The Summerwood Warranty

Summerwood Products warrants each unit for defects in manufacturing for a period of two years from the date of purchase. We further warrant that, by industry standards, each product sold will be fit for the intended use. Please appreciate that our warranty does not cover natural characteristics of the materials such as knots, cracks or splinters, and expansion or contraction of lumber due to moisture or minor grain traits.

Should you encounter any difficulties with the assembly of one of our products, simply contact our customer service department online or toll-free at 866 519-4634. If any part is deemed to be defective, we will at our option, repair, replace, or pay for any affected part exclusive of installation. In some cases, we may request that a photograph of the defective part be forwarded to us (via mail or e-mail) before the part is replaced.

Please note that without prior approval, we will reimburse up to $50 for out of pocket purchases, which are required to correct defective parts during assembly.

Warranty Conditions:

1. You have erected your building in accordance with our authorized assembly instructions.
2. We have been notified of any difficulties in a timely fashion and had reasonable opportunity to verify or inspect the problem prior to commencement of any repair work.
3. Your building has been stored in a dry location and is assembled within 90 days of delivery.
4. Your building has been erected as follows:

  • The roof has been properly shingled.
  • The building is adequately stained or painted in its entirety within 90 days. This includes all six sides of your doors - top, bottom, sides, front and back. On gazebos, this also includes the interior roof boards. This is due to the fact that the kiln-dried cedar materials of your building have been stored in a controlled, moisture-free environment prior to shipment to your location. Now that they have left our manufacturing space, the materials are potentially subject to moisture and other environmental concerns that could compromise the materials and your building. Accordingly, it is important to install and treat your building promptly to ensure that the cedar is protected against potential damage from adverse weather conditions and that it will serve you well for many, many years to come. Cedar shingles are not required to be stained. Please note that exceptions will be made on buildings that are shipped towards the end of the year when temperatures are cooling and staining may be difficult. Your sales person will walk you through this process.
  • Should your kit include a deluxe wood door, it must be treated prior to its installation on pre-cut and pre-assembled kits, and within a period of 14 days on installed kits. The following models are considered deluxe doors: 1/2DR, AC1, AC2, CO1, CO2, D10, D11, D11-NDL, D12, D12-NDL, D13, D13-NDL, D18, D6, D6-NDL, D7, D8, D8-NDL, D9, D9-NDL, DAC2, DAC3, DCO2, DCO3, DD6, DD6-NDL, DD6-S, DD6-S-NDL, DD7, DD8, DD8-NDL, DSDD8, DSDD8-NDL, DTR2, DTR3, DU6, DU6-NDL, SD4, SD9, SD9-NDL, SDD8, SDD8-NDL, SDD9, SDD9-NDL, TR1, TR2.
  • The building is not subject to conditions resulting in drainage problems (i.e. the bottom of your walls are a minimum of 4 inches above grade and where a concrete pad is used, the siding overhangs the pad by 3/4 of an inch).

Note: In order to validate your warranty, we require that photos of your completed structure be submitted to us within 90 days of receiving your Summerwood design. The purpose of this requirement is to verify that conditions # 3 and # 4 above have been met. We prefer that you send us digital photos to [email protected] or upload your digital photos to us using our photo upload tool. View our warranty photo requirements.

Summerwood Products is not responsible for defects which are the direct or indirect result of product misuse, improper assembly, improper maintenance (which may eventually lead to water decay or marking), and acts of God or malice. Summerwood Products is not responsible for damage realized when doors are opening out.

Summerwood’s level of communication was outstanding; we received all the necessary updates in a timely fashion. We appreciate the commitment to your clients and product. You’re a wonderful company.

Naomi W. – Wyncote, PA