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Imagine a safe wooden playhouse where your kids can slay dragons, have tea parties, enjoy some independence and literally play house. You imagined it. Now design it, because you’re the creative force behind your Summerwood playhouse kit. Involve your kids in the decision-making process by having them customize their new playhouse in our custom design center. Assembling it is child’s play and it lasts for years.

Choose a style, then modify and decorate it to suit your exact needs. Several of the design options we offer can’t be found anywhere else.

The 5-sided design fits snugly in a corner of the yard and provides the perfect play area for your kids.
Up front this playhouse evokes nostalgic memories of simpler days and a slower time.
Everything about this playhouse structure screams fun, but thankfully in an "indoors" voice.

Choosing the Right Partner

At Summerwood, we're parents too. And because of this we care very deeply about providing DIY kids playhouses that offer safe, fun and creative play time. We look upon customers as partners. You'll have our total support from right now until your child's first tea party in their completed play house. Our partnering system works well. Since we opened in 1989, hundreds of delighted families from North America and beyond have submitted photos of their finished projects. We are really proud of this!

Making the Right Design Choices

With loads of fun styles and imaginative design options your choices are practically infinite. Your chances of finding the exact children's playhouse you want right here are pretty good. Even if you end up inventing it! You can alter any of our models or design your kids' dream play house from the ground up in our kids' playhouse Custom Design Center. Why not involve your kids in the process? It's fun!

Speaking of which, please get Summerwood's designers involved early too. They've done this hundreds of times and can help you decide what works best for you. You can even send them drawings and they can work to your specifications, creating the exact kids' play house kit you want. There's really no limit. (Although crayon drawings may take a bit longer to interpret.) Call our toll-free number to contact our Design Team.

Don't Worry About Safety, But What Else Should You Think About?

With Plexiglas windows and careful, clever design, our Cedar playhouses are as safe as they come. But there are other considerations. If you want to see your kids play, you'll likely want to locate your playhouse at a convenient vantage point where you can see them but they can't see you. Also, plan ahead. Consider a larger building which can become a backyard studio or storage shed when your kids have outgrown it? (These are really good playhouses and last a looong time!)

We've learned a thing or 3 over the years from helping out partners like you. Click here for kids' playhouse tips and ideas. And whenever you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 1 866 519-4634.

Summerwood DIY Playhouse Kits Provide It All. Including Delivery

Each pre cut playhouse and pre assembled play house kit includes all you'll need - from the wood and nails to the all the hardware, and fully assembled windows and doors. All the wooden pieces have been precision cut making it easy to build your playhouse. Summerwood kit's even come with a task-by-task assembly video and comprehensive easy-to-follow instruction guide. We even include delivery!

What Doesn't Come With Your Kit

Labor. When you order a Summerwood children's playhouse kit, you receive a quote which includes a thorough estimate of labor hours. If you're not handy it may take a bit longer but most people complete their play house project within a day or two.

Roof Shingles. You can order cedar shingles with your playhouse. Otherwise, purchase shingles from your closest building center. Don't worry - your instructions include how many shingling you'll need.

Tools. You'll never need more than is listed here.

Foundation materials. We can even help with this. Find several ideas and suggestions here.

Finishes. Summerwood offers Canexel maintenance free siding. But if you order wood, paints, stains and finishes aren't included. The main reason is that taste in color and appearance is so individual. However, here are some ideas to get you excited.

Building Your Children's Outdoor Playhouse is Child's Play

Summerwood's kids playhouse kits can be a fun project to involve the whole family. Over the years, we've seen all sorts of people - young, old, experienced and novice - assemble our playhouse kits with ease. Also remember, there are instructions with your kit, which break down each task, in order. And that makes it easy for you to plan your playhouse's assembly.

You can do this, even if you're a novice. Just follow our easy-to-understand online video. Should you find yourself stuck, phone us toll-free anytime. (The instructions come with a number too.) Summerwood will be there when you need us, from the moment you begin designing until your kids are playing away happily. No wonder we've converted so many first-timers into confident home-projecteers.

Rather Someone Else Assembled Your Playhouse?

Maybe you haven't got enough time, or just prefer not to spend your spare time hammering and tinkering. Regardless, your Summerwood kids play house kit is still great value. Our helpful hiring a contractor package makes hiring a contractor a snap. One look at our detailed labor estimate and the contractor will be able to provide a quote almost immediately. And with our extensive referral base, we may even be able to recommend a contractor in your area.

Premium Cedar Wood Materials

At Summerwood we refuse to "save" with cheap materials. The majority of our playhouses are made from solid and beautiful western red cedar. Or you can choose the ease of maintenance-free siding in a range of sharp colors. The hardware is all non-corrosive to inhibit rusting, while the nails on our pre assembled walls are made from durable stainless steel. Like happy childhood memories, quality lasts a long time. Learn more.

Making the Site Ready for Your Child's Play House

You'll need to decide upon a type of foundation for your playhouse. Consider the layout of your property and how your kids will use the playhouse. Patio stones provide an effective and economical foundation, however there are several other options depending on your requirements. Learn more here.

Your Playhouse Probably Won't Need a Building Permit

Most areas don't demand building permits for buildings under 110 sq. ft. Your local permit office will house the specifications and regulations for where you live. This library of regional listings may help.

So let's have some good, clean fun!  Your kids fantasy play house is just clicks away!

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