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Spa Enclosures.

Your spa enclosure will become your favourite place to hang out and relax on the weekends. The best place to find spa & hot tub enclosures is right here at Summerwood. Our easy-to-build spa enclosures make your hot tub a place to be enjoyed all year round – whether it’s your Zen retreat or party palace.

Choose from our beautiful styles and then customize and decorate with many one-of-a-kind features. It only takes a few days to assemble (or we can install it for you) but your hot tub gazebo will last for years.


Immerse Yourself in the Perfect Spa & Hot Tub Enclosure

Rest Assured When Choosing Summerwood

Summerwood has been creating and delivering unique spa enclosures and hot tub enclosures for over 15 years. Our system is designed so that you can get the perfect hot tub enclosure for your unique style and tastes. It's easy. Choose from many styles of spa enclosures and then customize it with almost unlimited design options and accents.

When you choose Summerwood, you get a partner who's there to support you from your initial research, through to your first dip in the tub. Since we started, more than 1,500 pleased partners have forwarded us pictures of their completed Summerwood structures. We think that speaks volumes.

Hot Tub Enclosures - Deciding On a Structure

With so many spa enclosures and hot tub enclosure styles to choose from, you're sure to find the exact fit for your needs right here. Even if that means inventing it! You can tweak any of our spa enclosures styles with scores of details, or design your ideal tub enclosure from the soon-to-be-wet floor up. See our spa enclosure Custom Design Center. Some customers even send drawings of their dream hot tub enclosure. No problem. Summerwood designers love working to their specs to find the ideal solution.

You'll have lots of questions. Summerwood has the answers. Here are spa enclosure tips and ideas we've learned from customers like you over the years. And if you have trouble deciding which hot tub enclosure is right for you, talk to our designers. They design hot tub enclosures every day and know what you're going through. They know, for instance, that cedar ages well with repeated wettings, something that happens around hot tubs. Let them help you decide on the right hot tub enclosure faster. Call our toll-free number.

What Do You Get With Our Hot Tub Enclosures? Start with Delivery

Our pre-cut enclosures and pre-assembled spa enclosures are comprehensive - with finished windows and doors, all necessary wood, hardware and nails included. All enclosure pieces are exactingly cut for flawless assembly.

They're also easy to comprehend. Our spa enclosure kits comes with a step-by-step spa enclosure assembly video plus a simply worded instruction manual on how your hot tub enclosures go together. Even delivery to wherever you want is included.

These Are Not Included in Spa Enclosure Kits

Labor. Your final design comes with a comprehensive quote which includes a detailed estimate of labor hours. Depending on your skill with tools it may take longer, but usually most people assemble their hot tub enclosures in a few days. Then enjoy the fruits of their own labor for years.

Shingles for the roof. You can order cedar shingles with your spa enclosure kit. Otherwise you'll need to buy your own. Just how many your unique hot tub enclosure will require is included in your list of instructions.

Tools. Have a look at this complete list.

Foundation materials. See this complete list with suggestions, here.

Final touches. Summerwood offers Canexel siding in a range of colors as an option for your spa enclosure. Otherwise you'll have to buy any stains or paints to finish off your hot tub enclosure. Colors are subjective, a matter of personal taste. Nonetheless these spa enclosure finishing ideas may inspire you.

Constructing Your Spa Enclosure Kit

Summerwood spa enclosure kits are easy, and can be an enjoyable experience. Not much more complicated than turning on the water jets and sinking into your hot tub. We've seen all sorts of folks - from the scared to the skilled - assemble our spa and hot tub enclosures successfully. Don't forget that the instructions for our enclosure kits are laid out, task by task. It means that planning the construction of your hot tub enclosure will be quick and easy too.

What if you've never built anything at all before? No problem. We provide a construction video that's simple to follow and illustrates how our buildings go together. And help is just a click or call away if you're stumped. Just phone the customer service line toll-free. We'll help all the way through and after your project. A favorite part of our job is seeing how many newly minted carpenters we can convert and create.

Building a Spa or Hot Tub Enclosure - Hiring a Contractor

Even when you hire a pro to put your Summerwood hot tub enclosure kit together, it's still outstanding value. We know contractors who can build your spa enclosure kit in your own back yard. This hiring a contractor package makes it a breeze. One glance at your spa enclosure kit's estimate for labor and the contractor can provide a quote lickety-split.

Spa & Hot Tub Enclosure Materials

At Summerwood we think that if you're building a hot tub enclosure you should do it right. Almost all our spa enclosures are produced from beautiful, top-line western red cedar. You can also choose the convenience of maintenance-free spa enclosure siding in an array of rich colors. We inhibit rusting with non-corrosive hardware and stainless steel nails. Quality materials simply mean more years of relaxing dips in your hot tub. Learn more.

How to Ready a Site for Your New Spa Enclosure

Where you put your hot tub enclosure matters. Consider how often you'll use it and when. How much privacy will you require? What about those other seasons that you may not be thinking of right now? You'll want the doors and windows protected with tempered glass and to be easily accessible from the hot tub.

You'll also want a solid foundation - there's going to be a lot of splashing and weight. So unlike some structures, with a hot tub enclosure, you may wish to consider a concrete pad. However there are several other options depending on your requirements and budget. Learn more about spa enclosure foundations.

Your Hot Tub Enclosure Likely Won't Require a Permit

Often permits aren't even needed for buildings under 110 sq. ft. Just check with the permit office in your area for local regulations. This list may well include the specific government office you'll need to check with for spa enclosures building permits.

So, ready to dive right in?  Your dream hot tub enclosure is just clicks away!

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