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Custom Prefab Wooden Garage Kits

Wooden Garages by Summerwood - a safe and solid structure to house your car and so much more. A place for storing tools, locking bikes, woodworking, working out, or plugging in and jamming. If you want an attractive, well designed and expertly built garage, you’ve arrived.

Garage kits by Summerwood turn driveways into destinations. You start by choosing any of garage styles below, then customize with unique design options only Summerwood offers. Maybe even add a studio loft upstairs. Here’s how Summerwood works.



Home Garage Kits Built for Canada

If you've been considering a new garage you've undoubtedly discovered that there aren't a ton of options for wooden garages. Typical choices are garage packages from home improvement centers, or going to an architect and having a custom garage created.

While home improvement center garages are reasonably priced, the design choices are limited; and yes an architect can provide a beautiful, unique garage - but what is your budget?

Summerwood garage kits provide the best of both worlds - a custom look at prefab prices. We offer many different styles, all of which can be customized with a large selection of overhead and standard doors, windows, material upgrades & more.

Get started by browsing our garage styles, design your own from scratch in our custom design center, or check out some of our Favorites.

Selecting a Garage Design

Constructing a garage on your home or vacation property is huge decision. Dealing with Summerwood for your garage kit is not only the right choice, it's a smart choice. We offer quality prefab garages available in a wide selection of unique styles with virtually unlimited options to choose from.

There are several ways to find the perfect style - start with our garage styles above, browse through what past clients have created in our Favorites - or start with a clean slate in our custom design center.

What we refer to as "Styles", are simply garage kits that are already preconfigured with doors and windows. That's not to say that you can't take one of these garage styles and customize it to make it your own. Everything on our site can be modified to your hearts content - just look for the large "Customize" buttons located throughout the site.

Favorites are garages that have some sort of unique design element, that have made it stand out from the styles. As with the styles, you can customize a"y of the garages in the favorites section.

If you've got a creative side, and a little time to spare, consider starting directly in our custom design center. Select a style, size, add doors, windows and make upgrades to materials and add other design elements, complete with pricing.

Regardless of how you begin your journey, you can either order directly online, or if you've got some specific questions or concerns, or if you're looking for an option or size that's not listed online, give us a call and speak to one of our design experts. They can customize your garage with options that aren't listed online, create a custom size, and work with your ideas to create something truly unique.

Garage Kits - Format Choices

Our garage kits come in two basic flavors - precut and prefab. If you live in the Toronto area you have a third choice - installed.

When you order a precut garage kit, all your building materials will come pre-measured and precut to fit. You won't need to cut or measure anything other then the window and door openings. Precut kits require moderate do it yourself skills and will take 3 or 4 days to build.

Prefabricated garage kits are a little easier to build because the wall, floor and roof sections ship in sections, as well as door and window openings being precut and pre-installed where possible. Expect a 35-50% reduction in the time to build your garage over precut kits.

If you live in the Toronto area (up to 250-300 kilometers), you can select our installed format. The simplest way to get from start to finish is by having our professional and experienced install crew come out and take care of the entire build process, excluding the foundation, and electrical and plumbing. Depending on the size of your garage, we'll normally have it completed in just a couple days.

Garage Materials & Options

Some of the most popular options for garage kits include maintenance free siding, carriage style overhead doors, as well as roof and wall insulation packages.

We offer two types of maintenance free siding - Canexel and Maibec. Maibec uses a pressed wood grain texture, creating a more nature wood like appearance, where as Canexel is a traditional maintenance free siding. Both are available in a wide variety of colors so you're sure to find something that works.

Carriage style overhead opening doors are another popular option for garages. The look they create is truly unique, and they open the same way as a standard overhead door.

In Canada we can all appreciate the importance of insulation packages, so can your vehicle and the other items you're storing in the garage over the winter months. Insulation packages also help keep the garage cooler in the hot summer months - again important to the care of the items you're going to be storing in the garage.

Planning for your Garage

Aside from the selection of the actual garage kit, there are definitely some other issues that need to be thought through and planned for. With garages some of these issues include permits, installing a foundation and a driveway, landscaping and running electrical.

Permits are always required for buildings such as garages due to their size. Call your local building permit office and explain what your plans are and make sure there aren't any other permits required. Keep in mind that the permit process takes about 2 weeks - important to note when you're planning and coordinating the various trades that will be required.

A good Foundation is a vital component to your garage - don't skip here. Spend the extra money and make sure you've got a good solid floor that's not going to crack and fall to bits in a few years. The less you spend upfront, the shorter the life span you can expect. Depending on the size of your foundation you may be required to submit engineered stamped drawings - Summerwood can help sort this out for you as well.

Driveways are another biggie on the project list for installing a new garage. Choices here are asphalt, concrete, paving stones or gravel. Really the biggest deciding factor here is what your budget is. Many people install a simple gravel driveway for the first year or two, and then add something more elaborate. If you have the budget, paving stones are our favorite choice - but it really all boils down to personal taste. As with the foundation, special engineered drawings may be required for your permit application.

Landscaping around your garage will also need some planning as you're going to wind up with a bit of a mess around the garage due to the excavation of the foundation, as well as from working on the driveway. If you leave landscaping to the end of the project, it's easier as whatever you do won't be damaged by other work being performed.

Running your electrical at this time is also a good idea, but what you're doing with the interior of your garage may play a role. If you've arranged for dry walling, and special garage flooring to go in, you may need to have the electrical lines ready for the actual build process. Either way you'll need to address the mess created by digging and burying the electrical conduits. Another permit may be required for electrical - so make sure you mention that you're planning on running electrical when you call your local permit office.

Be sure to read through our Information section as you'll find loads of resources to help with the planning of your garage project. In addition our design experts would love the opportunity to speak with you about some of the specifics of your project. They've been designing garages for well over a decade, so use their experience to help with your project.

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