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Perfect for 2-car families and anyone with a hobby.

Stylish and practical, this 2 car garage style with a loft is more than a garage: it’s the hobbyist’s best friend. With its extra half storey, it contains thousands of potential stories. Got a son or daughterlearning the drums? Want to start make wine at home? Need a home office outside of your house? The Hanover’s the ticket for those people who view their garage as car storage and more … especially if you need two carport garage. Get started on yours now in our Custom Design Center.

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Find below pricing for all of the Hanover sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.


XLG Hanover
Garages ( >130 sq.ft.)

All prices in $USD
Medium Hanover
Garages, price list
kit size pre-cut
13ft.x32ft. $39,395 $27,576
16ft.x24ft. $36,495 $25,546
20ft.x30ft. $56,695 $39,686
22ft.x24ft. $49,795 $34,856
22ft.x28ft. $58,095 $40,666
22ft.x34ft. $70,395 $49,276
24ft.x24ft. $54,395 $38,076
24ft.x28ft. $63,395 $44,376
24ft.x34ft. $76,895 $53,826
24ft.x33ft. $74,595 $52,216
26ft.x26ft. $63,795 $44,656
26ft.x30ft. $73,495 $51,446
26ft.x34ft. $83,195 $58,236
30ft.x40ft. $112,695 $78,886

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Summerwood will take your custom design and make it your own. If you have something different in mind, talk to one of our designers about bringing it to life.


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