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One of the defining characteristics of our Summerwood products is quality. Every structure, regardless of style or size, is designed and manufactured to exacting standards. We use the finest materials available and provide options where possible. If there is a particular item you would like and it's not part of our offering, we are happy to try and source it for you. For a quick reference of what is used where, please click on one of the drawings below:

Standard buildings

Cabins, garages,
and larger structures.


For information on the various materials we use in our products, click on one of the links below, or just read on and enjoy the whole story.

Wood materials | Doors & Windows | Insulation | Hardware | Fasteners

Wood Materials

Canadian Western Red Cedar

Uses: Sidings, trim, all gazebo components, selected studs, rafters, and roof boards, doors & windows
Type: Interior growth select tight knot; clear for doors & windows.
Dimensions Purchased: 1x6, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 and 2x10. V-groove channel siding, log siding.

Note: All western red cedar is purchased from companies who have a demonstrated a commitment to responsible harvesting and reforestation programs. We do not purchase materials from companies who engage in clear cutting.

A wood of exceptional beauty, Canadian western red cedar is noted for its rich grain, texture, and color. We use interior growth select tight knot (STK) cedar and clear cedar in our products, meaning the wood is fine grained and free of loose or open knots.

Our large volume purchases means we are offered the best materials at the best possible prices.

Notable features of western red cedar:

  • Natural oils that help resist decay, moisture and insect attacks
  • Subtle cedar fragrance
  • Light in weight but exceptionally stable
  • Cuts cleanly and easily
  • Lies flat and stays straight
  • Ages gracefully to endure for years

For more information on the numerous sidings we offer, please visit our sidings section under "Information".

A Word on Cedar

Recognizable by its rich grain, texture and color, Canadian Western Red Cedar is a wood of exceptional beauty. Its natural oils provide intrinsic resistance to decay, moisture, and insect attacks. Cedar is light in weight, and cuts cleanly and easily. It is also a dimensionally stable wood that lies flat and stays straight. The subtle aroma and characteristic fragrance of cedar adds another dimension to its universal appeal.


Canexel Maintenance Free Siding

Uses: Siding on all products (except gazebos).
Type: Ridgewood D-5, we also offer Ultra Plank
Dimensions Purchased: Ridgewood D-5: the look of a 5' cove siding in a 12' plank.
Ultra Plank: multi-lap siding, any way you look at it.

Note: Available in 19 vibrant colors. Color matched nails included.

Canexel is a pre-treated, man-made wood fiber siding that comes in 19 beautiful colors. Suitable for any structure or style, it is tough and durable, but is also popular because of its maintenance-free qualities. For much more information, visit the Canexel siding section under information.

Notable features of Canexel:

  • Multiple baked on finished and sealed coats provided durability in punishing weather and harsh climates
  • Resistant to cracking, splitting, warping, splintering and buckling
  • Appearance of natural wood


Uses: Most framing needs ie standard studs, floor plates, rafters, trusses.
Type: Premium, low moisture
Dimensions Purchased: 2x4, 2x6, 2x8

Note: A cedar upgrade is available on most of our framing components.

Spruce is a wood with clear, uniform texture and straight grains. It is light in weight and moderately low in bending strength. For a light and easy to use wood, spruce rates high in strength properties. It takes nails without splitting and holds them well. It is a good, serviceable, construction wood that is the standard in the building industry.

Notable features of spruce:

  • Low moisture content
  • Lightweight with moderately low bending affinity
  • Strong and easy to work with
  • Easy to saw
  • Takes nails without splitting and holds them well


Uses: Select roof boards, floor upgrades, select doors
Type: Select Knotty
Dimensions Purchased: 1x6, 1x6 T&G

Note: The T&G is used on floor upgrade.

Pine is a premier wood, honey toned or straw-like in color. Pine is suitable for any application that requires a strong, splinter free wood with a minimum of knots, resin or other unwanted characteristics.

Notable features of pine:

  • Strong, quality wood
  • Easy to work with
  • Attractive
  • Relatively unaffected by changes in humidity after seasoning


Uses: Floors, roof sheathing
Type: Spruce 4 x 8 sheets
Dimensions Purchased:1/2' sq. edge 3/4' T&G (floors)

Note: The 3/4' T&G is used on our floor systems

Plywood is an engineered wood product that is universally recognized for its superior strength-to-weight ratio. It provides excellent nail holding capabilities; important in the design of floor and roof systems. Plywood's cross-laminated construction makes it highly durable with exceptional dimensional stability.

Notable features of plywood:

  • Lightweight
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Exceptional two-way strength
  • High resistance to damage from impact
  • Excellent nail holding and fastening capabilities
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Long lasting

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Uses: Roof sheathing
Type: 4 x 8 sheets
Dimensions:7/16" x 4 x 8

OSB is an engineered wood panel that delivers exceptional strength. It is a mat-formed panel made of wood strands, flakes or wafers sliced from small diameter, round logs and bonded under heat and pressure. Waterproof and boil proof resin binders are combined with the strands to provide internal strength, rigidity and moisture resistance. OSB provides superior performance for all your roofing needs. The OSB we use is manufactured from a renewable resource.

