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W10 9-Pane Picture Window - W10

The extra trim width gives our 9 pane picture window a bit of a historic look. Great on our Pioneer Barns and Telluride Workshops.
Box Size: 33"W x 33"H
Rough Opening: 33 1/2"W x 33 1/2"H

Note: The dimensions above are subject to change. If you are purchasing doors or windows separately, please contact us to confirm their accuracy before proceeding with the construction of your building.


W9-NDL Sidelite Window (No Divided Lites) - W9-NDL

P4 20-Pane Picture Window - P4

P5 Front Bunkie Window - P5

PH1 Playhouse Window - PH1

T1 Transom Window - T1

W1 Standard Fixed Window - W1

W4 Non-opening Bar Window - W4

W5-A Fan Arch Window (28"W x14"H) - W5

W5-C Fan Arch Window (36"W x 18"H) - W5-C

W5-B Fan Arch Window (32"W x 16"H) - W5-B

W5-AA Fan Arch Window (24"W x 12"H) - W5-AA

W6 4-Pane Arch Window - W6

W7 6-Pane Arch Window - W7

W8 8-Pane Arch Window - W8

W9 10-Pane Sidelite Window - W9

W10 9-Pane Picture Window - W10

W11 Large Fan Arch Window - W11

WD8 Large Panel Window - WD8

T1D Dune Transom Window - T1D

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