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8 Essential Garage Storage Tips You Must Try

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If you’ve ever entered your garage with the motivation to start your next big project only to spend the day searching for tools and organizing your work space, then you’ve already started to suffer from the detrimental effects of garage clutter. However – you’re certainly not alone in your constant battle against the growing chaos in your garage organization. Approximately 25% of two car garages are so packed with belongings that the homeowners don’t even have room to park a single vehicle in the space. An additional 32% can only squeeze one of their vehicles into the wide stall built for two cars. This is where we’ve come in with these eight useful tips for you to banish the clutter for good, and ultimately commandeer control of your garage space.

1. Tool towers are a perfect storage solution
Tool Tower Garage Organization Storage Tips - Summerwood Products

The messy collection of rakes, shovels, brooms and other tall tools can take up a lot of floor and wall space. Furthermore, when you amass quite the stack of these items in the same location, it can feel like quite a chore to dig through and unearth the tool you need every single time. To solve this problem, invest in a rolling tool tower that keeps these long, unwieldy tools standing free and separate in individual sections.

2. Sliding storage systems for the garage

The ceiling space is often an incredibly underutilized storage area in the average garage, therefore you shouldn’t let it go to waste. All of the space above you can hold seasonal clothing, sports equipment and other items that you do not use all throughout the year. These innovative hangers allow you to suspend plastic bins just below ceiling level, leaving plenty of work space below.

3. Magnetic strips for hanging and holding tools

Throwing all of your hand tools in drawers and hoping you can find what you need later will be a thing of the past once you line your garage with magnetic strips. The strong magnets can hold the heaviest of metal tools firmly against the wall until you need them again. You can place the strips on the edge of your toolbox, workbench or just along the walls in your normal work space.

4. Mason jar storage and other storage ideas using jars
Jar storage for garage organization - Summerwood Products

You can use the underside of your shelves for storage by integrating mason jar storage into your garage space. You will need to secure the jar lids to the bottom of the shelf using short screws to create your innovative storage compartments. Using mason jars and other small jars, you can fill them with bolts, nails, washers and other small pieces you routinely need for projects around the house, and then screw them back onto the lid for easy access anytime.

5. Bungee bins and bungee cords help you get organized
Bungee Cords to help with storage - Summerwood Products

Your often used sports equipment, including life-jackets, basketballs and catcher’s mitts, likely ends up strewed through the garage after a busy day on the go. You can change all that by creating bungee bins along your walls to hold these stray items. You will just need to attach bungee cords across the interior framing studs in your garage at about four inch intervals to create this storage compartment.

6. Chain hooks are perfect for hanging loose items and tools in your garage

Unraveled hoses, cords and lines across your floor space is considered a trip and fall hazard. You can keep these items out of the way by using plastic chain and coat hooks to suspend them from the wall. You will roll up these items like normal, and then slide the chain through the center, securing it at the top. At that point, you can hang the chain from the hook to keep your lines and hoses organized at all times. 

7. Milk crates are great for shelf storage in your garage

The area below your garage benches can be used to store small parts, tools and cleaning supplies. Simply place small bins or crates beneath the bench and fill them with carefully organized items. Make sure to label the bins with their contents to quickly spot the items you need as you prepare to start your next project.

8. Organizing the garage with rain gutters
old rain gutters for storage - Summerwood Products

Using old gutters you have laying around the house or garage, you can hang them along your walls to create partially enclosed shelves for your spray cans, automotive fluids and cleaning products. The gutter keeps all of the items together in a single area, so you can quickly find the product you need for the job at hand. The line of cans will never block your view of adjacent products to help you avoid spending money on hidden items.

Helpful tips and tools to help organize your garage

Organized shelf for garage storage - Summerwood Products

You can update your garage space, or overhaul your entire build, with help from the specialists at Summerwood. Purpose built shelves, benches and wall partitions can help you eliminate clutter and organize the space within your garage, which they will be able to guide you in the process of selecting. You may even want to upgrade your garage or add a shed to your yard once you browse through the building options offered by this prefabricated outbuilding supplier. 