Notable features of OSB:

  • engineered for uniformity, strength, versatility and workability
  • used in a variety of applications
  • lightweight material
  • made from a sustainable resource

Cedar Shingles

Uses: Siding, gazebo roof finishing, optional roof packages
Type: #2 Perfection Western red cedar shingles
Dimensions Purchased: 18" in length and 7/16" thick.

Note: Cedar shingles are included and pre fastened on our pre-assembled gazebo kits. Cedar shingled siding is fastened to a plywood cladding.

The genuine, natural color and grain of western red cedar shingles elevate any design to a higher level. They give each angle drama and create an expression of unmatched quality and timeless appeal. Cedar shingles are renowned for their inherent resistance to the effects of the rain, sun, pests and time. Its cellular structure makes it an excellent insulator, and allows for natural resistance to weather conditions ranging from severe summer heat to brutal winter storms.

Notable features of cedar shingles:

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Lasting style and quality
  • Natural resistance to time, pests, and weather conditions
  • Excellent insulator
  • For more information on cedar shingles, please visit our roofing section under "Information".

Asphalt Shingles
(not included but may be purchased at your local building supply store and used as a roof cover).

There are two basic types of asphalt shingles. Each consists of a core material that is coated with asphalt then covered with granules. The core, or base material, may be either fiberglass or organic felt.

Fiberglass shingles are lighter in weight than organic shingles and are more resistant to heat and humidity. They carry a Class A fire resistance rating from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the highest fire rating available. Thus, fiberglass shingles are the best protection against the spread of flame on a roof.

Organic shingles have a thick, organic felt base reinforcement which is saturated with flexible asphalt then coated on both sides with tougher asphalt before covering with granules. The result is a shingle with outstanding durability in extreme cold weather and good performance characteristics in extreme heat. Organic shingles carry a UL Class C fire resistance rating.

Pressure Treated Wood

Uses: Floor joists, beams, and runners. Bottom plates on units without floors.
Type: Select Tight Knot
Dimensions Purchased: 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10

Note: In the pressure-treatment process, lumber is treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA), a solution that renders the wood useless as a food substance for fungi, termites and other wood-destroying agents. As a result, the wood is protected and is much less subject to deterioration.

Pressure-treated wood is a safe, long-lasting building material that is ideally suited in situations where wood might be exposed to mould, insect attack or other forms of biodeterioration (from direct contact with soil).

Depending on its exposure to soil and environmental conditions, untreated wood will generally rot or incur insect damage over time. Treated wood, on the other hand, is relatively strong and long lasting and often retains its structural integrity 10 to 20 times longer than untreated wood.

Above all Pressure-treated wood is a safe, strong, long lasting material to work with.

Notable features of pressure treated wood:

  • Renewable
  • Long-lasting building material
  • Ideal for structures where the wood might be exposed to mould, insect attack or other forms of bio-deterioration (i.e. from direct contact with soil)
  • Safe

Doors & Windows

Our selection of doors and windows comprises a wide range of choices to fit any style, size or budget. From single shed doors to beautiful arched French doors, natural cedar, vinyl, or pine - we have a design for every taste.

The craftsmanship of our clear cedar windows and doors is simply exquisite.

They are crafted entirely in-house to exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our Summerwood door and window department spearheaded by two European cabinetmakers, who bring years of expertise to the team. The result is truly impressive.

Doors & Window Materials

Our doors and windows are all manufactured from a premium grade western red cedar. On our deluxe doors we go one step further and use only top notch clear cedar. It is a visually stunning material with wood properties that also make it a natural insulator. For more information on western red cedar, please see the above western red cedar

Note that we also pre-drill and mortise (where required) your doors and windows to ensure easy assembly


All Summerwood windows and doors utilize commercial grade glass: 3mm thick for windows, and 5mm thick for doors.

Other glass options:

  • Plexiglas (acrylic) is standard on all playhouses to help ensure safe play for your children.
  • Tempered or safety glass to provide strong, shatter resistant protection if required.
  • Stained, leaded, or beveled glass is available as an enhancement for most Summerwood window and door styles.
  • Thermal (see below)

Thermal Doors & Windows
To increase the functionality of your structure, consider an upgrade from single-pane to double-pane thermal doors and windows. They are an effective way to regulate interior temperature and trap heat inside, resulting in reduced heating costs during the winter months.

Our thermal doors and windows feature strong, secure seals that prevent cracks or deteriorations in your wood frame. This also helps to extend the life of your door and window.

We custom fit each door and window to your structure's specifications, ensuring the quality and precision with each one.

Thermal doors & windows may be purchased by clicking the "type" link accompanying any door and window options and selecting the "thermal" option.

