How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Building Materials

In recent years, individuals, as well as organizations, have been making a shift towards offering and using environmentally conscious products and services. Now more than ever, people are looking towards using green alternatives in every facet of our lives to reduce our carbon footprint and help the Earth. This is especially true for building materials, as many of the resources previously used for construction were harmful to the environment.

From the exterior building materials to the interior technology and decorations- creating an eco-friendly structure in your backyard can be accomplished when you know where to start. If you are considering building a new structure on your property, then here’s how to go green with your next build.

Build Smaller

One of the most significant ways to go green is to reduce your new structure’s footprint- from its construction to its use afterwards.  Any structure reduces its environmental footprint when it’s on a smaller scale. Small build designs offer just as much luxury and fun; it just comes in a smaller package, reducing the project’s costs overall for an added bonus. 

Scaling down your new structure, whether a backyard shed, home office or studio, pool cabana, or prefab garage, doesn’t mean you have to scale back on the design itself and the comforts of the building within. Tiny homes have been a highly popular construction of late, illustrating to everyone that great things come in small packages.

Use Sustainable Building Materials for Your Siding

When it comes to the siding of your new structure, there are many types of materials that can help keep the build eco-friendly. Many people turn to drywall when finishing a building’s interior. However, drywall can be very dangerous to the environment when the material is thrown out in landfills, as it almost always is. Even though drywall is fully recyclable, very few will properly dispose of this material in the right way. A green alternative to drywall includes wood products, like cedar, and wood fibre materials, like Canexel. 

Canexel is made from wood pulp and resin, making this engineered wood an environmentally-friendly siding option, and it is a highly durable material, adding longevity to any build. Resistant to weather extremes and easy to maintain makes Canexel siding a top choice as far as sustainable building materials go.

Another option is to use locally sourced material, like your domestic wood sources. Building a backyard structure from your region’s tree species does a great job of lowering the emissions incurred when importing building materials. At the same time, you gain a building that reflects the local environment, adding a beautiful touch to your property.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Flooring 

Locally sourced building materials can also be used to construct the foundation and flooring of your structure. Concrete is a sustainable material that can be used for your build’s foundation as well as flooring. Recently, interior designers have fallen in love with concrete as an environmentally friendly flooring, thanks to its durability, low maintenance needs, and the easy ability to cover it with another flooring should you feel the need to. 

Wood is another great eco-friendly building material, and it offers a bit more warmth and heat retention than concrete. Wood panel flooring can fit any aesthetic and building design, as there are so many options available.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Windows

Vinyl and wood trims for windows are great choices when it comes to sustainable building materials. A well-sealed vinyl or wood window will help keep the building insulated. Vinyl and wood windows also save energy as they keep the hot air inside on those cold winter days and contain the cool air during the summer heatwaves. 

Vinyl windows are also durable and long-lasting. After numerous decades of use, they can be fully recycled to reduce the demand for more materials. Whichever sustainable materials you use to construct your windows, you’ll gain a stunning frame that goes with any building design you have in mind.

Outfit Your Structure with Sustainable Technology 

The environmental impact of appliances can be astonishing. That’s why many popular brands of kitchen and home-living appliances now offer greener products, such as net-zero dishwashers and refrigerators, solar-powered lights and many other sustainable technologies. 

There are many benefits to using eco friendly appliances, including an overall lower energy bill each month. The Canadian government also offers individuals an energy savings rebate program to encourage the use of these energy-efficient, sustainable technologies. Therefore, when outfitting your new structure’s interior, shop for gadgets that are ENERGY STAR certified or offer net-zero energy.  

Go Green with Your Roofing Choice 

When it comes to your roofing, opt for wood or metal roofing for eco-friendly building materials. It is always best to stay away from asphalt shingles when going green, as asphalt makes up one of the highest percentages of building waste in Canada. 

Metal roofing can up the price of your structure, but it will also improve its longevity too, as metal roofs have a lifespan of over 50 years when cared for. However, if you don’t like the look of metal and you’re in the market for something a little more unique and green, why not try a green roof. 

A green roof is not just green in that it is eco-friendly, but actually green, as the roof is covered with grass. This green grass roof is a great way to lower your structure’s footprint and bring more nature to your property. This building choice also adds a unique touch to the structure, creating an overall earthy feel as well as an eye-grabbing feature. 

