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12ft. Tattle Creek

West Port, Connecticut

Our 12ft Tattle Creek gazebo is home to West Port, Connecticut located on CT golf course and creates a shady spot to relax after a long day of golf! Cedar shingle wall panels provide a unique look.

Mix & Match gazebo style components OR add and delete options like screen kits, benches, weathervanes, and more. For shingle requirements, please visit here.

12ft. Tattle Creek

Sq. Ft: 121

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$9,895.00 US$
Mix & Match: Tattle Creek Roof DesignTattle Creek Spandrel
As Featured
Floor Incl.
Cedar Shingles $1,053.56
Melbourne Finial (Black Powdercoat) $700.00
Gazebo Benching (2) $32.80
  Sub Total  
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Gross Total (USD)
Photo #1242     07.07.2005

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