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14ft. San Cristobal

Kansas City, KS

This San Cristobal gazebo studio graces the property of some very fortunate customers. The windows open to allow the subtle perfumes of their garden to breeze in.

Mix & Match gazebo style components OR add and delete options like screen kits, benches, weathervanes, and more. For shingle requirements, please visit here.

14ft. San Cristobal

Sq. Ft: 162

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$22,895.00 US$
Mix & Match: San Cristobal Roof DesignSan Cristobal Spandrel
As Featured
Floor Incl.
San Cristobal Roof Design Incl.
San Cristobal Spandrel Incl.
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Gross Total (USD)
Photo #1122     12.14.2004
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