6 1/2"
9' 12' - 2"
10' 12' - 7"
11' 13' - 0"
12' 13' - 5"
13' 13' - 10"
14' 14' - 3"
8' 2 1/2" 10:12


Use the diagram and corresponding table to get a sense for the size of your Summerwood building.

Most dimensions are approximate:

  • building depth and length are measured from the outside of the floor and wall framing (siding, sheathing, and trim aren't included)

    • →  for true exterior dimensions, add the thickness of your chosen siding, sheathing (if applicable), and corner trim

    • →  for true interior dimensions, subtract the thickness of the wall framing (EG: 3 ½" for 2x4 walls)

  • building height is measured here from the underside of the bottom wall plate to the top of the ridge; it doesn't include the floor (if applicable), foundation, or roof finish, since these vary depending on your building's size

    • →  for your building's exact height from grade, talk to one of our design specialists

  • wall height is measured from the underside of the bottom plate to the top of the double top plate

Roof Framing Plan

The Mini Oban features a gable roof, a relatively simple style to frame, sheath, and finish. Consult with your contractor or roofing company for the most effective ventilation system for your roof.

Modern Mini Oban home studio dimensions
Roof framing plan for a Mini Oban


Choosing the right foundation will depend on your Mini Oban’s size, location, and purpose. Steep grades or rocky terrain may call for poured footings, while concrete pads are ideal for flatter surfaces and larger structures.

Visit our Foundations page for more details, or contact one of our design specialists for assistance.

Modern Mini Oban home studio Foundations
Mini Oban foundation


Summerwood buildings are constructed with style and longevity in mind. Like all our designs, the Mini Oban is a fantastic display of premium grade materials chosen for their beauty, durability, and environmental friendliness.

item material dimension notes
beams pressure treated 3-ply 2x8 - 2x12 underside of floor framing
joists pressure treated 2x4 - 2x8 16" on center
sheathing t&g spruce 5/8" n/a
material options + upgrades
floor insulation expanded polystyrene 3 1/2" - 5 1/2" within floor cavities
flooring t&g white pine 1x6 n/a
item material dimension notes
wall plates spruce 2x6 bottom, top, double top
wall studs spruce 2x6 16" on center
exterior siding stk cedar channel (shiplap) 1x8 horizontal
enhanced siding package plywood + typar 1/2" wall sheathing and building wrap
material options + upgrades
exterior siding stk cedar channel (shiplap) 1x8 vertical
clear cedar t&g v-joint 1x4 or 1x6 horizontal or vertical
clear cedar t&g nickel gap 1x4 vertical installation only
canexel 7/16x12 maintenance-free; various colors
siparila wood 1x6 maintenance-free; 6 natural tones
interior siding pine t&g 1x6 n/a
cedar channel 1x6 n/a
item material dimension notes
rafters spruce 2x6 - 2x8 24" on center maximum
sheathing osb 7/16" n/a
material options + upgrades
roof boards cedar 1x6 n/a
rafters cedar 2x6 - 2x10 n/a
item material dimension notes
soffit stk cedar channel 1x8 n/a
fascia + corner boards stk cedar varies n/a
material options + upgrades
soffit clear cedar t&g v-joint 1x6 n/a
fascia + corner boards clear cedar varies n/a
versatex (white) varies n/a
siparila wood (black or white) varies n/a

Enhanced Siding Package (ESP)

Your Mini Oban includes our enhanced siding package: a layer of sheathing (OSB or plywood) and building wrap (a breathable, water-resistant air barrier) between the siding and the wall framing that give the structure shear strength and act as an additional plane of protection against moisture.

Mini Oban Home Office Studio Enhanced Siding Package
Enhanced siding package upgrade

Popular upgrades

Interior Cedar Siding and Framing

The Mini Oban can be customized with a wide array of interior finishes. Consider upgrading to cedar framing or adding pine or cedar cladding to your Mini Oban’s walls and ceiling.

  • Modern Mini Oban home studio Interior
  • Modern Mini Oban home studio Interior
  • Modern Mini Oban home studio Interior
Interior cedar siding choices for a modern Mini Oban cabin


Once your Mini Oban is complete, there are even more ways you can tailor your interior to suit your taste and needs. See Interior Finishing for more information.


If you plan to heat your Mini Oban cabin, insulation may be added either at purchase or after-the-fact if you decide to do it later. The walls and roof are constructed in such a way that adding insulation either as an option or on your own is quite simple to do. If you’re thinking of using your Mini Oban all year round, then insulating it is the way to go.

Modern Mini Oban home studio Finishing


The inside of your Mini Oban is ready to accommodate wiring for lighting, outlets, heating equipment, and anything else you have in mind. Once the installation is complete and before finishing your interior, simply have an electrician come in and do their thing.

