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The perfect handyman’s palace! Work on your next masterpiece, or just hide away when you’re feeling creative! Our home workshops are ideal for those looking for a prefabricated woodworking building. Summerwood shop building kits come with so many design choices and custom options, you’ll not only find the right one, but will cherish it for years to come. Summerwood offers the best customization options for our workshop buildings, like carriage and roll up doors for quick and easy access, as well as windows and interior upgrades. Let us help you build a workshop you’ll be proud of!


The Right Partner Is Crucial

Why Summerwood? Because we are the best, a bold statement we know but one we stand by. We have been delivering that exact promise to thousands of satisfied customers throughout North America for many years. The selection of options, styles and designs we offer are just not found anywhere else.

Partnering with Summerwood means that we are there with you at every step. This is a tried and true system that has worked for many of our previous workshop customers. Take a moment to read about the Summerwood Advantage.

Finding the right kit plans

We offer so many different styles that the chance of you finding exactly what you are looking for is a sure thing. However, if you can't find that exact workshop or woodworking building that you have set in your mind then why not create your own plans! Take any of our building designs and add as many options as you need with our custom design center.

If you'd like a little help, include our design team. Remember, we've done this before so take advantage of our experience, and let us help. Email our design team, or call 1 866 519-4634.

Browse over our tips and ideas that may help you with questions that you may have along the way, taken from customers like yourself. If you have a picture in your mind of what you want, put pencil to paper and send it to us, we will work with you to create your backyard workshop kit, your way. There really isn't anything we can't do together!

What you can expect with your workshop building designs

Our pre-cut and pre-assembled kits are assembled with almost everything you'll need - including all wood, nails, hardware, assembled windows and doors. Each workshop component is carefully cut to exacting standards. We even send you a workshop assembly video along with a detailed instruction manual on how your workshop goes together.

Things you won't find in your kit

Labor. Depending on how much time, experience and intricacy will dictate the length of time it will take to construct your workshop. When you receive your workshop quote, included will be a full estimate on labor hours.

Roofing Shingles. If you did not buy your cedar shingles from us as an option, you can acquire those at most building supply centers. Of course we let you know how many you'll need for your workshop.

Tools. The complete list of tools required is right here.

Workshop foundation materials. Once again we can help, here.

Finishes. If you didn't get the Canexel workshop siding then it is up to you to buy paints and stains to add that finishing touch to your workshop. We all have our own personal taste when it comes to color and how it looks, but to give you a few ideas, take a look at finishing options that may help you get creative!

To Build Your Home Workshop

We want this to be the best experience possible for you, so have some fun and get together with friends and family to build your workshop! It makes no difference what your skill level may be, from beginners to the more experienced - our home woodworking workshop kits go together quickly and easily.

Even if you are a complete beginner, don't worry, to ease your mind we have a useful construction video, which shows how our buildings go together. Questions? Go ahead, our toll-free customer service line is always available to you. We are your partner in this project, so never feel like you are in over your head, we're here to help!

Think you need a helping hand?

We all have busier lives these days, so if you simply don't have the time for this project, or just prefer to have someone else do the work for you, then we can help with this too. Our home workshops are still the best value for your money and we can certainly point you in the right direction to find a good contractor to help. Look over our hiring a contractor package. The detailed labor estimate in your workshop kit makes it easy for contractor's to be able to give you a quote quickly.

So why trust Summerwood for your project?

At Summerwood only the best will do for our prefabricated workshops, so all the materials are premium grade western red cedar. We also offer a maintenance free workshop siding that comes in an array of colors. To make sure that your structure will stand the test of time all workshop hardware is non-corrosive, we also use stainless steel nails on our pre-assembled siding. Learn more.

Where to put your workshop?

Now it comes time to think of the placement for your new workshop, this is something that should be considered carefully. Where is this structure going to serve you best? Remember this is going to be a workshop to be proud of, so there is no need to hide it away in the corner of your property, let it shine for all your neighbors to admire. Stake out the location for a better idea of how it will fit in with the surroundings. Think about any landscaping you might want to include. 

What type of foundation will you need for your workshop? Once more the accessibility comes into play when you are thinking of that perfect spot for your pride and joy! With so many options to choose from, start by reading through your options for foundations.

What about building permits?

With most areas you don't need a building permit for structures under 100 - 110 sq. ft, but better safe than sorry, so check with your local permit office and they will provide requirements for your district. With this in mind we put together a directory of Government offices to approach, depending on where you reside. Check out building permits by State page.

For more information on permits, have a look at zoning and permits page.

Let's get started! Together we can make it happen!

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