With all that in mind, it’s always best to choose recyclable materials when they come to the end of their life span.  Learn more about the best roofing materials for sheds for your next build.

Hire a Professional to Cut Down on Building Waste 

Working with a professional can help you save time, money, and the environment as we only use the highest quality materials and wood products for our projects. Our team here at Summerwood Products knows what and how many materials are needed for a build without wasting extra resources to get the job done right. 

Summerwood provides customers with building kits and pre-assembled structures, so there is no extra waste of materials or energy when constructing. With gorgeous designs and wood materials to choose from, there is no need to compromise on an aesthetic for a greener build. 

Enlist our help today and gain a high-quality product that is both stunning and environmentally friendly so your new build gets the best of both worlds!

At Home Spa Ideas to Bring Harmony Back into Your Life

With the ongoing pandemic, now more than ever do we need to set aside some time for ourselves to relax and unwind from the stress of it all. What better time than now to create an at-home spa that offers you and your family a stress-free space where you can gain a little peace and quiet from the outside world. 

If you’re in need of some spa enclosure ideas or home spa designs for your soon-to-be calm and quiet space, then we have you covered. Whether you’re going for that sun-soaked Cali Santa Cruz spa design or a serene tea house spa atmosphere, these home spa design ideas can transform any space from chaotic to peaceful.

Use a Relaxing and Mellow Colour Scheme 

Darker colours are typically used in large spas to promote a feeling of relaxation. But when choosing a colour scheme for a smaller space, consider using lighter hue variants instead. 

Look to nature for inspiration, with its various cool colours that can infuse a room with a mellow air. Pastel blues and greens work great for a small space like this. Accordingly to the concept of colour therapy, greens symbolize harmony, healing, and regeneration while blue communes peace and serenity. That sounds like everything you could want from a spa. 

Mix up your pastel choices with some neutral or off-white colours throughout to vary the pallet. If you enjoy brighter colours and really want to encapsulate that sun-soaked design, don’t go too saturated. Soften those vivid colours like you did your cooler ones, and opt for a pastel orange or yellow instead.

Try a Minimalist Atmosphere 

Less is more when it comes to creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Clutter can make a person feel stressed out-, which is the opposite of what you want to feel in your teahouse spa! Clear away the clutter and make sure everything in your small space has a home to be tucked away in. When all items can be packed away in their rightful place, it makes it easier to keep the area clean. 

When it comes to your furniture and spa accents, consider pieces with smooth lines and minimal features. Set aside those loud and busy patterns for subtle and serene textures and patterns instead. Your spa accents should add to the overall feel of the room without being overpowering. A pebble fountain brings the sounds of nature indoors with its calming running water sound. An incense infuser freshens and moisturizes the air for a regenerative feel.

Create a Year-Round Hot Tub Enclosure 

One of the best things about visiting a spa is taking a dip in the facility’s hot tub. There is something about the heat that just soaks away the stress held within, letting the body and mind unwind together, even better when you can obtain that feeling at home with a year-round hot tub enclosure. 
Go all out with this home spa idea by using a spa enclosure kit to create a year-round spa experience for you and your family. If you have space, it is easy to build hot tub gazebos or jacuzzi enclosures right in the backyard. Add mood lighting, a towel rack heater, and some candles, and you’ll feel right at home in your home-spa.

Aim For Space With a High Ceiling

A higher ceiling does wonders for a small space, creating an airy and spacious feel. If you’re looking to create a harmonious space in your backyard using a spa enclosure kit, opt for a Santa Cruz spa design. Small structures modelled after the Santa Cruz look in California transport you to sunnier lands- and the Dutch hip roof lets your spirit soar without the air travel.

If you’re transforming a room with a lower ceiling into your personal spa, no need to worry. There are a few tricks you can use to make the low space feel loftier. Paint the ceiling white, use vertical wall designs (just not too intense for that spa feel), or hang your decor higher up while using lower furniture throughout.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Lighting plays a key role in the atmosphere of a small space. Try fitting recessed spotlighting in your spa enclosure, or opt for a teahouse spa design for your area, with taller windows that let in that natural light. It’s easier to achieve a zen-like feeling when the warm sunlight cascades down upon you. 

