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A word on cedar...

Recognizable by its rich grain, texture and color, Canadian Western Red Cedar is a wood of exceptional beauty. Its natural oils provide intrinsic resistance to decay, moisture, and insect attacks. Cedar is light in weight, and cuts cleanly and easily. It is also a dimensionally stable wood that lies flat and stays straight. The subtle aroma and characteristic fragrance of cedar adds another dimension to its universal appeal.

The type of siding you choose will set the tone for the look of your new structure. We offer a range of siding options to meet all styles and tastes.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, our siding is fastened directly to our spruce framing. On our cabin and garage styles, we include an "enhanced siding package" for added insulation and moisture protection.

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Siding Options

For timeless appeal, a Canadian western red cedar siding may be a good choice. We have a few cedar sidings to pick from. Our cedar "channel" siding is available in both a "smooth" or "rough" finish and may be installed horizontally or vertically. We also offer the distinctive look of cedar shingle siding, and for that rustic feel, an attractive cedar log siding.

Yet another option is our popular maintenance-free Canexel siding in 17 beautiful colors - one is bound to be a favorite.

Cedar Siding Choices

With its richness of grain, texture and color, western red cedar siding is the perfect complement for our outdoor designs.

  • Cedar Channel Siding
    Cedar channel siding is the most popular choice of siding for our structures. With channel siding, the profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it, creating a channel that gives shadow line effects. This pattern provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement. Channel siding comes in different sizes. The channel siding we use has a width of 8", a dressed width of 7 1/8", and an exposed width of 6 3/8"

  • Channel Siding Size Specifications

  • Cedar Channel Finishes Our western red cedar siding is available in both a "rough" and a "planed" finish, and may be clad horizontally or vertically. Below are examples of the various applications of channel siding:

    a) "Planed" Channel Siding

    Horizontal Vertical

    Note that spruce cross frames are used between the studs to allow for proper application of vertical siding.

    b) "Rough" Channel Siding

    Horizontal Vertical

    Note that spruce cross frames are used between the studs to allow for proper application of vertical siding.

  • Cedar shingle Siding
    The natural color and grain of western red cedar shingles transform a structure into a work of art. They give each angle drama and create an expression of unmatched quality and timeless appeal.

    Cedar shingles not only outlast trends in style but other building materials as well. The wood is renowned for its inherent resistance to the effects of the rain, sun, pests and time. Its cellular structure makes it an excellent insulator and allows for natural resistance to weather conditions ranging from severe summer heat to brutal winter storms. Cedar shingled siding is an excellent choice for a long lasting look of beauty.

    We use #2 Perfection Western red cedar shingles. They are 18" in length and 7/16" thick. They have limited knots and must have a minimum of 11" clear cedar. There is usually 4" of standard exposure but you may choose a different dimension based on style preferences.

    Note: To provide a nailing surface for the shingles, the walls are clad with a 7/16" OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing.

  • Log siding

    To add a rustic touch to your Summerwood product, choose the warm appeal of log siding. Made from Western red cedar (details above), it offers a look that's truly distinct. We use a log siding that is 2 x 8 and a grade of custom knotty and better. When milled, the knots create that special rustic effect.

    Note: For a proper nailing surface during log siding application, an ESU option must be added.

Canexel Maintenance Free Siding

Tough, sturdy and maintenance-free are trademark qualities of Canexel wood fiber siding. Man-made from compressed wood fibers and combined with natural or synthetic binders, Canexel siding contains five finishing coats that are individually baked at high temperatures. This process produces the following features:

  • Superior strength and durability
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Timeless beauty
  • Colour choice
  • Exceptional Warranty

Canexel Colour Choices
Customize your structure by selecting from 17 stunning colors. Please see below for all colour options or request a colour sample.

Acadia (XAC)


Country Red (XCR)


Granite (XGR)


Khaki (XKS)


Midnight Blue (XMB)


Mist Grey (XMG)


River Rock (XRR) * New Color!


Sand (XSA)


Scotia Blue (XSB)


Sierra (XSI)


Walnut (XWA) * New Color!


Yellowstone (XYE)


Cliffside * New Color!


Coastline * New Color


Sandalwood * New Color!




Red Fox



Insulation allows you to use your building all year long and in some cases, may be necessary to obtain a building permit.

When insulating a building, a moisture barrier needs to be applied between the warm and cold areas to avoid the accumulation of humidity. With humidity comes mould and rot that can drastically reduce the life expectancy of the structure.

As a good first step, we recommend that you include our enhanced siding package to your kit (see sidebar). This package is a standard feature with our Cabins and garages, however is optional with our other products. The package adds a layer of plywood sheathing and building wrap (with spun nylon webbing) between the siding and the studs.

Insulate the walls of your structure and enjoy a moisture free environment. Here's how:

  • 1. Use an R-rated insulation such as fiberglass
  • 2. Seal the insulation with a suitable vapor barrier such as polyethylene
  • 3. Finish with drywall or use cedar to retain that rustic feel

There are several ways you can finish your cabin's interior. Ask your local hardware representative for options.

Similarly, to insulate the roof, you will need to provide airspace between the roof and the ceiling prior to applying insulation. The airspace can be different depth depending on the finish you'd like to achieve (applied to the rafters or the ceiling joists). On request, we can provide detailed instructions specific to the style you are interested in.

Please note that insulation in not included in your kit but may be purchase at minimal cost from your local hardware store.

Enhanced Siding Package

If you are thinking of adding insulation, consider adding one of our "enhanced siding packages". It's a layer of sheathing (OSB or plywood) and house wrap (Typar and optional HomeSlicker) that provides a moisture barrier to your structure.

The enhanced siding upgrade provides a protective seal as well as adding shear strength and rigidity to the building, sometimes required when applying for a building permit.

When insulating your building for year round use, the addition of the enhanced siding package is a must. To avoid the accumulation of humidity (and subsequent deterioration of your walls), it is important to maintain a moisture and vapor barrier between the inside and outside of your building.

Enhanced Siding Diagram

Supplying Your Own Siding

On occasion, our customers will prefer to use their own siding. In these situations we can clad the walls with plywood sheathing only in place of siding or leave out the siding all together (for more details on this option, please visit our options and upgrades section).

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