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What's an e-series shed?

These value priced sheds are Summerwood's response to customers looking for lower prices but high quality. We found 3 ways to produce and deliver great sheds at even greater prices.

  one We've made production more efficient by building e-series kits during the lulls in our schedules. By maximizing downtime, we don't incur extra costs and can pass the savings on to you. These kits are already built, which leads to our second reason …

  one We've narrowed the choices: three attractive styles in just 2 sizes, each with limited customization and flexibility on option placement – available only pre-cut and installed formats, all in sizes smaller than 100 sq ft. (think ‘no permits').

  one Summerwood sheds are made with premium quality building materials that you would find in custom-built homes. The e-series sheds use materials and dimensions that are slimmed down. The materials are simple - shed grade, but still excellent and will last for years. You'll notice the odd knot in the wood but what does it matter? You're storing your lawn mower, not displaying fine art.

The Lowdown on Materials?

We never cut corners, but here are examples where we've rationalized materials to save you money on your e-series garden shed.

Shed Materials e-series Summerwood
P.T. Subfloor Runners Not Included with Kits* Included
Sub Floor 2 x 4 Spruce Lumber 2 x 4 Pressure Treated Lumber
Floor Sheathing 5/8" Spruce Square Edge Plywood 3/4" Spruce T & G Plywood
Roof Sheathing 7/16" OSB 1/2" Spruce Square Edge Plywood
Cedar Channel Siding Utility Grade Premium Grade

*Included on installs

What's Included in an e-series Kit?

Your pre-cut shed kit arrives at your home with all you'll need to assemble it in a few hours: wood, nails, hardware, floor, selected door and windows, all finely measured to fit together easily. You also receive step-by-step instructions and a handy how-to video. Please note that in order to allow you flexibility with window and door choices they are not included in the kits and must be selected separately.

What You'll Need for Your e-series Shed

Labor & tools. The e-series is stripped down, so construction is simple. If you're handy, you'll be done in a day. If you're still learning, maybe two. See our list of tools required for assembly.

Shingles. We offer cedar shingles as an option but basic asphalt shingles from your local hardware store are a choice many e-series customers opt for. Your instructions explain how much shingling you'll require.

Foundation Materials. This helpful information makes building yours easier.

Outer Finishes. Paints and stains are left up to you to decide. But these ideas might help you get there.


Pre-cut kit: Available for immediate delivery. Prices include freight. Please note that shingles are not included with our kits.

  e-series Sheds Summerwood Standard You Save
Palmerston 6ft. x 8ft.
8ft. X 12ft.
Sonoma 6ft. x 8ft.
8ft. X 12ft.
Catalina 8 ft.
10 ft.

What e-series Options are Available?

Other options from the standard Summerwood offering may also be purchased at regular prices. Note that accompanying instructions will be of a general nature only. 'Structural' modifications like extra height, extra overhang, and roof dormers, are not available on the e-series models.

Photo ED1 Standard Doors $165 PhotoED3 Double Doors $275 PhotoED6 Deluxe Doors $505
PhotoEW1 Standard Window $85 PhotoEW2 Opening Window $175 PhotoEW6 Arch Window $275
PhotoES1 Fixed Shutters $25/Set PhotoES2 Storm Shutters $45/Set PhotoES6 Arch Shutters  
Flower Boxes:
PhotoETF Traditional Flower Box $25 PhotoEAF Antique Flower Box $25

A Note on Door and Window Placement
e-series models are pre framed to accommodate our ED1 & ED6 doors and EW1 & EW2 windows as featured below. All e-series door and window options (including EW6 & ED3) may be framed to fit on end gable walls on site (instructions included.)

Fixed e-series door and window placement configurations (excluding ED3 and EW6)


Site Preparation

Think in terms of utility when selecting a spot. Maybe you want your storage shed out of the way, but don't forget just how often you'll be using it. Consider these ideas.

For a smaller structure like your e-series shed, patio stones are a cost-efficient solution for a foundation. But you may want to consider other options.

Because e-series garden sheds are all under 100 square feet, it's unlikely you'll need a permit. Still, we recommend contacting your municipal government office regarding zoning bylaws. The building codes and government offices you need, divided by state, are probably on these lists.

Assembling your e-series Shed. Yes, You Can. And Fast.

More than almost any other Summerwood kit, the pre-cut e-series garden shed goes up fast and easy. Your kit comes with instructions, so you can plan its construction in quick and simple stages. Regardless of how handy you are. If you ever get stumped, use our ask an expert support tool. We can walk and talk you through the tricky bits.

Rather Hire a Contractor? We Can Help

With all the money you're saving on your e-series, you may want to splurge on the assembly. This list of suggestions will come in “handy”.

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