For lighting your outdoor spa enclosure ideas, try highlighting the landscape in your garden with dramatic backlighting or using string lights throughout to evoke a summertime feel. For environmentally-conscious spa lovers, solar garden lights do the trick nicely. 
Once you have your spa space up and ready, why not try these relaxing home spa treatments in your new, serene space.

Need Help Building Your Spa?

If you require professional help to create the perfect spa space to retreat from the world, why not enlist the help of professionals, like our team here at Summerwood! For over 25 years, we have helped families achieve their dream spa design right in the backyard. 

Whether you love our hot tub gazebo designs or have a unique vision of your own, you can buy a spa enclosure kit from our quality line or use our custom design centre to bring your vision to fruition.  
Contact us today to get the process underway, and we can bring your spa enclosure ideas to life.

Which Door Design is Best for My Small Structure?

What better time to discuss doors, now that January is upon us. The first month in our calendar year is named for Janus, the Roman god of doors. He is also the god of beginnings, endings, and transitions. You know what they say- when one door closes, another one opens. 

So let’s take a look at the various door designs that you can install in your small structure. The door is more than an entrance- it is the opening to your space and should reflect the space’s use and design itself. From exterior french doors to barn loft doors, finding a door design that works for your small structure can be tricky, but we’re here to help! 

Wooden Doors

A solid cedar door works great for wooden structures such as sheds, playhouses, cabins, or workshops. Wooden doors offer a rustic yet refined feel, especially when you show off the wood in its natural beauty. And the best thing about wooden doors- each one is unique as they are made from natural resources and possess various grain patterns and designs. 

On top of the natural beauty of the material, wooden doors can be moulded and cut into many different looks- from single square frames to arched gates and barn doors. Choose from solid woods where the whole door is made from a single piece of wood, like a solid cedar door, or opt for a hollow-core made from a plastic core and a wooden shell. 

There are many different types of wood that you can choose from, each one offering a unique look and feel. Consider using native wood species to tie into your local aesthetic, or opt for something a little more exotic for your space.

Standard Double Doors 

When we think of the front of a house, we may imagine standard double doors. Double doors work great for many different aesthetics and exterior and interior designs. This standard-design is not so standard when you consider how many shapes, sizes, and materials that these doors can take. 

But what about for small structures? For some, a double door might overpower the rest of the design, taking up the entirety of the front facade. While for others, this two-door design can work great for small spaces, adding an extra eye-catching element with the functionality of opening up the space to feel bigger. 

Depending on your outlook on the standard double door design, we can all agree that door knockers bring a little more uniqueness to these functional yet artistic building elements. Add a little more flair to your doors with these antique and modern door knocker ideas.

Sliding Barn Loft Doors 

Sliding barn doors are not just for the farmstead these days as interior decorating professionals have elevated this utilitarian design to chic and rustic. Barn loft doors can be used for both exterior and interior purposes.

Barn loft doors are great for workshops, as they make your space look professional and are highly functional. They can even be used on your garage structure, specially fitted for a larger opening for a vehicle. 

Sliding barn doors open wide so you can get your tools and equipment in and out of your space easily. They are also great for opening small spaces up, bringing natural light and air into the room when left open. 

French Doors 

Classy and elegant exterior French doors create a refined look for your small structure- perfect for pavilions and spas. French doors are characterized by their window frames and predominant glass panelling and are typically a set of double doors, generally found on the exterior of a structure. 

Should exterior French doors swing out or in? When installing exterior French doors, they can be constructed with in-swing, or out-swing fittings depending on what you prefer and what the doors are being used for. Either choice can create wide, open and airy spaces that add length and grandeur to your small structure. 

What size do French doors come in you may ask? Depending on the brand and design you choose, most manufacturers will make their French doors somewhere between 30 and 72 inches wide per door. It is up to you to decide if the skinnier or wider door frame works for you. 
Double French doors, as found on a windsor design structure, are reminiscent of the Victorian ages gone by, especially when paired with white columns and a high roof.  This high-end style creates a stately structure. Though small in stature it cuts a grandiose figure.

Multi-Panel Doors 

3-panel patio doors work great for the home patio and backyard offices and bunkies. The multi-panel door design is characterized by the multiple, moving panel doors in a row. Typically these doors come in two, three, or four panels, with glass panelling throughout. 

This design offers a homey feel and polished look. White wood and glass panelling brighten the room while the design brings in the natural light to create an airy and flowing design. Opt for the 3-panel patio doors for home studios and offices as they offer the best functionality for such spaces, thanks to their ability to open wide and let the sunshine in.

