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Are you looking for Instant “atmosphere” for your outdoor dining? A shaded nook for contemplative solitude or reading? A funky hot tub enclosure? Whatever your reasons for considering our gazebos, you’ve come to the right place.

Summerwood western red cedar gazebos are lovingly engineered to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. You’ll find our gazebos fit together beautifully, and our eclectic range of styles are unmatched. Can’t decide? Let us help!


Summerwood - the Right Choice

It's all about beautifying your corner of the world. Gazebos are among the prettiest additions you'll ever make to your patio or backyard. And Summerwood is your best choice for getting it there. For more than 15 years, we've built and delivered the finest garden gazebos to people the world over. Summerwood customers become partners in our business. Like our gazebos, we build relationships that last a lifetime. Our courteous and professional support is always just a call or click away. Did you know that over 1,500 "gazebo partners" have sent us photographs of their finished gazebos so that we can share them with you on this website? It's a system that works, and one that we are very proud of.

Choosing the Right Design

Take a look at our many precisely engineered garden gazebos above. We have quite a range of designs, representing a number of different periods of architecture. Also try your hand in our mix & match section. This tool allows you to combine the Tattle Creek roof with the Victorian railings to achieve the exact gazebo design that is just right for you. Read through our tips and ideas for tons of gazebo related information. Unless you know exactly what you want, it's a good idea to include the Summerwood design team. They'll help you create charming gazebos and can be a real help in making sure you get just what you're after. Send us an email or talk in person by phone anytime at 1 866 519-4634.


Screen kits are available for those who don't wish to share their seasonal delights with the population of seasonal insects. Our gazebo screen kits are metal framed and include a very pretty cedar screened door. In other situations, you may want to omit railing sections or even purchase your screened gazebo kits "sans" floor. All of these modifications may be made right here on line. Benches, cupolas, and other elegant accents are also available. To learn more check out our gazebo options.

Designed For a Lifetime of Enjoyment

Gazebo kits are meant to be a place of rest and enjoyment. An escape that harkens back to a slower time. Your nook to enjoy nature, reflect and read. Simply put, there's no room for compromise. And that's why Summerwood only puts the finest building materials in your gazebo kit. Like finely crafted jewelry for lawns, Summerwood backyard gazebos make a defining statement in any backyard setting. It's no surprise that our gazebos are the preferred choice of most design professionals.

To stop rusting before it starts, all of our fasteners are either zinc plated, or galvanized. The wood used on all our gazebos is gorgeous, peak-quality western red cedar. Each piece is hand selected and sanded to ensure a lustrous appearance. The truth is your finely engineered gazebo will last years longer because it's made from quality materials. Like royalty, it will age gracefully, becoming more beautiful as the years pass. Learn more about our gazebo materials.

Everything You Need Comes With our Prefabricated Gazebo Kits

Summerwood pre-cut gazebos and the more finished pre-assembled gazebo kits have all you'll need to build them. That includes wood and hardware, plus finished floors, windows and doors (on enclosed gazebos), and optional screen kits. Each gazebo kit component is precision cut to ensure a snug fit. Our pre-assembled kits even come with the roof panel's pre shingled! Your gazebo kit also includes online access to a straightforward gazebo assembly video and ships with detailed instructions that shows how your gazebo goes together. Even delivery (in the USA), to your door is in included.

What isn't included?

Labor. Expect to spend anywhere from a couple of days to several, assembling your gazebo kit. It depends on what you order and your level of handiness. The good news is our gazebos include a well-considered estimate of work hours. It comes in handy if you get a contractor to build your gazebo for you. (We can help with this too. See our hiring a contractor section.)

Tools. These are all you will need to complete your gazebo.

Foundation materials. Find helpful ideas for these too, here.

Finishes. You must purchase whatever paint or stain you choose to finish it. Everyone has their own taste in appearance and color, but these gazebo finishing ideas should help inspire you.

Possibly Roof Shingles. (Pre Cut Kits only) We recommend cedar shingles, available through us on line or by phone. Remember, our pre-assembled gazebo kits come with the cedar shingles pre-applied. If required, your step-by-step instructions break down how many bundles you'll need for our gazebos.

Building a Summerwood Gazebo on Your Own

Summerwood preassembled kits are designed to be a fun building experience for friends and family. We've watched all types of people build them, from the skilled handyman, to the scared "hand me that pointy thing" person. Whatever your carpentry skill level, our gazebos are broken down simply and in order, making it easy and fun for you to plan the construction of your gazebo kit.

Just remember that when you buy a gazebo from Summerwood, everything you need to make the process easy is built in. We even include an online gazebo construction video that walks you through the process. And when you can't solve a problem, you can phone Summerwood's toll-free service number for live help. We're with you through the whole process. During our years in business, we've created many new gazebo-proud carpenters.

Hiring a Contractor

Not everyone has the time or inclination to build the gazebo they've co-designed. No matter. Even when you pay someone else to construct your gazebo, a Summerwood gazebo kit remains unbeatable value. There are contractors in your area we know who could build it for you. This hiring a contractor section makes it all clear. A few seconds' glance at your gazebo kit's estimate for labor and your contractor will have a quote in no time. It's much faster (and better), then trying to have someone locally build it for you from scratch.

Site Preparation

The site where you choose to build your gazebo depends how you'll use it and why. Will your gazebo be your urban haven, tucked out of sight? Or maybe you want a patio gazebo. Consider where the sun will be in the sky at the times you use your gazebo the most.

Your gazebo's foundation matters too. You may want a concrete pad but patio slabs, held steady by crushed stone, are an effective and inexpensive alternative. We offer several suggestions for gazebo foundations.

Building Permits

Luckily, building permits aren't necessary in most areas for structures under 100 to 110 sq. ft. Be sure to investigate with your local permit office to be on the safe side. This list of US Government permit offices shows where you need to go.

Other Considerations when Shopping for Gazebos

Choosing your gazebo style is important, but there are a few other considerations. First you'll want to think of placement. Will the surrounding foliage enhance your gazebo's beauty in all four seasons? Do you want to maximize sun exposure? Will you be wiring your gazebo and adding lighting or a fan? Do you want an enclosed gazebo for a hot tub? (Some people call that a spa or hot tub gazebo.) If you're elevating it, are there to be stairs and how do you picture them? What sort of skirting covers the space between the ground and floor? These gazebo tips and ideas, which we've collected over time, will help you feel confident in your decisions.

Now, are you excited and all set to create your dream gazebo? Let's create it together!

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