Custom Design Centre Call to Action

Visit the design center located on Summerwood’s website for more options in customizing and creating your personalized garage with the ultimate space and structure that you desire. You can also call (1-866 519-4634) for assistance from one of Summerwood’s building specialists who can lead you in the right direction to achieve the vision you have for your garage.


Tips and Ideas: Garages

Building a new garage is a significant undertaking. Interestingly enough, most of the choices you make come from answers to basic questions you’ll need to ask yourself before getting started. The first tip you’ll find here is to get our designers involved early in the planning stage of your garage. But the first question? What will you be using your new garage for? Is your new garage strictly for parking the car? How many cars? Will it be a part-time workshop, tool shed, or do you want a loft with some office space? With so many possible uses, it’s a good idea to list all the purposes your new garage will serve before beginning its design. The following tips and ideas are aimed at helping you think of all the little things in the beginning, when they are free, instead of discovering them during, or worse still, after construction.


Choosing the Best Garage Site

choosing garage site

Both practical and aesthetic considerations play roles in your decisions. How far from the road, and your home, do you want your garage to be? If you live in a colder climate, do you want to be shovelling your way out to the road, or trudging your way through to the house? If you’re building your garage to complement other buildings on your property, think about how it will look in winter, spring, summer and fall. Seasonal changing foliage affects visual impact.

What about running electricity, venting and plumbing to your garage? If you’re planning on doing so, you’ll need to account for these factors when choosing the location and plan to extend the infrastructure for them. If you live in a colder climate like us up here in Toronto, consider installing radiant floor heating in the building phase to keep your vehicle cozy and warm on frigid nights. We also offer thermal doors and windows to help keep your toys warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Garage Design Decisions

garage design summerwood

Summerwood offers a large selection of garage designs, each of which can be personalized to suit your particular needs and wants. Many of the design options Summerwood offers are only available here; its part of what makes dealing with Summerwood unique. We’d also suggest that you involve our design team in your decision making process; they’ve been doing this for decades, and you’ll increase the odds of getting exactly what you want.

Outside – Most garages do adequate duty as a shelter for your car. But a Summerwood garage is an architectural statement and can greatly boost the overall value of your property. You can make that statement an original one by modifying any of the fine garage styles we offer. Build the garage of your dreams with attractive windows and doors, enhanced by shutters and flower boxes; give it charm with antique style hardware, dormers and more. You’ll also have plenty of choices when it comes to the roofing style and material, as well as the siding. We offer maintenance free Canexel siding, as well as traditional and beautiful cedar siding.

Will you be creating a concrete driveway, or using crushed stone or other material? The look of the driveway should be part of the overall design decision.

What’s happening on the inside? The list you’re going to make of your garage uses will help you decide on many of the interior design options. If it’s a multi-purpose structure, you may want to partition it for order. However, an open concept provides a feeling of space that may work well for your situation. Be sure to allow some extra space for storage, with shelving and cupboards, and if you’re planning on doing some DIY home projects, you might want space for a work bench and tools.

Garage Doors

garage door design

We have an impressive range of finely crafted garage doors that are sure to suit everyone’s tastes and requirements. Looks that range from the old style country barn to a smart urban coach house. Our doors are available in either a rollup or carriage style, and are available in Mahogany, Cedar or Steel. All are available in thermal insulated as well. You can also upgrade and add windows and other extras to suit yourself and create just the look you had in mind.

Garage Construction Materials

garage siding materials

A garage is a major contributor to the value of your property and quality of your life. At the very least it protects your car, which, is among your most prided possessions. So you want it to be sturdy and last a lifetime. That’s why we only use the finest construction materials in our garage building kits. We advise you to do the same when completing it with personal touches. The old adage, you get what you pay for is certainly true when it comes to construction.

Our garages are available with rich, long-lasting western red cedar, but you can also choose our Canexel siding. It’s a maintenance-free wood fiber siding and comes in a variety of pleasing colors. The hardware is all absolute top quality to ensure longevity.

Learn more about our garage siding and other building materials.