Enlist Professional Help with Your Door Dilemma 

Whether you’re stuck in a door dilemma or know exactly what door design you want for your small structure, then we here at Summerwood can help. We treat all of our clients like family, so you know you’ll get the help you need when looking for the perfect entrance fit for your small structure. 
January is the perfect time to start at the beginning, choose your entrance, and transition from old to new! Contact us today to get your next project underway.

10 of the Most Picturesque Small Cabins From Around the World

Whether you’re looking for your next cabin retreat destination, or for inspiration for your own home cabin build, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered together some of the most picturesque cabins from around the world to show you the versatile and stunning nature of the cabin structure.

From Tiny cedar cabins to alpine structures, check out these ten small rustic cabins and modern structures below.

hike in cabin

1. Hike-In Mason Cabin  (Canada)

Mason cabin sits nestled on the outskirts of Algonquin Provincial park in Ontario, Canada. This small wood cabin offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life, as this is a hike-in location, meaning you must trek by foot to the location, carrying your supplies for your stay. With trees all around, and a small lake stretching alongside this secluded cabin, you have this swath of countryside all to yourself. 

Open all year round, you can experience the summer and winter months of Canada in this off-grid, yet modern cabin. The owners provide snowshoes and a canoe so you can take advantage of the outdoor activities while enjoying your stay. Remote, peaceful, and gorgeous, this cabin offers individuals the perfect opportunity to soak in some Canadian wilderness.

treehouse cabin

2. Vermont Tree Cabin (USA)

You can see why tiny cedar cabins are all the rage when you take a look at the Vermont tree cabin located just outside of Newport in Coventry, Vermont. This stunning wood structure sits atop wooden stilts, between two great White Pines, overlooking Walker Pond. Available for nightly rentals on AirBnB, this small cabin design has big things to offer guests. 

This rustic treehouse is surrounded by 40 acres of forest and wetlands. Go for nature walks, canoe rides, or enjoy the custom-built cedar hot tub on the deck as you survey the beautiful views, full of wildlife, all around you. The stairway winding up the interior of the structure is made out of tree branches sprouting out of the ground, adding to the overall aesthetic of the place. If you like trees, treehouses, and the wilderness, then this small cabin is the place to visit.

glass and wood cabin

3. Glass Cabin (Sweden)

This small wood cabin frame, complete with glass paneling makes it look like this structure was pulled straight out of a fairy tale. This Swedish design brings you closer to nature as the glass siding is the only thing separating you from the great outdoors and the wilderness all around the Arvika area. 

There are a number of these small rustic cabins populating a secluded and private island, so individuals can have their own space. Called 72h Cabin, these cabins were named after a study they were used in. Karolinska Institutet completed a study where five people stayed in these cabins for 72 hours while their stress levels were monitored throughout. All participants significantly reduced their stress levels by the end of the timeframe- and we can see why! 

Each structure was built using the local trees grown on the island- Norway Spruce. All cabins are off-grid and are raised off of the ground to minimize each building’s footprint. Simple yet elegant, these structures make for the most picturesque experience.

cabin home kits

4. AirBnB Nashville, Tennessee (USA)

This Nashville cabin was built using cabin home kits based on alpine structures to create a unique design. The small wood cabin lays claim to a cosy interior possessing a kitchenette outfitted with modern appliances, a lofted queen bed for cosy nights, and a garden complete with friendly chickens just waiting to say good morning. 

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the top vacation destinations in the United States, making this AirBnb the perfect place to unwind, relax, and explore the area. Located on a country estate, the property is only ten minutes from the bustling music-filled city of Nashville, so you get the best of both worlds. This cabin makes a nice change of pace from other nature oriented locations, as you get both the city and country feel together.

norway cabin

5. Skapet Mountain Lodges (Norway)

The Skapet Mountain Lodges stand atop a mountain plateau in Oanes, Norway, overlooking the Soddatjørn Mountain Lake. There are six cabin structures and one main lodge sprinkled throughout the rocky outcrop, all of which run on solar power. This cabin retreat is not for the faint of heart, as you must hike at least an hour from your car to the cabins. 

