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9 Hobbies That Need An Entire Shed’s Worth Of Dedicated Space


When you start to dedicate the bulk of your time to a particular hobby, the collection of gear and materials you accrue can quickly take over your living space. As the items pile up, you might find yourself wishing for a place to store and utilize your hobby supplies without taking up room in your home. Luckily, you can create a dedicated space for your hobby in a backyard shed structure. A shed allows you to establish a smart organizational system for your items and even create a workspace for your tasks. If you fancy yourself one of the following nine hobbyists, you may benefit from moving your hobby items and endeavors into a dedicated shed space.


Whether you work with acrylics, oils or watercolors, painting is equal parts messy and gratifying. To really let your creative energy flow, you must have room to manipulate your canvas and splatter your paint at will. In a dedicated shed workspace, you can really let the paint fly without worrying about the state of your surroundings.


To take your photography hobby to the next level, you must have a private space for staged photo shoots and other fun projects. You also need an easily accessible place to store your backdrops, lights and other gear, so you never miss a photo opportunity. A shed equipped with a partition will provide the room you need for continued growth in the world of photography.


Halminen36614 (5)

“How many bikes do you need?” is the funniest question that a bicycle enthusiast is ever asked. As the number of bikes is sure to increase, so does the gear to use while riding and tools to work on them when not riding. A bicycle shed is a great place to keep everything in one place and keep it all secure. Plus this will keep the house cleaner and lets you actually park your cars in the garage.

RC Car Extraordinaire

Although RC cars are 1/10th of the size of their real counterparts, their chassis and parts can quickly dominate all of the flat surfaces in your home. Working on your RC cars in a shared space is often a nightmare as well due to the risk of losing extremely tiny parts. Switch to a shed space for your RC cars to reclaim your home’s surfaces and keep drafts, pets and family members from knocking your parts into the unknown.

Candle Maker

Candle making takes messy to the next level as the wax quickly becomes rock hard. Although candles usually smell pleasant enough, melting scented wax in bulk can leave an overpowering scent lingering in the air. Take your candle projects into a shed space to keep your home squeaky clean and free of strong odors.


When the mood to compose music strikes, you cannot cork the creative energy until everyone awakens from their slumber. You must immediately let the music flow through your instruments and jot down your notes to keep the song from escaping for good. You can equip a shed with sound deadening materials to create a quiet place to compose anytime of the day or night.

Rock Hound

When you are a rock hound, the world is truly your oyster. A trip to the creek, park or forest can leave your pockets heavy with interesting rocks of all sizes. Unfortunately, storing those rocks, and the supplies needed for polishing, examining and cataloging them, can take up an ever increasing amount of room. With a shed, you can have your rocks and polish them too without worry about overwhelming your living space.


With dozens of major gaming consoles released in the last few decades, it does not take long to fill your shelves and cupboards with systems, cartridges and discs. As a resolute gamer, you may never say die when it comes to building up your collection. To keep the peace, relocate your gear to a shed and set up the ultimate gaming center for all of your favorite systems.

Card Shark

Although you can host successful card games with nary more than a card table, chairs and a deck of cards, more space means more participants. As a card shark, you build your skills up by playing as many different people as possible so take your games to a shed to draw in the crowd. With the ability to decorate a shed however you want without affecting the feng shui of your house you will soon be hosting the most successful card games on the block.

Establishing A Shed For Your Hobbies

If you do not already have an open outbuilding available for your hobby supplies, you can select the perfect structure by browsing through the options available from Summerwood. With so many different designs available, you will easily find an aesthetically pleasing shed design with a perfectly sized footprint for your yard. Contact the team at Summerwood or visit the Custom Design Center to get started today.


5 Organizational Solutions That Help Eliminate Tool and Toy Clutter

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With most Americans dedicating up to a year total looking for misplaced belongings, it’s obvious that clutter is a time thief. When every tool and toy in your backyard has its own space, though, you can spend much less time searching for lost items and organizing your home. Start by creating a few dedicated structures designed for holding specific sets of outdoors items. If you take the time to plan out your landscape architecture design, you can integrate organizational nooks that actually accentuate the look and feel of your property. Here are five smart structures you can use to organize and declutter your yard.

Toy Crates

Crate with utensils. Wooden box for glass made in vintage style.

In just one fun-filled afternoon playing outside, your yard likely becomes a minefield of toys that your kids left behind. Kids love to live in the moment and drop whatever they are doing for the next fun activity so cleanup is really a chore if kids don’t have a dedicated place to store their belongings. Milk crates give your kids a place to keep their outdoor toys without the container filling with rainwater and you can stack the crates or use storage hooks to secure them to the side of your shed or fence.

1 playhouse1

If your kids’ clutter extends beyond the random playground ball or Frisbee set, you may want to get a playhouse. The tall roof on the Peach Pickers Porch playhouse, for example, allows kids to store their extra toys without cluttering up their own play space. Or, your kids may love to keep their toy bins on the covered verandah for accessibility during playtime. With a fun, designated place for kids to store their belongings, they’ll rarely need to be reminded to keep their dedicated space clean and organized.

Bench Bins
A garden or patio bench can double as a storage container by utilizing the open space below the seating area. You can find a storage bench premade or customize your outdoor seating to act as an organizational device. Benches allow you to keep your frequently-used gear near specific areas of your yard. For example, you can store your small landscaping tools, kneeling pads and gloves in a bench near your garden beds. Of course, don’t forget to tuck away your seat cushions in the bench to protect them from the weather and local wildlife.

Garage Shelves
marilyn_denis (6)

Extra shelves in the garage allow you to organize your outdoor tools and products along the otherwise unused wall space. The garage shelves can store bins and baskets you use to keep similar items together. You can also arrange the items along the shelves on their own to keep them highly visible and accessible at all times. You will need to determine the best placement and sizes for your garage shelves to keep parking and work areas open and clutter free.

Storage Sheds
sarawak-garden-shed-islip-new-york-195923-1When you just have too much outdoor gear, you may need to invest in a storage shed to hold everything. The storage shed provides both wall and floor space for your landscaping tools, garden products and outdoor recreational items. Custom storage sheds can fit in the corner of your yard, nestle up to the side of your home or stand on their own in a dedicated section of your property. The lean-to and five sided storage shed designs help maximize your storage space without taking up too much of your property. If you want the garden shed to steal the spotlight, you can customize the design and paintjob to match your house’s architecture. You can even add garden beds and planter boxes around the outer perimeter to dress up the place.

Obtaining Beautifully Designed Organizational Solutions
Once you have your landscape architecture plans in hand, contact us today for assistance obtaining the sheds and shelves you need for your yard makeover. You can deeply customize the pre-fabricated sheds to meet your organizational needs. When ordering your shed, you may want to match the exterior siding, paint and trim to your home or create a brand new design. Large and small garage shelf arrangements allow you to make the most of your available space. You can determine an ideal number of shelves to purchase by measuring and planning your garage layout before ordering.