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Pool Cabanas

Ah, the pool house. A discreet spot to towel off, change and take a bathroom break. It can also serve as a poolside bar where you entertain friends and family, or maybe just storage space for pool equipment. Dive into Summerwood for the pool cabana you’ve been dreaming of. They’re easy to build, and all you have to do once you’re done is add water! You’ll enjoy it for years.
Choose from our many pool cabana styles, then modify yours, perfecting it with details and options you’ll only find here.


3D Pool Cabana Tours

To view other videos like these ones, please check our 3D Tour section or our Youtube Channel!


Diving In To Your Pool House Project

Have Summerwood on your "pool side"

Just think of us as a member of your home project team. We're here to help you from this moment on, until the final nail's nailed and the drinks are being served. For more than 15 years, we've been helping people like you build pool cabanas throughout North America and beyond. Choose from loads of pool house styles, sizes, and decorative options. Your choices are pretty much unlimited and your odds for getting the exact pool design you're looking for near perfect!

Our process works well. Since we began, hundreds and hundreds of "home projecteers" like you have forwarded photographs of their dream Summerwood pool cabana at the completion of the project. That makes us feel really good.

Pool Houses - What Will Yours Look Like?

Summerwood offers many styles of pool sheds, all of which you can modify with details to suit your needs. Or design your pool house from the ground up in our pool cabanas design center. Your final design will be a mix of the practical and decorative. For instance, you may want to complement your surroundings and home. (Then again maybe not. Have some fun. Be different.) Do I want bar windows for entertaining, partitions for changing, an outdoor shower? You'll also need to think about the seasons it's not in use. Do you insulate? What about plumbing and wiring to code? These all affect your design choices.

If you want, send us drawings of your dream pool house and we will work with you to create a design that fits the bill for your style and tastes.

Questions to Ask Before Ordering Your Pool Cabana

People build pool houses for an assortment of reasons. Equipment storage, a change room, wet bar, bathroom with shower, maybe even a guest house. You'll also want to think about the site and size of your pool shed. At Summerwood, you have a huge resource of experience just waiting to help out. Here are pool cabanas tips and ideas based on questions we've received over the years.

Still having trouble selecting your pool shed? Save time and talk to our designers now. They've designed hundreds of pool houses, answering the needs of people who've been in your shoes (or flip-flops or sandals). They know which questions you need to ask yourself. Allow them to help you decide what features you need at no extra charge. Contact the Summerwood design team here by calling our toll-free number.

What's in a Summerwood Pool House Kit? Well, Delivery For Starters

Your pre-cut pool cabana or pre-assembled pool cabana comes with all you'll need from wood to nails, hardware to assembled windows and doors. Each of your pool shed parts is precisely cut to the highest standards. To help you out, your pool cabana kit includes a general step-by-step assembly video and detailed instruction manual for getting all the pieces in the right places. And Summerwood pool sheds are even delivered to your door at no extra charge.

So What's Not in Your Pool House Kit?

Labor. How long it takes to assemble your pool shed depends on your skill level. If you're handy and have some help, you'll be lounging poolside in a couple of days. The good news is your pool cabana quote includes a thoroughly thought through estimate of labor hours making it easy to get a contractor to provide a quote if your not building your cabana yourself.

Shingles for the roof. If you purchase cedar shingles with your pool house kit, you won't need to purchase shingles from a local supplier. But remember, the instructions specify how many you'll need for the exact pool shed you order.

Tools. All you the tools you'll need are listed here.

Pool house foundation materials. We have some ideas and suggestions, here.

Finishes. You can order Canexel siding as an option for your pool shed. But otherwise any paints or stains you use to beautify your pool cabana are left up to you. And no wonder! Color and appearance are such individual decisions. Nonetheless, you can view some pool cabana finishing ideas to get yourself and loved ones excited.

Building Your Pool House Kit Yourself. DIY ASAP!

A pool house is an important addition to your property and you want to be sure it's absolutely perfect. That doesn't mean building it has to be difficult.

Make building your Summerwood pool cabana a fun family project. All kinds of people - from the handy to the almost hopeless - have successfully assembled our prefabricated pool house kits. And remember, instructions for our pool house kits are itemized step by step, in order. So you can plan building your pool shed easily and quickly...between cooling dips in your pool!

Regardless of your level of skill, it's easy with Summerwood pool shed kits. You can view a step-by-step online construction video and are never more than a couple of clicks away from help. Call our service line toll-free. No matter what stage you're at, there's someone here for support. You'd be astounded by the number of pool cabana builders we've produced over of the years!

Still Prefer to Hire a Contractor?

Maybe you don't have the time, or don't want to risk anything less than a flawless assembly of your pool shed. No problem. Even when you pay someone else to install it, a pool house kit from Summerwood is still unbeatable value. Our hiring a pool cabana contractor package takes all the mystery out of hiring someone to help you. A contractor can quote quickly after looking over your pool house kit's detailed labor estimate. We may even be able to suggest a contractor to build your pool house kit from our vast referral list.

Pool Houses Demand Premium Materials to Last

Summerwood only provides the finest materials for your pool shed. Our pool house cabanas are made from gorgeous, top-grade western red cedar. Or you can choose convenient but attractive maintenance-free pool cabana siding in several colors. To prevent rusting, your pool house hardware is non-corrosive. All nails are on our pre assembled pool houses are tough stainless steel. Simply put, premium materials last longer. And that means years of poolside enjoyment and fun. Learn more about pool cabana materials.

Getting the Site for Your New Pool House Kit Ready

Consider. Just how close to the pool will you want your pool house to be? Do you want to maximize sun exposure? Again, how will you use your pool house? (ie Just storage space or is this party central? Maybe somewhere in between?) And what type of foundation do you want for your pool shed? If you're installing a filtration system or other expensive pool equipment, you'll likely want a concrete pad foundation. Learn more about foundations.

Pools and Pool Houses Should Complement One Another

Are you building your pool at the same time as your pool house? Maximize your investment by coordinating the pool construction with the pool cabana construction; you'll be glad you did. We can help here too. We've worked with hundreds of pool companies to make sure that all of the important elements are considered. Details are best attended to before the fact, not after!

Pool House Building Permits

Usually, permits aren't needed if your building's under 110 square feet. Be sure to check. We may even have the government office you need to check with. Click here for our pool cabana building permits page.

Ready to dive into your pool house project?

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