In the summertime, take advantage of the stunning outdoor showers attached to the small cabin design. The zinc-covered structures protect residents from the icy winds in winter but huge glas windows provide the perfect panoramic view of your surroundings. 

a-frame cabin

6. Tye River Cabin (USA)

There is something magical about the look of an A-frame structure poking its bright wooden body out of the white, winter ground. Tye house, named after its wet neighbor, the Tye River, calls the private cabin community of Timber Lane Village located in the heart of Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, home. This small cabin design looks warm and inviting from the outside while spacious and rustic on the inside. 

Cross-country ski or snowshoe around the national park in wintertime, or opt for a summer getaway and explore the hundreds of hiking trails just outside your door. Book a few nights at this cabin retreat and bring your furry friends to explore the outdoors, as this cabin is pet friendly.

alpine structures in wales

7. Forest Lodge, Coed-y-glyn (UK)

The Forest Lodge roosts alongside a rock face overlooking the woodland area of Glyndyfrdwy and the River Dee. Located in the North of Wales, visitors to this treehouse cabin can also visit the Snowdonia National Park, and Llangollen Railway nearby, as well as the ruins of the 13-century Valle Crucis Abbey.

The Forest Lodge makes a perfect getaway for two guests, but this property also possesses three other alpine structures that can fit larger parties. Each cabin has its own private hot tub, so you can soak your bones after a long day of sightseeing ruins and hiking across beautiful Welsh terrain.

austrian chalet

8. Auszeit Chalet (Austria)

A bit on the grander side of a small wood cabin, the Auszeit Chalet resides in the quiet mountaineer village in the Austrian mountainside. Visiting this chalet will feel like you have been transported to another world as you are dropped in the middle of the untouched nature of the Hohe Tauern Nature Park.

Whether your goal is to enjoy the outdoors or appreciate some pampering at their spa, this remote chalet village offers something for everyone. The rocky mountains loom over your cabin but creates a feeling of protection and safety as the outdoors rises up to meet you each and every morning you awake in this majestic place.

eco pod cabin

9. Eco Cabin Pods (Switzerland)

In the small valley of Flims in the Swiss outdoors you will find a unique collection of wooden cabins known collectively as the POD Hotel. These pods are individually rented out to travellers, offering a sustainable alternative to outdoor tourism. 

These pods are made from local wood and are assembled throughout the wilderness of the Laax Falera area. Disconnect from technology for a few days and appreciate the secluded, quiet countryside- especially in winter. Two travellers can fit together in these small rustic cabins making them the perfect location for a couples retreat. 

snowy cabin

10. Whistler Cabin (Canada)

This small wood cabin, modern and sleek in design, perches atop a rocky bluff just outside of a quiet residential village in Whistler. This A-frame structure boasts a gorgeous and expansive view of the mountains jutting out across the valley over Green Lake. Inside the cabin, the open layout displays an exposed frame made out of local douglas fir lumber, with sleek kitchen surfaces, a minimalist design, complete with a private terrace.

Built as a weekend retreat for a family of snowboarders, the structure possesses a summer and winter equipment storage room making this mountain retreat the perfect getaway in all seasons. 

Your Next Cabin Retreat 

These tiny cedar cabins and secluded structure offer the perfect escape for travellers across the world. We know that it might be hard to get to some of these locations, so if you are looking for that next cabin retreat, why not bring the cabin to you? 

Don’t wait for your next holiday to enjoy the rustic feel of a beautiful cedar cabin. With cabin home kits and custom design structures, we at Summerwood would love to help you build your dream cabin. Consider working with Summerwood to find a cabin design you’ll fall in love with day after day.

What Are The Best Roofing Materials For Sheds?

The right roofing material can add life and beauty to your small structure. A quality roof creates a polished and finished look, adding the final touches to any design. Selecting the right roofing for sheds is also important as you will rely on this small structure to house your tools, toys, or whatever you choose to store inside.

But with so many types of roofing materials on the market today, which one should you choose?


Types of Shed Roofing Materials

The building materials used in your shed’s construction will dictate the strength, longevity, and overall quality of your small structure. As such, it is essential to consider which shed building materials you will want to use to get the most out of this addition, especially when it comes to the roofing of your shed.

