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A hideaway for tea parties with imaginary friends, a clubhouse for real ones - or a safe place where your kids can assert some independence; if you want the best playhouse plans, come over to Summerwood and start today. You can design and purchase your kids’ dream play house plans practically for play money! Choose a style, then modify with our unique design options until it’s exactly what you want. Here’s the Summerwood way.

The 5-sided design fits snugly in a corner of the yard and provides the perfect play area for your kids.
Up front this playhouse evokes nostalgic memories of simpler days and a slower time.
Everything about this playhouse structure screams fun, but thankfully in an "indoors" voice.

Children's Clubhouse Designs - Easy and Breezy

Quality Playhouse Plans

At Summerwood, we have children too. At Summerwood, we have children too. You will only find clubhouse plans for the safest, longest lasting kids' play houses. We've been creating playhouse plans for years, for parents and grandparents all over the world. Kids love them and so will you. With so many design options to choose from, you'll find precisely what you're looking for.

Your plans are thoroughly thought though, with simple drawings and instructions that make building your kids' play house virtual child's play. Summerwood plans provide the most cost-effective way to build your kids' dream play house.

Playhouse Designs & Blueprints - Pricing

Cost Size of Structure
$99 for < 140 Sq. Ft
$159 for 140 Sq. Ft. to 238 Sq. Ft.
$199 for > 238 Sq. Ft.

Summerwood Play House plans are carefully put together for you, the information you will receive in your package is both useful and helpful, see here for details.

We have so many options to choose from, however, if there isn't anything that has made you want to skip about - then contact us for details about our custom plan designs for a unique outlook.

So let's not wait any longer. Childhood is over fast! You can have your playhouse plans in just minutes, download your plans now and have it built in a weekend.

Here is how to order your Play House plans:

The Fastest is Online: When you purchase playhouse blueprints, an e-mail is sent with a link to your building plan files in Adobe PDF format. Just save these files on your PC or MAC and then print them out on everyday 8.5 x 11" paper and start building today.

Traditional Mail: Or we can mail hard copies of your playhouse plans on 8.5 x 11" paper, along with step-by-step instruions. Shipping/handling costs are only $50 for delivery by mail (it usually take 4-5 business days), or just $95 for overnight FedEx delivery.

What About The Site For Your Playhouse?

Where to put the little darling's imaginary castle? Many parents feel better if they have a clear view of the structure from the back of their home, safety first! The options for the positioning of the play house should be thought about carefully.

The foundation also needs to be considered. Patio stones, anchored in crushed stone make an effective foundation but much depends on where it's going. There are loads of choices. To offer you a helping hand, playhouse foundations will give you options. .

You Probably Won't Have to Get a Permit for your Children's Clubhouse

In most jurisdictions, for buildings under around 110 sq ft, permits aren't required. Still, it's wise to contact your local office to double check. It may be in this library of regional listings. Look for more details about zoning and permits to give you a better idea. You might also want to consider your neighbors as we all know how loud our children can play!

Make Assembly a Fun Family Project

Even novices have had great success building playhouses with Summerwood plans. Obviously much depends on how handy you are, but the instructions that come with your plans are broken down task by task. You can also follow the visual demonstrations in the assembly video. These make it easy to plan your playhouse's construction. And when you have questions? You can ask our experts, or find the answers in our plan FAQs.

Handy Hints and Suggestions

We all had to start somewhere and along our journey we've gathered some useful playhouse tips and ideas, which will surely be helpful. Have a look and gain from what we have learned.

Will You Have Someone Build it For You?

If you have no intention of building your playhouse, we might suggest that you purchase a Summerwood playhouse kit, and then have a local contractor to build it. We can help here too, with a comprehensive list of reliable contractors.

Your kids dream clubhouse designs are here! Embrace that child that's in you!

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