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When you want a little more, think Creemore.

When you want a little more from your next cabin design, you want a Creemore cabin. Its extra half storey provides ample sleeping and storage space, great for families. The banks of windows upstairs and down brighten your days and make nights more romantic. The barn like gambrel roof creates extra headroom without compromising structural integrity. And best of all, you can choose your desired size and customize just how much “more” your Creemore needs. Get started in our Custom Design Center now!

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Find below pricing for all of the Creemore sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.


X LGE Creemore
Cabins ( >130 sq.ft.)

* All prices in $USD
Medium Creemore
Cabins, price list
kit size pre-cut
22ft.x24ft. $57,095 $39,966
24ft.x24ft. $62,295 $43,606
22ft.x28ft. $66,495 $46,546
24ft.x28ft. $72,595 $50,816
26ft.x26ft. $72,995 $51,096
22ft.x34ft. $80,695 $56,486
26ft.x30ft. $84,095 $58,866
24ft.x34ft. $88,095 $61,666
26ft.x34ft. $95,395 $66,776

Custom Designs

Summerwood will take your custom design and make it your own. If you have something different in mind, talk to one of our designers about bringing it to life.


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