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Which Door Design is Best for My Small Structure?

What better time to discuss doors, now that January is upon us. The first month in our calendar year is named for Janus, the Roman god of doors. He is also the god of beginnings, endings, and transitions. You know what they say- when one door closes, another one opens. 

So let’s take a look at the various door designs that you can install in your small structure. The door is more than an entrance- it is the opening to your space and should reflect the space’s use and design itself. From exterior french doors to barn loft doors, finding a door design that works for your small structure can be tricky, but we’re here to help! 

Wooden Doors

A solid cedar door works great for wooden structures such as sheds, playhouses, cabins, or workshops. Wooden doors offer a rustic yet refined feel, especially when you show off the wood in its natural beauty. And the best thing about wooden doors- each one is unique as they are made from natural resources and possess various grain patterns and designs. 

On top of the natural beauty of the material, wooden doors can be moulded and cut into many different looks- from single square frames to arched gates and barn doors. Choose from solid woods where the whole door is made from a single piece of wood, like a solid cedar door, or opt for a hollow-core made from a plastic core and a wooden shell. 

There are many different types of wood that you can choose from, each one offering a unique look and feel. Consider using native wood species to tie into your local aesthetic, or opt for something a little more exotic for your space.

Standard Double Doors 

When we think of the front of a house, we may imagine standard double doors. Double doors work great for many different aesthetics and exterior and interior designs. This standard-design is not so standard when you consider how many shapes, sizes, and materials that these doors can take. 

But what about for small structures? For some, a double door might overpower the rest of the design, taking up the entirety of the front facade. While for others, this two-door design can work great for small spaces, adding an extra eye-catching element with the functionality of opening up the space to feel bigger. 

Depending on your outlook on the standard double door design, we can all agree that door knockers bring a little more uniqueness to these functional yet artistic building elements. Add a little more flair to your doors with these antique and modern door knocker ideas.

Sliding Barn Loft Doors 

Sliding barn doors are not just for the farmstead these days as interior decorating professionals have elevated this utilitarian design to chic and rustic. Barn loft doors can be used for both exterior and interior purposes.

Barn loft doors are great for workshops, as they make your space look professional and are highly functional. They can even be used on your garage structure, specially fitted for a larger opening for a vehicle. 

Sliding barn doors open wide so you can get your tools and equipment in and out of your space easily. They are also great for opening small spaces up, bringing natural light and air into the room when left open. 

French Doors 

Classy and elegant exterior French doors create a refined look for your small structure- perfect for pavilions and spas. French doors are characterized by their window frames and predominant glass panelling and are typically a set of double doors, generally found on the exterior of a structure. 

Should exterior French doors swing out or in? When installing exterior French doors, they can be constructed with in-swing, or out-swing fittings depending on what you prefer and what the doors are being used for. Either choice can create wide, open and airy spaces that add length and grandeur to your small structure. 

What size do French doors come in you may ask? Depending on the brand and design you choose, most manufacturers will make their French doors somewhere between 30 and 72 inches wide per door. It is up to you to decide if the skinnier or wider door frame works for you. 
Double French doors, as found on a windsor design structure, are reminiscent of the Victorian ages gone by, especially when paired with white columns and a high roof.  This high-end style creates a stately structure. Though small in stature it cuts a grandiose figure.

Multi-Panel Doors 

3-panel patio doors work great for the home patio and backyard offices and bunkies. The multi-panel door design is characterized by the multiple, moving panel doors in a row. Typically these doors come in two, three, or four panels, with glass panelling throughout. 

This design offers a homey feel and polished look. White wood and glass panelling brighten the room while the design brings in the natural light to create an airy and flowing design. Opt for the 3-panel patio doors for home studios and offices as they offer the best functionality for such spaces, thanks to their ability to open wide and let the sunshine in.

Enlist Professional Help with Your Door Dilemma 

Whether you’re stuck in a door dilemma or know exactly what door design you want for your small structure, then we here at Summerwood can help. We treat all of our clients like family, so you know you’ll get the help you need when looking for the perfect entrance fit for your small structure. 
January is the perfect time to start at the beginning, choose your entrance, and transition from old to new! Contact us today to get your next project underway.