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This section is intended as a general overview for assembling your Summerwood kit. For more detailed information (ie. product specific installation instructions and photos) please visit construction details. For assembly videos, please visit Video Instructions

Summerwood structures are designed to ensure that the assembly process is safe, easy and fun for people of all ages, abilities and building experience. Whether you intend to build your structure solo or with the assistance of a professional contractor, we want your assembly to go smoothly so you will be able to enjoy your Summerwood purchase as soon as possible.

Assembly Time

Depending on the size of your structure, and the types and number of options you select, assembly times will vary. Basic units should only take a day or two; larger, more complicated designs may take a few weekends. Please note that all of our quote pages include an estimated assembly time for the associated design. In all cases, if you choose our pre-cut kit format (vs. our pre-assembled format), you should add about 30% to the estimated time.

Going Solo

Whether you choose a pre-cut or pre-assembled format, we make it easy for you to assemble your Summerwood structure. Every consideration has been made to ensure each component is easy to reference and built to your specifications. Detailed assembly instructions are available with your kit, but if you have any questions during the building process, you can rely on a Customer Care Representative's guidance and support, on line or by phone. Our ask an expert section is also very useful for quick questions that have been asked before.

There is no one approach to building your structure. Instead, we encourage you to have fun and discover the rewards of taking on a project on your own - with a little help from us when you need it.

Visit our customer testimonials page to see how building a Summerwood structure can be a rewarding experience for you and/or your family.

How We Can Help

To help you successfully assemble your Summerwood structure, we provide the following:

  • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions
  • Illustrative installation videos
  • Checklist to ensure all the parts you need have been included with your kit
  • List of required tools you will need for your building project
  • Online access to supplementary diagrams, recommendations and ideas
  • Tips to expedite the assembly process
  • Multiple customer service options
  • Assistance to help locate a qualified contractor in your area if you prefer to call on one
  • The Construction Details section of the website house product information on Foundations, Assembly, Dimensions and all the technical information you need.

Hiring a Contractor

Like many of our customers, you may prefer to acquire the services of a contractor for your building project. We can help here as well. Every quote page on our site includes a link to a useful "hiring a contractor" package that provides an estimate of the hours required to install that particular structure. The section also houses many other helpful tips and suggestions for things to consider when selecting a contractor for your project. It really couldn't be easier! Here are details on hiring a contractor.

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