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A hideaway for gardening tools, lawn furniture or extra space to relieve some clutter from your garage or basement, the reasons for needing a shed are your own.

Summerwood is a DIY dreamland for custom garden shed plans. Co-design your dream garden or storage shed plans here in minutes. Enjoy the amazing variations we offer in customization and unique designs. Then download your backyard building plans and blueprints immediately.
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Building Plans

DIY Shed Plans

Summerwood offers shed plans in many styles and sizes - from small basic storage sheds, to elaborate large garden sheds - you'll find them all here.

What makes Summerwood plans unique, aside from the original shed designs, is the fact that you can customize your shed plans - or purchase them as is - the choice is yours.

Start by browsing through the shed plan styles, find inspiration in past customer designs in Our Favorites, or start from scratch in our exclusive Custom Design Center.

To order your shed plans just follow the simple checkout process then select either an instant download or have hard copies mailed out.

Summerwood makes it easy for you to get the perfect shed plans.

Summerwood Shed Plans

Doing some online research will quickly illustrate why you should choose Summerwood for do it yourself shed blueprints. We offer the widest selection of shed plan styles, and more importantly - you can customize your shed online and then download your plans instantly. Explore our custom design center and have some fun customizing your shed plans, changing sizes, adding doors, windows and other options.

You won't find any boring common shed plans here - our styles were created to be unique - and are engineered to live in Canada, year round with style to spare. Yes our plans may cost a little more, but we think they're worth every penny - and so will you.

Choosing a Shed Plan

While we offer three primary methods to find a shed plan that works for you - it's important to note that any of the shed images can be modified to suit your needs. So whether you start by browsing through the shed styles, or via our Favorites keep in mind that you're able to modify your plans by changing sizes, altering the window and door configurations, making it easy to get the perfect shed plan.

While we're always creating new sizes for our sheds, we should note that there may be certain sizes that we haven't created just yet. In these rare cases, you'll see an "In Progress" message where you download your plan files. We automatically receive a message from our system when this happens, so we'll be working on creating your size immediately and will let you know when they'll be ready for download.

Customer Service & Support

Summerwood shed plans are not supported by live customer service - which means you won't be able to pick up the phone and speak to us about your plans and we don't sell or support our plans in our Toronto showroom.

While this may seem inconvenient at first, keep in mind we do this to keep the costs low. We support our plans electronically - so we're never more then an email away. And in most cases we'll get to your question the same day.

In addition we've created a building plan forum - where you can see questions posted by previous plan customers and answered by one of our plan experts. In many cases your questions have already been asked by someone before you, so it makes a great resource.

Shed Plans - What's Included?

Summerwood shed plans are very comprehensive and cover everything that you'll need to buy all your materials and complete instructions on how to build your shed.

This includes: Material and cut lists, Blueprints (CAD drawings), Assembly instructions, and complete plans for building your doors and windows should you be building these from scratch.

In addition you'll have access to email plan support, an online assembly video and more.

It's important to note that if you're building a shed that's over 110 square feet in size, you're going to need a building permit from your local municipality. In most cases they require detailed drawings on where your shed will be located with respect to property lines and they also normally require drawings that show where doors and windows will be located. Our plans do not provide this level of detail - no plans do. That being said, our in house engineering department can provide detailed permit drawings for an additional fee - email us for details.

Material Choices for your Shed

What's great about building from plans is you're in control over what construction materials you use. While we make recommendations in your plans, it's up to you what you use. So if you're looking to save some money - here's a great place to do just that.

Or if you'd like to increase the life span of your shed, use the recommended materials, or you can even choose to use completely different materials - siding and roofing for example.

Doors and windows can be purchased through your local home supply center - or you can order them online from us. Unlike home supply options, our unique line of doors and windows are designed specifically for our products. If you're uber handy, have all the tools that are required and would like to build your own doors and windows, our plans cover this option as well.

Upgrading to a Kit

So you've purchased your plans and the time has come to go down to the home supply center and purchase all the required materials. Before you make this purchase you need to make sure you're committed to the process as you won't be able to turn back after this point. It's here that we like to remind all our plan customers of our special offer we send after you've purchased one of our plans. Keep in mind that this offer is good for several months after you've bought your plans, and this discount helps bring the cost of a precut (not prefab), building kit close to what it will cost you building from plans.

Check your plan order confirmation email for more information on this special offer (please don't email us before you've bought plans, as this is a special offer reserved for those that have already purchased plans).

So let's get started by finding you a shed!

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