That being said, what are the most popular roofing materials for sheds? Consider using one of these four materials as your roof of choice the next time you construct a shed:

  • Asphalt
  • Cedar
  • Steel
  • EPDM membrane


asphalt roofing for shed

Asphalt Shingles

For over a century, asphalt has reigned supreme as one of the most popular shed roofing materials on the market. Asphalt shingles provide an inexpensive yet durable form of roofing for homes, sheds, and other structures.

Using asphalt will reduce the overall cost of constructing your shed build, but it could also shrink the lifespan. Asphalt offers individuals the lowest cost roofing option for their shed compared to other materials on this list. However, the low cost might compromise the quality and longevity of the material when compared to other, more robust roofing materials. Typically, the lifespan of asphalt ranges from 20 to 30 years, depending on the type and quality of asphalt shingles used.

That being said, asphalt is still one of the top choices for roofing as it offers builders an easy installation process and a quality look and feel at a competitive price.


cedar shingles for shed roof

Cedar Shingles

If you’re looking for a naturally beautiful shed roof design, consider using cedar. Cedar wood shingles or shakes are the most popular form of cedar roofing for small structures and sheds. Cedar shingle designs offer individuals a high-quality roofing option that is naturally waterproof and looks beautiful. Add character and elegance to any shed with cedar shingles.

Cedar shingle designs possess a lifespan of 50 years, so they are as durable as they are beautiful. Western red shingles are a popular wood shingle of choice, as the natural colour and grain create an eye-catching feature of any small structure.


steel roofing for shed

Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is a type of metal roofing material that has grown in popularity over the last few years. More and more homeowners use steel or other metals as their go-to roofing material as it provides an added layer of protection and durability to structures.

Steel roof panelling offers homeowners a unique yet versatile look that goes with various personal design preferences and aesthetics. And the best part, steel roofing possesses a lifespan greater than 50 years when cared for properly. Highly durable and pretty much impervious to snow and rain, this roofing material is the perfect fit for shed builds throughout Canada.

Steel roofing will be more expensive than the other material options on the list, especially when used on a house. But, at least with a smaller structure, you will use less material overall, and it will last longer than many other options, making metal roofing for sheds a quality choice. Learn more about the pros and cons of metal roofing.


EPDM roofing for shed

EPDM Roofing Membrane

EPDM, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is a roofing material that provides builders with a durable and watertight roofing option. This sleek, synthetic rubberized roofing material can stand up to all types of weather and climate conditions, making this option the perfect choice for the Canadian outdoors.

Typically, the EPDM roofing membrane works best on a ‘flat’ shed roof design, adding an overall modern and polished look to your structure. Available in black and white, this simplistic yet high-quality material works well with any building colour scheme.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Shed Building Materials

When it comes to your roofing designs, you want to choose shed roofing materials that will work for you, your climate, and your wallet. The shed roof design must tie into the structure’s design as a whole while also providing long-lasting durability and protection for the things held within.

When shopping for the best roofing materials for sheds, consider these tips before settling on your preferred medium,

  • Seasonal weather and climate: Do you live predominantly in a warm environment, or do you experience all four seasons? You will need to choose a roofing material that can stand up to high winds, heat and droughts, heavy rains, and sleet and snow, depending on your location.
  • Purpose of the shed: What is your shed’s purpose- for storing gardening tools and outdoor supplies, or is it for comfort and relaxation? Choose a material that suits the use of your shed.
  • Length of use: Will you be using this shed for many years to come, or are you looking for a quick build? Longer lasting materials will cost more money, so you will need to weigh up the length of use against the cost of construction to help determine what you are looking for.
  • Personal aesthetic: What shed roof design and look are you going for? Opt for a material that works for your personal preferences and overall vision.
  • Trustworthy suppliers: Who are you securing your construction and roofing materials from? Are you getting the best deal and a high-quality product from this person or organization?


Summerwood Offers Quality Roofing Products

The right roofing for sheds will make all the difference to the structure’s look and lifespan. For quality products and shed building materials that will last a lifetime, consider working with us here at Summerwood. With numerous high-quality materials to choose from and an extensive knowledge base surrounding sheds, our company can work with you to create a long-lasting woodshed for your backyard. Why not give us a call today to learn more!

Update Your Small Space With These Ideas

The tiny spaces in your home shouldn’t be looked over just because they’re small. Many of us fall into the rhythm of using small spaces for storage, cramming as much as possible into the nooks and crannies. But you can do a lot more with that space than just piling in your old holiday decorations and rusty gardening tools.

