Greetings from Grenada!


Summerwood was recently approached to work in close contact with Mike Jordan of CocoNet Ltd which specializes in design management and is based in Grenada, a small group of islands in the Caribbean. Mike was tasked with designing and erecting multiple buildings on the island of St. George for various uses as shops, residences, and tour offices.

To fit the bill, Mike purchased several 18′ x 20′ Canmore and Mountain Brook buildings. The final pictures tell a true tale of how beautiful the land is and how our structures and the climate complement each other so well. The various colours the buildings have been painted are a homage to the colour schemes used in the area; while definitely not colorus we see every day, we certainly love them in this setting.

Mike Jordan is now the official retailer of Summerwood Products in the Caribbean region and is continually erecting our structures throughout Grenada. Stay tuned for more great pictures and new stories coming from Grenada as this new partnership continues to develop and flourish.

Photos Courtesy of: Camper & Nicholson’s Port Louis Marina, Grenada  grenadagenada4 grenada2 grenada3 grenada5

Spring/Summer 2014 Style Picks

It’s all about modern edge this summer with our SS14 picks. It’s important to always keep in mind that our structures can be purposed for absolutely anything. A studio can be a garage, a shed can be a studio, don’t let the names stifle your creative vision. Each one of our modern designs offers effortless style for looks that we think are pretty timeless.


The Urban Garage, initially labeled a shed, was repurposed for a Toronto client when he was looking for a sleek design that would complement his urban home.  Clean lines and a contemporary feel make this a chic choice for those looking to add personality to their outdoor space.

urban garage


The Dune cabana is one of our particularly trendy designs; it’s perfect for housing your pool equipment or garden tools in style. Its stand out feature is the picture frame concealed door, standard on all Dune models. The hidden door offers a streamlined finish for modern simplicity that works especially well in smaller yards.

dune cabana

And finally the Verana Collection, designed by award-winning Toronto architects Christina Ho Ping and Peter Tan, offers prefab styles that boast refreshing simplicity. Built-in desks, cabinets and closets, as well as shelving and even a Murphy bed are options that make the space in your Verana structure truly functional. With the option of sliding doors or bifold doors in cedar, fir or oak, it’s safe to say that your preference will be met.

verana collection


Embracing style, health, and sustainability the Verana Collection is all about green style with these key features:


  • Sedum green roof option for reducing carbon footprint (less heating and cooling required)
  • Large overhangs over glazing walls to reduce heat gain in the building
  • Strawboard finishes that utilize a non-formaldehyde-based production process (no glues, renewable)
  • Engineered to sit on concrete blocks creating minimal land damage
  • EPDM waterproof roof that does not pollute runoff rainwater, ideal for rainwater harvesting

inside verana


So not only are we loving Christina and Peter’s designs, we think it’s pretty cool that they’re green as well. We hope our SS14 picks help to inspire your outdoor style.


The 6 Summerwood Design Steps

You may not know that Summerwood resides in Toronto, Canada, with a showroom open for visitors interested in great outdoor designs. We’ve been busy creating a wall display that will help with the design process. It can be daunting walking into a showroom with no real idea of how it all works, so we made it easy. A few eager Summerwood employees rolled up their sleeves and put their paintbrushes to the wall. We had a lot of fun so we figured we’d share our 6 easy steps to creating your perfect garage, gazebo, playhouse or even man cave.

Our chalkboard wall is complete!

Our chalkboard wall is complete!

Step 1: Choose a style (regardless of type of structure) 

We offer a bunch of styles whether you’re interested in a gazebo or cabana, a storage shed or a garage. Browse our styles and remember that the details are chosen by you! Check out our favorite prefabricated & prebuilt structures and get a taste of what we have to offer.

Step 2: Choose your siding and trim

It’s all about function and style, and luckily we provide both. Rough or smooth cedar offers a rugged, classic look, while our maintenance free option says it all in the name. Mix and match siding options with your trim choices for the look you want.

 Step 3: Choose a roof finish

Don’t overlook your roof choice. It comes down to fiberglass or cedar shingles. Decide on the look you want and the kind of work you want to put into it. Cedar and fiberglass shingles roughly share the same lifespan, but cedar will require a little TLC. Don’t be put off by the extra care cedar may initially require, it offers a beautiful look that lasts.

 Step 4: Choose your doors & windows

Your door and window choices are what will add character to your shed, garage, gazebo…whatever it is you’re looking to design. Have fun with it and let your own personal style shine.

 Step 5: Think about interior options

Whether you’d like a loft for the kids, benches, shelves or upgraded flooring, we offer a plethora of choices. Your interior is just as, if not more important than the exterior, so make sure you get everything you want and need.

 Step 6: Last but not least, the finishing touches

Pat yourself on that back! Once you reach this step the work is done and it’s time to bask in the beauty of your new pool cabana, studio or garden shed. Polish your final look with the perfect hardware, shutters or even weather vane.

The finished product

The finished product

 So those are our 6 easy steps! If you’re visiting us in Toronto or doing it all through the web, keep this in mind when you think the process of designing your perfect shed or gazebo seems intimidating. It really isn’t.

Head over to our custom design centre or call our friendly design staff and get started!

The Ultimate Bunkie

Our Ultimate Glen Echo Bunkie was a hit at this year’s Cottage Life Show. The 10’ x 10’ bunkie is great because it’s a permit buster! With this new design you get 130 sq feet of half storey loft space in addition to the 100 sq feet of space downstairs. In Ontario, structures less than 100 sq feet do not require a permit, so your 10’ x 10’ bunkie will have an extra 130 sq feet of permit free space. No red tape, no extra fees!109

We increased the wall height and modified the roof pitch to 10:12. The 3’ cantilever beam shoot out at the front creates an overhang porch and extended loft space. The result? 130 sq feet of 4 ½ ‘spacious loft space!

There is a triangle dormer at the front, in addition to a shed dormer at the back and extra windows, which really open up the loft area. The main level has 3-screened windows as well as double French doors, allowing in natural light and offering great ventilation.

The exterior doors and windows are made from premium quality Western Red Cedar. The interior is made from sturdy pine featuring gorgeous pine flooring. The pull down attic style ladder is great if you want to close the loft and just hang out downstairs.

Metz41136_2Perfect for 2-3 season use, you can insulate your Bunkie for year round use. Even though the Glen Echo is a permit buster, it meets and exceeds Ontario building code. All our products are safely engineered and built to code even though they are not required to.

Make this your Ultimate Bunkie and customize it to your heart’s delight! Decide on your desired size, add shelves and benching, and pick any of our stylish door and window options as well as our maintenance free siding, to create your unique design.Metz41136-8Metz41136-9

The Ultimate Bunkie is designed for the everyday DIY-er. It comes in a pre-cut or pre-assembled format. So design your Bunkie, grab your tools and get ready for a fun summer project with your friends and family!

The Copper Creek Shed from Evansville, Wisconsin

David was looking for a storage shed, but he found so much more. With so many customizable options at Summerwood, he decided to look for something more suitable to maximize storage space as well as allow lots of sunlight inside.


David’s 10′ x 14′ Copper Creek shed


A Space Solution: The Kepler Creek “Man Cave” Cabin

Here’s our family, and our problem:
Three teenage boys, and a house no longer big enough for all of them.

The solution? An 18’ x 24’ Kepler Creek Cabin from Summerwood.