Vinyl and Pine Windows

We have recently added yet another great option to complete your structure: vinyl & pine doors and windows. Low maintenance and energy efficient, vinyl replacement doors and windows are an excellent alternative to wood. Vinyl is easy to clean and notably resilient in how it handles heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

Vinyl is a popular maintenance-free choice that features insulated glass, which will keep your structure warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Vinyl Window Features:

  • Multi-Walled (vinyl extruded) sash and frame parts for maintenance free comfort and colour consistency
  • Welded sash and frame corners for total strength and total unit seal
  • Dual seal 1/2" airspace insulating glass for longer life and greater insulation. Also available in Low "E" Glass complete with Argon Gas
  • Heavy duty dual arm operator and hinges for easy sash operation
  • Interchangeable weather-strip for maximum efficiency against air and water infiltration

Pine - Our pine windows are coated with a protective finish to ensure low maintenance. A natural wood window allows individuals to paint or stain their own windows on the interior or exteriors (or both).

Pine Windows Features:

  • Removable fiberglass mesh screen with snap-in fasteners
  • Dual seal 1/2" airspace insulating glass. Also available in Low "E" Glass complete with Argon Gas
  • Heavy duty rotor operator and hinges
  • Natural pine interior to paint or stain as your wish (Pine window exteriors can be painted or stained as well)
  • Each window contains two panes of glass separated by a half-inch airspace for longer life and greater insulation.
  • Pressure treated manufactured select pine

Metal Doors

We also offer Metal & Fiberglass Doors in many of the same styles that we offer our Deluxe doors in, and unique Sliding Screen Doors. All these doors are thermally insulated and provide security at the same time.


  • Extra heavy duty frame and sash members
  • 4 corner welded for superior strength
  • Heavy duty aluminum sill track
  • Strong steel rollers ensure that your patio door floats easily along an aluminum sill track
  • Thermal break vinyl traffic strip
  • Heavy Duty oak handle safety lock
  • Screens are strong fiberglass mesh (sliding screen doors)
  • 5 3/4" jamb width (standard)


Insulation allows you to use your building all year long and in some cases, may be necessary to obtain a building permit.

When insulating a building, a moisture barrier needs to be applied between the warm and cold areas to avoid the accumulation of humidity. With humidity comes mould and rot that can drastically reduce the life expectancy of the structure.

As a good first step, we recommend that you include our enhanced siding package to your kit (see below). The package adds a layer of OSB/plywood sheathing and building wrap (with spun nylon webbing) between the siding and the studs.

Insulate the walls of your structure and enjoy a moisture free environment. Here's how:

  • Use an R-rated insulation such as fiberglass
  • Seal the insulation with a suitable vapor barrier such as polyethylene
  • Finish with drywall or use cedar to retain that rustic feel

There are several ways you can finish your cabin's interior. Ask your local hardware representative for options.

Similarly, to insulate the roof, you will need to provide airspace between the roof and the ceiling prior to applying insulation. The airspace can be different depth depending on the finish you'd like to achieve (applied to the rafters or the ceiling joists). On request, we can provide detailed instructions specific to the style you are interested in.

Please note that insulation in not included in your kit but may be purchase at minimal cost from your local hardware store.

Our Enhanced Siding Package

If you are thinking of adding insulation, consider adding one of our "enhanced siding packages". It's a layer of sheathing (OSB or plywood) and house wrap (Typar and optional HomeSlicker) that provides a moisture barrier to your structure.

The enhanced siding upgrade provides a protective seal as well as adding shear strength and rigidity to the building, sometimes required when applying for a building permit.

When insulating your building for year round use, the addition of the enhanced siding package is a must. To avoid the accumulation of humidity (and subsequent deterioration of your walls), it is important to maintain a moisture and vapor barrier between the inside and outside of your building.

Our Enhanced Siding Package


Our standard hinges, door handles, latches, window openers and other types of hardware are all top of the line name brand Bakenamel products. Developed through extensive abrasion and salt testing, Bakenamel's durability is second to none.

When you order our deluxe doors, we include brass-finished hardware. The key entry, exterior grade locksets are reliable and durable.

We also offer a selection of options to upgrade your doors and window hardware if you wish to enhance the look. Either way, you can expect an, attractive, durable, non-corrosive product that will serve you well.

Antique Hardware

As an enhancement for your cedar doors and windows, we also offer a collection of antique hardware ranging from door handles to hinges.

Our forged iron hardware is reminiscent of early American architectural styles; the rough surface duplicates the natural, weathered ironwork that once graced old European castles and cathedrals and historic buildings in colonial America.

Visit antique hardware under options & upgrades to learn more.

If you have a particular look in mind, please let us know, we are happy to help you find the perfect hardware to complete the look of your structure.


The fasteners we use are of the highest quality and standard. We take the necessary time to research and select the appropriate fasteners for each structure. We generally use brass screws and zinc coated nails for structural integrity and to avoid corrosion, disintegration and rust formation On our pre-assembled wall sections we even use stainless steel nails as the only sure way to prevent corrosion. Similarly, colour-matched galvanized nails are used to fasten Canexel siding to ensure a structurally secure and aesthetically pleasing result.

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