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Bear Club pricing

Find below pricing for all of the Bear Club sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.

Visit "options and accessories" for detail and pricing of our accessories.

SM Bear Club
(<70 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Small Bear Club
Playhouses, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
5ft.x7ft. $3,895 $3,116 $4,695 $3,756
6ft.x8ft. $4,495 $3,596 $4,995 $3,996
7ft.x7ft. $5,095 $4,076 $6,295 $5,036
6ft.x10ft. $5,095 $4,076 $6,295 $5,036
7ft.x9ft. $5,595 $4,476 $6,495 $5,196
8ft.x8ft. $5,595 $4,476 $6,495 $5,196

MD Bear Club
( 70 - 100 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Bear Club
, price list
kit size pre-cut pre-assembled
8ft.x10ft. $6,395 $5,116 $7,195 $5,756

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Summerwood will take your custom design and make it your own. If you have something different in mind, talk to one of our designers about bringing it to life.

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