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Affordable Pool House Plans - Calling All Swimmers!

A pump house, changing room, wet bar or convenient bathroom. The reasons for wanting pool cabana plans are as varied as the choices you’ll find here at Summerwood. Buy your low-cost swimming pool house plans now, start building this afternoon – between refreshing dips! It’s easy and affordable.

Choose from our pool cabana plans styles. Modify them with our many unique options. Then download your new pool house plans and start building! Here’s the Summerwood way.


Pool House Plans - No Running!

The Right Source for Pool House Plans

Summerwood has specialized in designing pool cabana building kits for over 15 years. Our pool houses have turned properties into hot destinations all over the world. With so many styles and design options, the pool cabana plans you want are already here waiting for you.

When you buy pool house plans from Summerwood, they come with all that you need to see the project through. Whatever you envision, we can help you realize it. Summerwood cabana plans are the most cost-effective route to a gorgeous poolside environment. Take a look at what others in your shoes (or flip-flops and swimming trunks) have created over the years using Summerwood plans and kits in these pictures.

Pool Cabana Plan Pricing

Cost Size of Structure
$99 for < 140 Sq. Ft
$159 for 140 Sq. Ft. to 238 Sq. Ft.
$199 for > 238 Sq. Ft.

Our expert team at Summerwood has put together a complete package for your pool house. Look over our Pool House Cabana Plan details to see for yourself what you will receive.

For those of you who want to take the real plunge and go for a more unique pool cabana we have our custom plan designs. Let us know exactly what you have in mind. Contact us for details.

So let's dive in! Get your pool cabana plans in minutes and start building today.

To Order Your Plans...

Go Online: When you purchase your plans online, an e-mail is sent with a link to your building plan files in PDF format. Simply save these files on your computer and print them out on everyday 8.5 x 11" paper when you're ready.

Have Them Sent By Mail: You can also order hard copies of your pool house plans, complete with CAD drawings, material lists, instructions and access to an online instruction video. Shipping and handling charges are just $50 for mail (4-5 business days), or $95 for overnight.

So let's dive in! Get your pool cabana plans in minutes and start building today.

Placement of Your Pool House Cabana

Consider how close to your pool you want your pool house to be. What uses will your pool cabana serve, Equipment? Storage? Changing space? Entertainment central? All of the above? When choosing the right spot these are a few things you'll want to consider.

If you're going to be installing heavy pool equipment such as pumps and filters you may want to choose a concrete pad for the foundation, and having a separate pool shed for more space is a good idea if the budget allows. Concrete pads provide a sturdy durable base that won't shift. If not, then many people have used a flat level base of crushed rock topped with simple patio stones, this is a simple and cost effective solution. But of course there are other options for foundations if your location is a bit unique.

What About Building Permits?

Most areas don't require people building structures smaller than 100 sq. ft. to get a permit. If that's within your ideal size range, you might not need one, but always double check with your local permit office. It may be on this library of regional listings so take a look and give them a call. See other important details regarding zoning and permits here.

With Summerwood Plans You Can Build It Yourself!

If you're even a little handy, you'll be able to build your pool house over a couple weekends.

What if you are not that handy? Aside from recruiting a friend who is, it's still easy to do this yourself; you'll have round-the-clock access to a helpful online video, and when you get stumped, just click to Ask an Expert. Or the answer to your quandary may already be in our plan FAQs, where you'll find scores of details.

General Tips and Ideas

The team at Summerwood has been creating pool cabanas and plans for years and we've learned a lot along the way. Here are some pool house tips and ideas that may answer questions you didn't even have yet.

Hiring Someone to Build Our Pool Cabana Plans

We understand that you may not have the time or confidence to create your pool cabana from plans, so you may want to consider purchasing one our pool house kits and have a contractor handle the install. It's still a great value, as you get the savings of pre-fab, with the skill of pro builders.

Get Started Now and Have Fun Building!

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