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When you make a Summerwood purchase, we are committed to ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of your structure. Your kit will receive the proper care and attention from the moment it leaves our warehouse to when it arrives at your door.

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General Delivery Information | Before Delivery | Taking Delivery | After Delivery

General Delivery Information

We make it easy to bring Summerwood into your backyard. We ship anywhere in Canada, the United States as well as other locations throughout the world.

If you are located in the Continental US, please select your state from the dropdown below. For all other destinations, we would be happy to obtain a quote.

Please note that doors, windows and accessories require a custom shipping quote, wherever you are in the world.

  • International Customers

    Additional delivery charges will apply depending on the size, kit format, and options of your Summerwood product purchase, and where you are located in the world. For Canadian prices, please visit Summerwood Canada

  • Freight Costs

    We make every effort to provide accurate freight estimates when you place a Summerwood order. However, you may be subject to additional freight costs under the following circumstances:

    • Limited Delivery Access

      Our product is delivered on a 53' truck (e.g. large moving van). If your street or property cannot accommodate our truck, we can arrange for delivery in a smaller truck. A cartage fee of $295 will apply.

      Cartage fees are required if:

      • You live in a location where large trucks are prohibited (e.g. cul-de-sac, one-way street or gated community)
      • There are obstructions such as low power lines or overhanging trees
      • You live in a rural or cottage location where access and navigation may be a complex issue
      • You live in a very remote location, far from urban centers

      You will be notified of any surcharge prior to shipping.

    • Waiting Time

      Freights companies allow for a window of one hour for the unloading of our products. If a substantial amount of additional time is required, a charge of $75 per hour will apply. To avoid extra costs, please anticipate and be prepared for the arrival of your kit.

Before Delivery

The delivery timeline for your Summerwood order usually occurs as follows:

  • Days Prior

    A Customer Care Representative will call you to confirm that your order is on schedule for delivery. In the unlikely event there are production delays, we will notify you at this time.

  • Prior to Delivery

    The freight company will call to inform you that a delivery truck has been booked. This usually occurs the week of your scheduled delivery and they will give you a tentative delivery date.

    Please note that Summerwood selects freight partners with great care and sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, your delivery schedule may be adversely affected.

    We are committed to providing excellent service and strive to keep delivery schedules as precise as possible. If your delivery is affected, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we and our freight partners work to ensure the proper delivery of your Summerwood product.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the delivery of your Summerwood product, please Contact Us.

Taking Delivery

When your Summerwood order arrives, you can expect the following:

  • Skids

    When you purchase a Summerwood product, we ensure that your building kit is as complete, organized and securely packaged as possible.

    We deliver our products on skids. For pre-assembled kits, the skids are built with legs and plywood; for pre-cut kits, the skids have legs, strapping and :w sheathing. Each skid provides a strong foundation and compact way to house all the materials you require to assemble your Summerwood structure. Each skid is shrink-wrapped and/or tarped to ensure your skid is protected during delivery. For additional support, nylon bands are wrapped around each skid (except on pre-assembled structures). Please note you will be responsible for disposing the skid material, often it is useful anyway.

    Depending on the size of your kit, the weight and dimensions of your skid will vary.

  • Off-loading Service

    Your Summerwood kit is packaged so that it is generally unloaded piece-by-piece for a pre-cut structure, and section-by-section for a pre-assembled structure.

    Pre-assembled kits require the removal of screws prior to the unloading of your kit. Ensure that you have a power drill - a cordless one is recommended - to properly remove the screws. A drill bit is attached to the outside of your kit.

    We recommend having two or more people on hand to help you when your kit arrives. We make every effort to carefully package your kit to ensure it is easy to take apart, but please use great care when off-loading your kit components and transferring them to your assembly site.

    All customers are responsible for taking their skid apart and moving each component of their structure off the Summerwood truck. Be sure to clear an area on your property to store your Summerwood product; this will save time and any added expenses.

    Generally, pre-cut kits require two people's help while pre-assembled kits require three or more strong bodies, depending on the size of your structure. For example, in most cases, two people are required to off-load a pre-assembled gazebo wall, while two to three people are required to unload a large cabana wall.

    Our drivers may be able to help; however, due to insurance liabilities they are often restricted from doing so. If you have any questions about how to off-load your Summerwood kit, please Contact Us

After Delivery

If you have any questions or concerns about your kit after it arrives and is off-loaded, please Contact Us. Check your kit to ensure all the materials and structural components are complete and undamaged. We are available to answer your email and phone inquiries seven days a week, so don't hesitate to contact us before, during and after your Summerwood structure has been completed.

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