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Garden Sheds

We offer premium prefabricated or precut shed kits. A handyman’s hideaway? A haven for lawnmowers and ladders? A private space or cozy place? Whatever your reasons for wanting a new shed, let Summerwood be your shed information center.
From rustic to regal, large to small wood sheds, Summerwood transforms humble shed kits into stylish extensions of homes. You can work with us to design your shed easily, we can even help you assemble it then enjoy it for years. You’ll love the freedom to customize, and decorate your shed with design variations you won’t see anywhere else.


3D Shed Tours

To view other videos like these ones, please check our 3D Tour section or our Youtube Channel!


For over 15 years, Summerwood has delivered thousands of small and large wood sheds, including garden sheds, storage sheds, tool sheds, and potting sheds, to customers across North America and beyond. With so many shed styles and almost unlimited design options, your choices for creating the perfect shed kit are virtually infinite.

At Summerwood, we consider you a partner, and we're there to support you at every step of your shed design. It's a system that works. Over the years more than 1,500 project-proud "partners" have taken the time to send us photos of their completed garden sheds and storage sheds. Read about The Summerwood Advantage.

Choosing the Right Shed Kit

With the many garden sheds that we offer, chances are good you'll find exactly what you want. Or invent it. You can modify any of our existing DIY sheds, or design your ideal shed from scratch in our custom design center.

Get our shed designers involved early. They've designed countless sheds and can help you decide what features you need. To contact our garden shed design team, call our toll-free number.

Here are some shed tips and ideas to help you along based on questions we've received about sheds from customers like you over the years. You can even send us a drawing of your dream garden shed and we'll work to your specifications, creating whatever shed kit you desire - sky's the limit.

Have design questions? Need help? Call us at 1-866-519-4634 anytime.

Prefabricated or Pre-Cut

Our pre-cut sheds and pre-assembled sheds come with pretty much everything you'll need - including all wood, nails, hardware, assembled windows and doors. Each shed part carefully cut to exacting standards. Our shed kits even come with a step-by-step shed assembly video as well as a comprehensive instruction manual on how your shed goes together. Summerwood garden sheds also include delivery right to your door (Continental US only).

What's Not Included

Labor. Plan on anywhere from a couple of days, to as many as several days to assemble your shed. Of course, much depends on your personal handiness, and the size and complexity of your shed. You'll receive a comprehensive estimate on labor hours with our shed quote.

Roofing Shingles. Unless you purchase cedar shingles as an option for your shed kit, you'll need to make arrangements to purchase shingles from a local building supply centre. We supply the information on how many you'll need for your specific shed.

Tools. A comprehensive tool list required to build your shed is available right here.

Shed Foundation. We can help you figure this out too, here.

Finishes for your shed. Unless you purchase the Canexel shed siding option, you'll need to purchase any paints, stains you want to finish off your beautiful shed. Color and appearance are personal, so we leave that to you. However, here are some shed finishing ideas to get you excited.

How long does it take to Build a DIY Shed?

Our garden shed kits are designed to be a fun family project. We've had virtually every age of person - of varying skills and strengths - assemble our storage sheds and garden sheds successfully. And remember, the instructions for our shed kits are broken down by task. So you can plan the assembly of your shed easily and quickly.

Even if you've never built sheds before it's easy with our building kits. We provide an easy-to-understand online shed construction video and if you run into a problem that you can't seem to solve, you can ask an expert online, or call our toll-free customer service line for help. We're here to help you every inch of the way, before, during and after your shed building project. Over the years we've converted many novices into budding (and beaming) carpenters!

Still Need a Handy Helper?

What if you don't have the time or you're just not a do-it-yourselfer? Shed kits from Summerwood are still an unbeatable value. We can recommend a contractor to build your shed kit in your own back yard. Our hiring a contractor package is simple to use. A quick look at your shed kits detailed labor estimate and they'll be able to quote a price for you almost instantly. We've made it easy.

Top Quality Western Red Cedar

At Summerwood we don't skimp on materials for your shed. Our sheds are constructed from rich, premium grade western red cedar. However we also offer a convenient and attractive maintenance free shed siding in a variety of colors. To prevent rusting, all shed hardware is non-corrosive and we use durable stainless steel nails on our pre-assembled siding. Premium materials make for a long-lasting garden shed, and enjoyment for years to come. Learn more.

Preparing Your Sheds Site

When choosing a location for your new shed, try to keep the shed fairly close to where it will be used most often. Resist the urge to stick it in a remote corner of the yard just to "keep it out of the way". Besides, you'll likely want to show it off a little. Read some other useful tips and ideas on choosing a great location for your new shed. 

You'll also need to decide on your sheds foundation. Consider the layout of your property and how you'll use your shed, is it a storage shed, a tool shed, or a garden shed? Patio stones provide an effective and economical foundation, however there are other options that will last longer and provide a better base depending on your requirements and budget. Learn more about shed foundations.

Building Permits

In most jurisdictions, shed building permits are not required for sheds under 100 - 110 sq. ft. You should check with your local permit office for the regulations and specifications for sheds in your area. We've compiled a list of what Government office to contact depending on where you live. Click here for our shed building permits by State page (USA only).

You can read more about zoning and permits for your shed here.

So let's dig right in! Stunning garden sheds are just a few clicks away!

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