Sizing your Garage

garage size

At this stage, that list of intended uses we keep talking about will come in handy. For instance, if you want to host jam sessions without moving the car outside, you’ll need more space. Mind you, a dual-purpose garage doesn’t have to be huge, if you plan well. You can store skis, garden tools, lumber and the like up in a loft. But will you need extra floor room for another car, bikes, maybe a workbench, hobbyhorse or workout space? The key is to anticipate your needs and give yourself a bit of extra room to move around once you’ve accommodated them. Be sure to view our sample floor plans and utilize our floor plan grids. They’re a huge time-saver. Once you’ve decided on a size, physically test it. Set some stakes in the ground and tie string around them, creating the actual area you’re intending to use. (You can do this even if you haven’t quite decided where to put your garage.) Once your mock space is “built”, can you fit everything you’re dreaming of? The last thing you want is to find out after you’ve built your garage is that you don’t have the space to accommodate all your stuff.

An important size related topic is building permits. Make sure you enquire with your local building permit office about the process for your location. Most jurisdictions and municipalities require building permits for structures over 100 sq feet, which your garage is most likely going to be, so plan on getting one long before your garage kit arrives. This library of US regional listings will include the government office you need to contact in your area. Contact us for more information. We can help.

Garage Roofing

garage roofing materials

Unless you order our long-lasting and beautiful cedar shingles with your Summerwood garage kit, you’ll need to supply your own roofing. The most economical and common choice is asphalt shingles. They come in assorted and attractive colors, are easy to find at your local building supply center, and are easy to install. Another attractive yet practical choice is corrugated metal instead of shingling. It also comes in many charming colors. And in winter, even the wettest, stickiest snow falls from it like water. Depending on your design goals, you may want to obtain the same roofing material that was used on your house; in this case we can ship your garage kit with no shingles. For more information on roofing options, check out our garage information section.

Another attractive yet practical choice is corrugated metal instead of shingling. It also comes in many charming colors. And in winter, even the wettest, stickiest snow falls from it like water.

For more on roofing options, check out our garage information section.

 Building it on Your Own

A garage is a relatively large project, but our prefabricated kits make it easy; plus you get loads of helpful and instructional tools, not to mention telephone and email support for those particularly tough questions. So yes, you can build it on your own. And it’s actually a lot of fun! Over the years we’ve turned loads of Nervous Nestors and Nancies into Handy Harries and Hildas! Just be sure that you have the time, energy, tools and the skill level to complete the project; don’t forget that a garage is a larger structure and requires a certain amount of carpentry skills. To give you a better idea of the time that it might take to build your garage kit, look for the installation time in the instruction paperwork. Here you’ll find the number of labor hours it would take to assemble your kit. Depending on your level of handiness, you can plan your garage’s construction better.

On the other hand, you may not have the time or desire to do it yourself. We can help with our how to hire a contractor information, as it offers a lot of valuable advice. The printable labor estimate sheet will give your contractor all he or she needs to provide you with a quote. Don’t have a contractor? We can provide you with a reputable and trustworthy contact with experience building our structures. Contact us for details.


Selecting a Garage Design

Each of the below garage styles are available in an easy-to-build precut, or prefabricated kit package. They can be as large or small as you like. Choose a style, then customize it online in our Custom Design Center, or give us a call to have a designer help.

Summerwood Garage Styles:

Urban Garagesurban garages – The Urban garage provides all the storage space you’ll ever need and does it in a style that’s all it’s own. With so much great space, you’ll be sure to use your garage for more than just parking the family car!

Highlands garageshighlands garages – The simple gable roof evokes the no-nonsense style of hearty northern Scots. Consider large sash windows to allow for plenty of sunlight, a Scottish rarity!


archer garages Archer garages – The hip roof style creates a soaring feeling of space and makes for a pleasant view from any angle. A flagstone walkway to the side door gives it that homey feel.


Montcrest garages – Its steep gable roof means extra storage potential and quicker tumbling snow in winter! Inside the effect is spacious – consider capping your Montcrest with our cedar shingles.


