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Custom Prefab Wooden Garage Kits

A safe and solid structure to house your car and so much more. A place for storing tools, locking bikes, woodworking, working out, or plugging in and jamming. If you want an attractive, well designed and expertly built garage, you’ve arrived.

Garage kits by Summerwood turn driveways into destinations. You start by choosing one of our garage styles, then customizing it with unique design options only Summerwood offers. Maybe even add a studio loft upstairs. The options are endless! Kits can come pre-cut, pre-fab or even completely installed.


Summerwood - the Right Choice for Your Garage Kit

A garage shelters some of your most prized possessions, starting with your car. You want quality. Summerwood has a history, over 15 years, of producing and delivering top notch wooden garages to homeowners throughout North America and beyond.

Summerwood considers you a partner in designing your DIY garage blueprints. And like a good partner, we're there to help when you have questions. You can call or email almost anytime and get a live response. No wonder over 1,500 "partners" have made the effort to shoot and forward photographs of their finished Summerwood garages and other structures. It's a system that works, Read about The Summerwood Advantage.

Designing the Perfect Garage for Your Property

Start by investigating our garage styles section above. There are many garage styles and countless design options to choose, but if you don't find the exact garage you want, invent one. It's not hard to do with our garage Custom Design Center. You can customize by modifying any Summerwood garage photo, or draw one from scratch. The software's intuitive and fun to fiddle with. Or you could even forward a drawing of the custom garage you'd love to build. We'll work with your specs, and try and accommodate you in any way we can.

Either way, be sure to include our designers in the process. They're aware of the challenges you're facing, and the questions you need to ask. Let them help you decide on style and features. Just call 1 866 519-4634 to chat in person.

Nearly Everything You'll Need, With Delivery on the House

Choose a pre-cut garage or closer-to-finished pre-assembled garage. They come with all the thinking done and include nearly all you'll need, like wood, hardware, doors, windows and more. And for your convenience, your garage kit price even includes delivery to your driveway. Each piece is lovingly crafted and precision cut, with a helpful instruction manual that tells you how all those pieces go together. Need a helping hand? We also offer technical support, on line or by phone. It's our pleasure.

What Won't Come With Your Garage Kit

Labor. The assembly of your garage can take as little as a couple of days. Much depends on your skills and the size of your family work force. You'll find the labor hour quote very helpful when you're planning.

Shingles for the roof. You can include cedar shingles as an option in your garage kit. If you don't though you'll need to buy some. The instructions in your garage kit outline how many bundles you'll require.

Tools. You can find a complete list of all you'll need here.

Finishes. Our attractive Canexel maintenance free siding is available at no extra charge. However, if you prefer the beauty of western red cedar, we recommend that you apply a protective finish to ensure it's long lasting beauty.

How Hard Are Our Kits to Build?

Putting your Summerwood garage together is surprisingly easy. Over the years, we've turned many a Nervous Nelly into a Handy Henry. If you get a couple of friends or family members to help, you could complete the project over a weekend or two. Each task is broken down in order in the easy-to-follow instructions, which make it even simpler to plan your garage's assembly. Note that an estimated assembly time is also provided on all of our price quotes.

Even if this is your first major project you can do it. Our instructions are very clear, but if you still aren't sure, ask an expert by email, or call Summerwood's toll-free customer service line for help. We'll walk you through it the whole way.

Contracting out Your Garage's Construction

A garage is a significant investment and maybe you'd prefer to hire a professional. Your Summerwood prefab garage is still the best value around. We could probably even recommend a contractor near you. Your kit comes with a hiring a contractor package that includes a detailed labor estimate prepared for the garage kit that you've designed. We've done the leg work to ensure that the process is easy as can be.

Don't Be Fooled By It's Good Looks, It's Made to Last

A new garage is an important investment in your home. So we refuse anything but the finest building materials. Our garages are made with high-grade western red cedar. Or you can opt for maintenance-free Canexel siding in a variety of attractive colors at no extra charge. Our hardware is all name brand and our fasteners all zinc plated to prevent corrosion. Our garages also include our enhanced siding package for moisture protection and insulation value. Why? Because that's how it should be done. The simple truth is that quality materials last far longer. Learn more.

Preparing the Site

There are a lot of important decisions to make when choosing a site. Doubtless, you'll want easy access to the road. But how far and will you pave from the front of the garage to the road?

For a foundation, you'd do best to lay a concrete pad. If you live in a colder climate many people choose to install radiant floor heating to keep the garage toasty on those cold winter morning. Here are some other thought-starters and suggestions for garage foundations.

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Garages are big ticket items and often do require permits. We can help here too. We recommend that you enquire with your local government office to be sure. This library of regional listings may include your local permit office. When the time comes, we'll work with you to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Remember, we're your partners in this. If we can't make your shed meet code, we'll refund your deposit. You can read more about zoning and permits here.

What Else Should I keep In mind?

What you'll use your garage for affects its design. If you're planning on using it for more than parking, you may want to wire it for electricity, vent it, maybe even install plumbing. If you're going to heat it in colder months, Summerwood thermal doors and windows are a great idea and greater value. You'd also want to insulate the floor, walls and roof. Speaking of which, you can even choose a half story addition for added elegance, extra storage space and to keep it cooler in summer.

How will you finish the interior? Drywall or open studs? And a partition wall's a good idea if you intend to use your garage for more than parking. Here are some other helpful garage tips and ideas based on all we've learned from designing garages these many years.

Now let's dig in and get started on your new garage. The Road to You Perfect Garage Kit is Right Here.

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