Modern Mini Oban home studio Electrical


Provided you have a water source nearby, your Mini Oban can be plumbed with sinks and taps. If you have something a little more elaborate in mind, like a shower or toilet, make sure it’s coordinated with the installation of your concrete pad and building.

Modern Mini Oban home studio Plumbing


Visit "options and accessories" for detail and pricing of our accessories.

Find below pricing for all of the Mini Oban sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.

Note that pricing below is for the base kit only. Doors, windows, and other options are à la cart so that you can customize to your hearts content.

SM Mini Oban
Workshops (<70 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Small Mini Oban
Workshops, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
5ft.x9ft. $10,295 $6,177 $11,895 $7,137
6ft.x8ft. $10,995 $6,597 $12,695 $7,617
5ft.x10ft. $11,395 $6,837 $13,195 $7,917
6ft.x10ft. $12,195 $7,317 $14,095 $8,457
7ft.x10ft. $11,795 $7,077 $13,695 $8,217

MD Mini Oban
Workshops ( 70 - 100 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Mini Oban
Workshops, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
6ft.x12ft. $14,295 $8,577 $16,495 $9,897
8ft.x9ft. $12,695 $7,617 $14,695 $8,817
8ft.x10ft. $13,395 $8,037 $15,495 $9,297
9ft.x9ft. $13,495 $8,097 $15,595 $9,357
7ft.x12ft. $13,895 $8,337 $16,095 $9,657
8ft.x11ft. $13,995 $8,397 $16,195 $9,717
9ft.x10ft. $14,295 $8,577 $16,495 $9,897
8ft.x12ft. $14,695 $8,817 $16,995 $10,197
7ft.x14ft. $15,195 $9,117 $17,595 $10,557
9ft.x11ft. $14,995 $8,997 $17,295 $10,377
10ft.x10ft. $15,095 $9,057 $17,495 $10,497

LG Mini Oban
Workshops (100 - 130 sq.ft)

All prices in $USD
Large Mini Oban
Workshops, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
8ft.x13ft. $16,095 $9,657 $18,595 $11,157
7ft.x15ft. $16,595 $9,957 $19,195 $11,517
9ft.x12ft. $16,395 $9,837 $18,995 $11,397
10ft.x11ft. $16,595 $9,957 $19,195 $11,517
8ft.x14ft. $16,895 $10,137 $16,995 $10,197
12ft.x10ft. $17,995 $10,797 $20,795 $12,477
10ft.x12ft. $17,295 $10,377 $19,995 $11,997
8ft.x15ft. $17,495 $10,497 $20,195 $12,117
8ft.x16ft. $17,895 $10,737 $20,695 $12,417
10ft.x13ft. $18,095 $10,857 $20,895 $12,537

XLG Mini Oban
Workshops ( >130 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Mini Oban
Workshops, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
10ft.x14ft. $19,995 $11,997 $23,095 $13,857
12ft.x12ft. $20,895 $12,537 $24,095 $14,457
10ft.x15ft. $20,895 $12,537 $24,095 $14,457
11ft.x15ft. $23,295 $13,977 $26,795 $16,077
12ft.x14ft. $22,795 $13,677 $26,295 $15,777
11ft.x17ft. $26,595 $15,957 $30,695 $18,417
12ft.x16ft. $24,395 $14,637 $28,195 $16,917
10ft.x20ft. $24,595 $14,757 $28,395 $17,037
12ft.x18ft. $26,195 $15,717 $30,195 $18,117
10ft.x22ft. $28,895 $17,337 $33,295 $19,977
14ft.x16ft. $29,195 $17,517 $33,695 $20,217
12ft.x22ft. $30,495 $18,297 $35,195 $21,117
12ft.x24ft. $32,195 $19,317 $37,095 $22,257
13ft.x24ft. $33,595 $20,157 $38,695 $23,217
16ft.x20ft. $33,695 $20,217 $38,895 $23,337
14ft.x24ft. $34,995 $20,997 $40,295 $24,177
14ft.x28ft. $38,495 $23,097 $44,395 $26,637
16ft.x30ft. $48,695 $29,217 $56,095 $33,657
20ft.x24ft. $48,695 $29,217 $56,095 $33,657
16ft.x32ft. $44,295 $26,577 $50,995 $30,597
19ft.x32ft. $49,695 $29,817 $57,295 $34,377
20ft.x35ft. $54,395 $32,637 $62,695 $37,617
14ft.x50ft. $59,795 $35,877 $68,895 $41,337
22ft.x38ft. $71,495 $42,897 $82,295 $49,377

Custom Designs

Summerwood will take your custom design and make it your own. If you have something different in mind, talk to one of our designers about bringing it to life.

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