Alpine garages – Inspired by the roomy chalets of Austria and Switzerland, the double-car Alpine boasts a vast gable roof. Add a dormer window to make the most of the effect inside and out.


Bishop garages – The pyramid shaped hip roof of the double-car Bishop adds a classic style to any property, bespeaking harmony and order. Balance it with our cedar shingles for a handsome look.


York garages – The plunging gable roof of the double car York garage seems to go on forever inside, but gives the impression of hugging the property outside. And there’s plenty of storage potential inside the loft.

Can’t make up your mind? Don’t forget our designers are waiting for your call. We’ll help you create something brand new, or we can help modify one of our existing designs to suit your situation; just contact us to get started. And did we mention we also make sheds and pool cabanas?

Glorious Garages: Custom Garage Designs

Pre-fab prices and original designs. Yes please! That’s what we’re known for and our garages are no different.

A little about our garages: we design both single and double car garages and have 9 garage designs to choose from. All of our garages come standard with our Enhanced Siding Upgrade. That means OSB sheathing and moisture-eliminating building wrap are placed between the wall studs and the standard siding. It’s ideal for year-round enjoyment, now matter how you use it. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further!

Below we’re detailing our most popular garage styles, custom designed for each and every one of our customers. Head to our variety of garage options to see them all.

York Garage

What’s special about our York Garage style is in its 10/12 roof pitch. It allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy a loft right above should you wish to include one. This pitch can be as steep or as shallow as you wish, perfect for including windows or vents wherever they work for you.

Glorious Garages: Custom Garage Designs

garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

Can’t decide between vinyl or cedar? Why not mix and match. We make all of our cedar doors and windows in house.

garage kits, garage ideas, garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

We understand the importance of a well-built garage and have been in the business of creating and manufacturing custom garages for over 20 years. You can trust our garages to house one of your most prized processions, your car! A Summerwood garage transforms your driveway into a destination, whether you use it to store your car, your tools, your bikes or use it as your home office, gym or studio. The possibilities are endless.

Highlands Garage

Our Highlands design is inspired by Scotland of course! It features a complementary gable roof. Pitch, doors, windows, shutters, flowerboxes…adorn it how ever you like!

garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

Double doors and lots of storage, even in Toronto!

garage kits, garage ideas, garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

Beautiful cedar door, made by us, enjoyed by you.


Archer Garage

Our Archer design is popular among those who favour the hip-roof style. Like all of our garage designs, get it in cedar or maintenance-free siding. With a 25 year warranty, you’ll never have to stain a thing. Including additional external storage like this lean-to is easy to do with any of our buildings as they’re completely customizable.

garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

Tractor storage anyone?

garage kits, garage ideas, garage designs, garage builders, custom garages, custom garage, toronto garage kit, garage kit, custom garage design (1) archer

garage kits, garage ideas, garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

You can even add a cupola. Why not!

garage kits, garage ideas, garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

Built to code, a little snow or a lot of snow, your Summerwood garage will stay strong.


Urban Garage

Sleek and modern, our Urban Garage is perfect for those who love a modern flat roof. If your house is contemporary, chances are you’ll want to add a garage that matches the ascetic. With the addition of a chic garage door, the Urban Garage may be the perfect option.

garage kits, garage ideas, garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

Short on space? City Dweller? Why not combine storage and garage into one functional space.

garage kits, garage ideas, garage designs| garage builders| custom garages| custom garage| toronto garage kit| garage kit| custom garage design|

Your Summerwood building can be used however you like, this one is a she-shed! Find out how this customer uses it on our she-shed blog post: A She-Shed for the Ladies

Each and every one of our garage kits comes with a set of instructions and plans to get your started. No matter what catches your eye, we’ll help you design your very own custom garage. Get those creative wheels turning and try your hand at your own garage design with our online design center. A great place to start brainstorming your very own design.

Custom Design Centre Call to Action

Before you start building, we recommend you contact your local building department to familiarize yourself with any local rules or bylaws that may apply when building a garage. Read more: Building Permits: What You Need To Know.


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