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Your little house on the prairie – or hill, forest, lake, mountain, even backyard.

The Invermere design reminds you of Little House on the Prairie but Ma and Pa Ingalls never had it so good! Ranging from 320 to 1120 square feet, your Invermere can be customized with a number of unique cabin accessories. The overhanging roof creates a natural living space on the porch and every child you know will want to play up in the spacious loft area. Install basic plumbing, wiring and insulation to turn it into your four-season getaway. Get started on your very own Invermere in our Custom Design Center now!

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Find below pricing for all of the Invermere sizes that we have built so far. Don't see your size? Ask us and we will provide you with a quote.


X LGE Invermere
Cabins ( >130 sq.ft.)

* All prices in $CAD
Medium Invermere
Cabins, price list
kit size pre-cut Installed
16ft.x20ft. $29,995 $25,496 $47,895 $40,711
16ft.x24ft. $36,095 $30,681 $57,695 $49,041
18ft.x30ft. $50,795 $43,176 $81,195 $69,016
20ft.x32ft. $59,995 $50,996 $95,995 $81,596
22ft.x34ft. $76,595 $65,106 $122,495 $104,121
24ft.x36ft. $80,995 $68,846 $129,595 $110,156
26ft.x38ft. $92,695 $78,791 $148,195 $125,966
28ft.x40ft. $105,095 $89,331 $168,295 $143,051

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