7 Smart Landscape Design Elements That Instantly Beautify Your Yard

pool landscape design gazeboCreating aesthetically pleasing, inviting additions to your yard can feel like quite a challenge. You may struggle to combine attractive, functional features while creating a cohesive layout. Once you succeed in blending the perfect mix of architectural elements, however, your landscape transforms into the beautiful outdoor space you always dreamed of creating. In addition to fulfilling your personal vision, a beautifully landscaped yard can increase your home’s value by up to 20%. Use any, or all, of the following seven landscape design elements to bring your landscape vision into reality.

Privacy Wall

privacy screen pool cabana
Privacy walls transform your yard into a secluded retreat for you and your loved ones. Gabion walls filled with polished or raw rare stones can give your landscape design a boost of color and texture. The rigid metal cage material offsets the smooth surface of the stones to give your overall design immense balance. If you prefer a less structured look, go with a wall made out of rough cut natural stones and hidden mortar instead.

Glass Waterfall

Glass materials can transform a basic tiered waterfall design into something truly extraordinary. Select tempered blown glass as the main backdrop of the waterfall to introduce bright colors into your outdoor space. As the water flows over the surface of the glass, sunlight will richen and disperse the colors throughout the rest of your landscape.

Stone Fire Pit

A stone fire pit instantly draws interest, acts as a talking point and gives you a unique place to entertain company. For an interesting mix of texture and color, construct the fire pit out of locally sourced natural stones and fill it with fire glass. You can obtain fire glass in nearly any shade imaginable, from deep ocean blue to rich amber tones. The fire glass not only increases the beauty of the flames, but also produces more heat to keep your guests warm through hours of evening talks.

Garden Gazebo

wooden pavilion shade structure
When the rain arrives, you can keep your outdoor enjoyment alive with a garden gazebo. You can select from a number of gazebo styles that reflect your unique personality and design preferences. Gazebo options range from traditional styles with turret rooflines and decorative eaves to modern designs with sloped roofs and carved panels. You can add screens or glass to fully enclose the space and keep bugs and humidity from ruining your good time.

Trellis Arbor

A trellis arbor allows you to direct your favorite climbing vines vertically to give your garden increased depth and height. The flowering vines will weave their way through the trellis bars to enclose the space in greenery. Frequent exposure to interesting greenspaces can improve your health by reducing stress and other distressing mental health effects. The trellis structure offers immense beauty on its own with decorative accents across the entire structural foundation.

Rain Garden

A rain garden provides excellent drainage while increasing the aesthetic value of your yard with locally sourced plant life. The garden space sits inside a carefully formed divot to draw excess rainwater into that space. The extensive root system of the plants filters the water and slowly meters out the excess into the local groundwater. Since these gardens do not require any maintenance, you can simply watch the plants thrive and flower without worry about their care. You may also be delighted to see the rain garden attract local wildlife to your yard.

Storage Shed

garden shed beautiful
Storage sheds are often the picture of utility, but that does not mean you cannot bring beauty into the equation. A stylish and stunning storage shed can complement or contrast your other landscape elements to complete your design vision. Shed options range from minimalist slant roof structures to decorative replicas of your home style. You can seek out sheds with painted or stained finishes for a modern or rustic look, respectively.

Creating Your Landscape Design

When it comes time to finalize your landscape element selections and layout, contact design professionals at Summerwood for the support you need. Designers assist in selecting pre-fab secondary buildings that meet zoning permit rules and your style specifications. Your modern sheds, gazebos and trellis structures are always built to order to ensure you receive high quality, personalized elements for your landscape architecture project.

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