There are many ways to utilize the space and make them uniquely your own. Time to clean out those small backyard sheds or modular garages and give your small space a facelift with these decorating tips listed below!

Decorating Tips for Small Spaces:

Next time you’re looking for a quick home project for that long weekend, why not consider freshening up one of your small spaces in your home or backyard. You can even get the whole family involved to make redecorating a fun affair for everyone. Make an old area feel like new, no matter the square footage, with these fresh decorating tips for small spaces.


Brighten things up with a fresh coat of paint

new paint job for small spaces


Instantly brighten up a small pool house or tiny modular garages with a nice new coat of paint. If your backyard pool house or shed is looking a little rough around the edges, then a few layers of a new paint color could be just the thing to liven up the space.

Take into account the function and feel of the room and pick out a colour that suits the mood. Worried the colour might overpower the small space? Consider these color and pattern tips for small rooms. It also doesn’t have to be a wall you splash in colour. Why not an old dresser, mirror, or chair? Breathe new life into your furniture with a colour that grabs attention.


Put new handles on doors and drawers

new knobs on small studios

Switching up those old handles with something new and fresh is an easy and cheap way to liven up those small studios and backyard sheds. Handles and knobs might not be the first thing you notice in a room, but with tiny spaces, they can still bring a pop of colour that will draw the eye and can tie into the rest of the theme throughout.

You can look for cool vintage doorknobs or drawer handles at thrift stores and second-hand shops that will nicely tie in your space and make a statement. Switch out that old rusty doorknob for a fun vintage find to make a quick and easy update to the small space.


Upgrade the lighting

improve lighting for modular garages


We might not notice great lighting when it works well, but we definitely notice it when it’s lacking! Take a look around your old space and see how you can improve your lighting in the room. This is especially important when working in small studios or using modular garages as a workshop or storage unit.

The right lighting will do wonders for your eyesight and space. Consider new light fixtures for bright, warm, artificial light that won’t strain the eyes. Or why not create or enlarge windows to naturally brighten up the place for a sunlight studio.


Use multipurpose furniture

interior tiny space


Maximize the flow and capabilities of minimal space by using multipurpose furniture. If you have a dedicated small space you use for hobbies or activities, like a small pool house or studio, why not fill it with furniture that will do more for you.

More than ever, furniture designs have pushed the boundaries to fit into smaller and smaller spaces, like tables turned bookshelves and dining areas stowed away and turned into a bench. You could even make your own stow-away furniture or multi-functioning pieces! Replacing your furniture with convertible and compact items could free up more space and provide extra functionality for you!


Be bold

bold wooden small backyard sheds


Even if you don’t feel bold all of the time, you can still make brave choices when it comes to your interior and exterior designs. A bland and washed out space can really make the room feel smaller, less inviting. Make a statement with your small space instead, and bring attention to the room with an accent wall of exposed wood or focal piece of furniture.

One eye-grabbing feature can be the linchpin to a good design plan. Consider how you could catch the eye when turning that small pool house into a luxurious spa with lush accent pieces. Or bring out the beauty in your small backyard sheds with a little power washing to loosen away years of dirt to uncover the original splendour of cedarwood.


Add a large rug into the mix

decorating tips for small spaces


Small studios can look bigger by tricking the eye. Do this by adding a large rug to the area to make it feel more expansive. Thick carpets can make a room feel plush and inviting while also adding a new focal point to the site. They also provide the perfect tool for hiding those less than perfect floors from view. Do away with scratched flooring and add a large area rug into the mix for a fresh take on an old space.


Get the most out of those nooks and crannies

corner shelves for small spaces


Clear away the cobwebs in those nooks and crannies and take advantage of the vertical space with storage solutions. Small backyard sheds might feel too cramped for all your gardening tools and lawn supplies. Still, by cleaning out those tight corner spaces and placing hooks or shelving units there, you can efficiently utilize the whole corner.

Optimizing storage space also means bringing a bit more organization into your life- something everyone can appreciate!


Update Your Small Spaces With Summerwood

If these decorating ideas fail to freshen up your small studios, modular garages, or small backyard sheds, why not start over! Summerwood offers a wide range of small pool house kits or prefab modular garages for a new take on tiny spaces.

At Summerwood, we find inspiration in the small things, and you can too. Find out more about our company’s product before undertaking that next home improvement project!