At Home Spa Ideas to Bring Harmony Back into Your Life

With the ongoing pandemic, now more than ever do we need to set aside some time for ourselves to relax and unwind from the stress of it all. What better time than now to create an at-home spa that offers you and your family a stress-free space where you can gain a little peace and quiet from the outside world. 

If you’re in need of some spa enclosure ideas or home spa designs for your soon-to-be calm and quiet space, then we have you covered. Whether you’re going for that sun-soaked Cali Santa Cruz spa design or a serene tea house spa atmosphere, these home spa design ideas can transform any space from chaotic to peaceful.

Use a Relaxing and Mellow Colour Scheme 

Darker colours are typically used in large spas to promote a feeling of relaxation. But when choosing a colour scheme for a smaller space, consider using lighter hue variants instead. 

Look to nature for inspiration, with its various cool colours that can infuse a room with a mellow air. Pastel blues and greens work great for a small space like this. Accordingly to the concept of colour therapy, greens symbolize harmony, healing, and regeneration while blue communes peace and serenity. That sounds like everything you could want from a spa. 

Mix up your pastel choices with some neutral or off-white colours throughout to vary the pallet. If you enjoy brighter colours and really want to encapsulate that sun-soaked design, don’t go too saturated. Soften those vivid colours like you did your cooler ones, and opt for a pastel orange or yellow instead.

Try a Minimalist Atmosphere 

Less is more when it comes to creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Clutter can make a person feel stressed out-, which is the opposite of what you want to feel in your teahouse spa! Clear away the clutter and make sure everything in your small space has a home to be tucked away in. When all items can be packed away in their rightful place, it makes it easier to keep the area clean. 

When it comes to your furniture and spa accents, consider pieces with smooth lines and minimal features. Set aside those loud and busy patterns for subtle and serene textures and patterns instead. Your spa accents should add to the overall feel of the room without being overpowering. A pebble fountain brings the sounds of nature indoors with its calming running water sound. An incense infuser freshens and moisturizes the air for a regenerative feel.

Create a Year-Round Hot Tub Enclosure 

One of the best things about visiting a spa is taking a dip in the facility’s hot tub. There is something about the heat that just soaks away the stress held within, letting the body and mind unwind together, even better when you can obtain that feeling at home with a year-round hot tub enclosure. 
Go all out with this home spa idea by using a spa enclosure kit to create a year-round spa experience for you and your family. If you have space, it is easy to build hot tub gazebos or jacuzzi enclosures right in the backyard. Add mood lighting, a towel rack heater, and some candles, and you’ll feel right at home in your home-spa.

Aim For Space With a High Ceiling

A higher ceiling does wonders for a small space, creating an airy and spacious feel. If you’re looking to create a harmonious space in your backyard using a spa enclosure kit, opt for a Santa Cruz spa design. Small structures modelled after the Santa Cruz look in California transport you to sunnier lands- and the Dutch hip roof lets your spirit soar without the air travel.

If you’re transforming a room with a lower ceiling into your personal spa, no need to worry. There are a few tricks you can use to make the low space feel loftier. Paint the ceiling white, use vertical wall designs (just not too intense for that spa feel), or hang your decor higher up while using lower furniture throughout.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Lighting plays a key role in the atmosphere of a small space. Try fitting recessed spotlighting in your spa enclosure, or opt for a teahouse spa design for your area, with taller windows that let in that natural light. It’s easier to achieve a zen-like feeling when the warm sunlight cascades down upon you. 

For lighting your outdoor spa enclosure ideas, try highlighting the landscape in your garden with dramatic backlighting or using string lights throughout to evoke a summertime feel. For environmentally-conscious spa lovers, solar garden lights do the trick nicely. 
Once you have your spa space up and ready, why not try these relaxing home spa treatments in your new, serene space.

Need Help Building Your Spa?

If you require professional help to create the perfect spa space to retreat from the world, why not enlist the help of professionals, like our team here at Summerwood! For over 25 years, we have helped families achieve their dream spa design right in the backyard. 

Whether you love our hot tub gazebo designs or have a unique vision of your own, you can buy a spa enclosure kit from our quality line or use our custom design centre to bring your vision to fruition.  
Contact us today to get the process underway, and we can bring your spa enclosure ideas to life.

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