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Prefabricated Cabin Kits, Cottages & Guest Houses

You finally have land for a rustic escape, or maybe you’re thinking of a quaint guest house or a small cottage kit. Whatever your reasons for needing a cabin, Summerwood is the expert manufacturer when it comes to weekend cabins. You’re at the right site!

Our cabin kits and prefab cabins create the home away from home you’ll enjoy for decades. And no wonder; you help design it! Choose from beautiful cabin styles then customize with design options you’ll only find right here. And through it all, we’re here to help.


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Build a Beautiful Cabin to Last For Life

Partner With a Proven Manufacturer

A new cottage on your property is a major decision and investment. You want it to last your whole life. Summerwood has a long history of building lasting relationships with our cottaging friends, going back over 15 years. Over the time we've created and shipped prefab cottage and cabin kits to every corner of the world. Pre-fab cabins that look and feel custom-designed, by you! With our many cabin styles and almost unlimited design options, your choices for creating the perfect prefabricated cabin kit for your home are virtually infinite.

Think of Summerwood as your partner in your cabin's creation. As such, we're there every inch of the way. You can email anytime or call and get a live response when you need advice. It's what we do. That's probably why over 1,500 "partners", from proud new cottagers to busy architects and contractors, have taken the time to thank and reward us with pictures of their completed Summerwood cabins kits and other structures. Read about The Summerwood Advantage.

Choosing the Perfect Cabin Kit for Your Home

Buying a pre fab cabin doesn't mean you're compromising. In fact with the design flexibility that we offer, you may wonder why you ever considered starting from scratch. Begin your journey by browsing our cabin styles section above. All of our designs can be thoroughly customized in our drag and drop cabin Custom Design Center, just Imagine the possibilities. And if the cabin you're picturing isn't there, use our design center to invent your own. You'd be surprised how fun and easy it is to do. You can even forward a drawing of what you'd love to build and we'll work with your specs and try and accommodate you in any way we can.

The earlier you involve our Summerwood design experts the better. They've designed scores of cabin kits for countless different landscapes. They know the decisions you're facing and questions you'll need answered before getting started. Put them to work for you today. Just phone 1 866 519-4634 to speak with a live person.

The Complete Package, With Delivery on the House

Our cabin kits contain absolutely every thing you'll need to ensure a lifetime of fun memories. We're very fussy about how we do things, and your cabin kit represents years of striving for perfection. To you, this means a positive experience. Our designs are usually available in both pre-cut cabin kits as well as pre-assembled cabin kits, depending on how much of the work you want us to do. Either way, your cabin kit comes with the thinking all done and includes pretty much all you'll need, from wood and hardware to doors, windows and more. Every last piece is cut with exceeding care.

The price of your cabin kit even includes delivery. Remote location? No problem, it may cost a little more, but we'll get it there. There's even a professionally quoted estimate of the labor hours you'll need to assemble it your cabin. Again, you've paid for the thinking to be done, so you can concentrate on construction.

We are based in beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and serve the following surrounding Canadian cities: Alax, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener and Barrie, to name a few. We also ship to the USA, UK and worldwide.

Here's All You'll Need To Assemble Your Cabin Kit

Labor. Look closely at the labor estimate that comes with your cabin kit. Depending on your level of skill and number of helpers, you could have your new cabin up within a couple of days or as little as a week.

Tools. A list of what you will need is here.

Foundation materials. While we don't offer supplies, we do supply suggestions. See some ideas for this crucial element here.

Shingles for the roof. For your convenience, you purchase our cedar shingles. But otherwise you'll need to supply your own shingles. We supply a detailed estimate of how many you will require

Finishes. Western red cedar is a gorgeous wood that should be protected. While we don't supply the stain, we do supply advice. We also offer a maintenance free Canexel siding option in many attractive outdoorsy colors. View our Canexel color picker.

Building Your Cabin Yourself

Our cottage kits can be assembled by home projecteers of varying skill levels. With a few friends or family members, you could have your cabin have up in just a few days. It really depends on the size of the structure and the experience of the assemblers. Either way, it can be a very fun project.

Assembling a cabin kit is a major undertaking but you can do it! Every stage of the project is explained in order in our easy-to-follow directions. They make it easier to plan your cabin's construction. Best of all, you can begin right now, on your schedule ? not some contractor's who's squeezing you in between a dozen other jobs.

You'll have access to an online construction video that illustrates how our structures go together. Then when you have any questions at all, ask an expert by email or phone Summerwood's toll-free customer service help line. We'll walk you through any issues. At the end you may not be actually be a master carpenter but you'll sure feel like one.

Contracting out Your Cabin's Assembly

To construct your own cabin you have to have the time and inclination (which many don't). Perhaps you'd rather hire a contractor? Even if you do, a Summerwood Cabin kit is still unbeatable value. (In fact, many of our cabin customers are contractors.)

One look at your cabin's estimate for labor hours and your contractor will be able to provide you with a quick quote. We may even be able to recommend a trustworthy contractor near you. Our hiring a contractor package includes everything you'll need to make choosing a contractor a snap. With Summerwood as your partner, and a good contractor by your side, you'll be enjoying your cabin retreat before you know it

You're Memories Will Last a Lifetime, So Should Your Cottage

A cottage is an investment that you hope to have forever. That means good design, solid engineering, and only the best materials. At Summerwood we promise all that and more. Our cabin kits are constructed using a premium grade western red cedar, or you can opt for our maintenance-free Canexel siding in a variety of attractive outdoorsy colors at no extra charge. Our hardware is all name brand and our fasteners all zinc plated to prevent corrosion. In fact, our pre-assembled walls are even constructed using stainless steel nails. Our cabins also include our "enhanced siding package" for moisture protection and insulation value. Why? Because that's how it should be done. Learn more about our cabin construction.

Choosing and Preparing a Site

This is a stage that deserves plenty of attention. Do you want to maximize sunlight in the morning but have shade in the afternoon? How close to the road to you want to be? Would it make sense to lay a parking pad at the same time as your foundation? Speaking of which, we recommend a concrete foundation for stability. If you install plumbing, a slight pitch at the back encourages draining. This list of thought-starters for cabin foundations has helped a lot of people just like you.

Do I Need a Building Permit?

If your Cabin is over 110 sq. ft. it may require a permit. We recommend that you enquire with your local government inspection office to be sure. We can help here too. This library of regional listings may include your local permit office. Get in touch with them and see what they say. When the time comes, we'll work with you to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Remember, we're your partners in this. If we can't make your Cabin meet your local code, we'll refund your deposit. Read more about zoning and permits here.

Some Tips to Help You Design Your Dream Cabin

How you'll use your cottage affects how you design it. Is it to be an occasional bunkie, used mostly for storage? Will you want a loft with stairs? Will it be a second cabin on your property for special guests and family, needing complete plumbing, wiring, and ventilation? Will people be sleeping there all year round? If so you'll want to insulate throughout. Our thermal windows and doors retain heat and increase value. You may want to consider our attractive vinyl or pine windows. Right now, you have a lot of questions. These cabin tips and ideas have been compiled over years of helping people like you create their dream cottage.

So let's not wait any longer. You can start on your cabin right now.  Your dream cabin is truly just clicks away!

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