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When it comes to roofing options, the possibilities are almost endless. As a finishing touch, your roof adds the first layer of protection against the elements and the last bit of character to its style. The quality of material you choose for your roof is as important as the style you're trying to achieve. With the many options available, you can accomplish both without compromise.

Roofing Preparation

We use 7/16" OSB* as the roof sheathing material on our structures. OSB is an engineered wood panel that delivers exceptional strength and contains the desirable physical and mechanical properties of wood. It is a light material that offers superior strength and high resistance to damage from impact.

We don't recommend the use of tarpaper when shingling our structures. Our roof pitches are generally steep enough that it is not necessary. If you choose to use it, it is easily accessible at any hardware store and is fairly inexpensive.

Please note that if you are purchasing cedar shingles from us, nails are not provided. For this application it is much quicker to purchase staples and rent a staple gun.

*If you wish to enjoy the aroma of cedar both inside and out, a 1 x 6 cedar roof upgrade is available as a substitute to the plywood.

Choices of Roof Finishes

While our most popular roof finishes are either cedar or asphalt shingles, there are a number of other materials available as well.

Asphalt - inexpensive, easy to apply, many colours and styles to choose from

Cedar - shingle or shakes, add character, beauty and longevity to your building
Copper - a stylish look for any building
Clay - for the Mediterranean feeling in your own backyard
Steel - strong protective outer layer and a handsome look
Slate - for a modern cutting edge look

Choosing a roofing finish is a very personal thing. Just be sure to choose one that suits your style and budget, and will be there for the long haul.

Popular Roofing Options

cedar shingles

slate shingles

asphalt shingles

steel roof

scalloped cedar shingles

scalloped asphalt shingles

copper roof shingles

clay tiles

copper roof panels

If there is a particular type of roofing you would like (e.g. metal roofing or clay tiles), please Contact Us (Link). We're happy to help you source the perfect roof for your building. You can also visit our Tips & Ideas section, where we provide suggestions and inspiration for finishing off your roof.

Gazebo Roofs

copper roof

cedar shingles

asphalt shingles

Pre Assembled Kits

One of the great features of our pre-assembled gazebo kits is that the cedar shingles are applied to the roof sections for you in our plant before shipping. As you can imagine, it's much easier. Simply slide the roof panels into place and your roof is on!

Please note that due to weight, it is not possible to pre shingle roof panels for gazebos larger than 16 feet. On these structures the roof must be shingled on site.

Pre Cut Kits

Like everything else in our pre cut gazebo kits the roofing components are precision cut for assembly on site. Shingles are not included with the pre cut kits, however for your convenience, cedar shingle bundles with cut ridge caps may be added to your order at the time of purchase.

Shingle Bundle Requirements

If you're interested in purchasing asphalt or cedar shingles from another source we've calculated the number of bundles you will need for your specific roof.

Engineering And All That Technical Stuff

Our buildings are designed to withstand the rigors of life in North America. Whether you live in the Northeast, the Southwest or anywhere in between, snow, wind, and seismic calculations have all been considered in the design of your product (so you won't have to worry about ever leaving Kansas). Should you have any specific requirements for roof construction to satisfy strict bylaws, please let us know and we'll build your roof to comply.

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