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In order to keep things current, we ask that photos be submitted within 6 months of delivery, and that the photos you submit, meet the following guidelines:

Photo Requirements

Must haves:
  1. Photo quality resolution - we suggest you set your camera to the highest quality setting.
  2. Minimum of 6 photos.
  3. A good mix of interior and exterior shots as well as close-ups of any options or accessories on your design.
  4. Clean, clutter free environment around the building.
  5. Focused shots and avoid shadows over the building.
  6. Photos of the completed building.

Nice to have
  1. Landscaped area surrounding your building.
  2. People & pets using the building.
  3. Photos of the entire assembly process.

Photo Contest

Don't forget that submitting your completed photos automatically enters you into our annual photo contest. 1st place receives $250.00, 2nd place receives $150.00 and 3rd place receives $100.00. Not bad for taking some pictures! For more details visit here.

Photo Tips

  • Try different angle shots, for example frame the picture so that the unit fills 1/3 of the view.
  • The best time to take a photo is early morning when it is slightly overcast, also late in the afternoon can be a good time. Avoid high noon! If the sun is out, make sure it's at your back for the best effect!
  • Standing on a ladder or chair can provide an interesting perspective and develop a more balanced shot - but be careful not to fall!
  • If you are using a flash camera (recommended if the subject is shadowed) try to avoid having your reflection in the window as the flash will appear in the photo like a big blue dot.

More on Photo Resolution

In order to produce a photo quality print (300 DPI - dots per inch); you need to make sure that your digital camera is set to its highest image quality setting. Individual image file sizes should be at least 1MB in size. Depending on your camera file size may increase, but as long as they are at least 1MB in file size, they should be close enough.

When you have finished your shooting session, send us your photos!

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